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Warren Bennis: seven realms of leadership

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In the workshop to experience venture five years, my biggest harvest is to an onlooker observed many private entrepreneurs as organizational leaders how to behave. Once I want to give them this nice grade, did not think the professor has already divided them into seven kinds of realm. I find that most private entrepreneurs are in the fourth, level fifth, has accumulated a lot of leadership experience in the business, but if you want to become a world-class entrepreneurs, also need to move to a higher level. High Quality local steel suppliers China Manufacturer

The seventh level is the goal of every leader, but also become the excellent workshop to experience the “experience” standard, Benesse called “sage”. In this paper, he said: in sickness and in health, to today’s old sage, neither means waiting for death, does not mean to be forgotten. This is a you can rediscover childhood golden time, wake up every morning, the outside world is full of hopes and expectations, to re exploration and discovery. At this stage, with the passage of time, high official positions and riches will be less and less important, life is full. High Quality local steel suppliers China Manufacturer

I love to read Shakespeare, what time can have different harvest. Savon plays in < > to the satisfaction of all, life will be divided into seven stages. The leader’s life can also be divided into seven stages, and they are in Savon’s Description: baby, and different approaches but equally satisfactory results, children, lovers, generals, politicians and the virtuous period understanding of each stage of development, and consider them prone to typical problems and crises, a method is learning leadership. High Quality local steel suppliers China Manufacturer

I have no advice on how to avoid the crisis, because many crisis is unavoidable. But avoidance can not solve the problem, only to each stage of the challenge, to be ready to enter the next stage. Understanding the upcoming challenges, can at least help the leadership of Enron crisis. If good luck, they will survive in the experience. Stronger and more confident.

The first phase of the “baby cry piteously for food”. High Quality local steel suppliers China Manufacturer

Just become the leader of the young men and women, in front of a mysterious world, even frightening. Although not flinch to cry, but a lot of new leaders will hope the company can have a similar “nanny” role, to help them solve problems, reduce the throes of transition. Lucky executives will get “tutor (Mentor)” help. But in reality, the tutor will not take the initiative to appear. Although many people believe that the instructor will find young people, encourage and support them; but the fact is just the opposite. The best teachers must find their own leaders. One of the standards in the future, is the recognition, follow and win ability. Good mentor mentors can change a person’s life. High Quality local steel suppliers China Manufacturer

When Robert Thomas and I co authored “geeks and geezers” a book, interviewed the leaders of two generations. We got an outstanding young entrepreneur Michael Klein, he engaged in the real estate and the Internet industry, from 4,5 years old had the first mentor, this experience has also been included in Robert and I wrote the < > a furnace in this paper. The leadership of the first mentor Michael is his grandfather Max Klein, Max is the inventor of twentieth Century 50 to 60s the game “digital painting become fashionable for a time. This game coloring” causes Max to become a millionaire, but he is not a child interested in business. When he found his grandson Michael commercial talent when Max immediately seize the opportunity, yesun two often. Good at giving systematic guidance by telephone conversation, until Max died a few weeks before is so. It can be said that grandpa Words and deeds is equivalent to let Michael sincechildhood accept business school education class. Michael at the age of 20, he became a millionaire. High Quality local steel suppliers China Manufacturer

I think through this case, to “baby executives” a suggestion: when you first took over the management job, may feel too weak, so to recruit a powerful reinforcements is very important.

The second stage of a school “”

Study on leadership, as if on a difficult journey of learning, and as a parent’s experience. All you need is responsible for be caught off guard, the happiness of others. What is worse, you must learn to deal with everything in public. You have to pay close attention to every word and action, with the exception of a few people enjoy being spotlighted feeling, most people feel uneasy. Whether you love it or not, as a new leader, you always have attracted much attention.

The new leadership took office behavior, often in the minute he decided to win the hearts, or provoke resentment. And these words for a long time will affect the team performance. So as the new leadership, not just in the wrong to keep low-key low-key do to join the organization. You can win enough time collect information, and is conducive to the establishment of interpersonal relationship; can let you into the organization culture slowly, from the new colleagues who have learned a lot of things. Low profile that the organization is full of talented members: they will feel that you are not a dictatorial leader, give them enough space to play. High Quality local steel suppliers China Manufacturer

However, it is worth noting that, regardless of the initial performance, you can not freely about their image in the eyes of others. The leader is like a mirror, can reflect the power of subordinates and interpersonal expectations. From a certain meaning, and even can be said that the staff needs, desires and fears created their leadership. In your first thing before, will also affect the subordinate’s perception of you. So the first challenge is to you, don’t care too much about the new subordinate to your evaluation and attitude. The second challenge to deal with more difficult. You have to accept the fact that you may be part of the evaluation of subordinates is very accurate. Even if it is a negative evaluation.

The third stage Elegy “lovers”

Savon will be the third stage as “life along the wail of the melting pot”, this analogy is also applicable to a series of problems to be tortured in the organization. One of the problems of leaders along the way up the ladder of leadership, and how to deal with former peers into today under the circumstances.

The new leader of the company even listen to who, the trust who are difficult to judge. All people need to pay attention to things and often make new leadership. The organization is usually too busy to attend to all row favorite the most difficult, but also need to carefully deal with the new leadership of the people.50 years ago, the famous psychologist Wilfred Bion (Wilfred Bion) give me a lesson. At the time of group psychotherapy in this new field is exploring Bion, he warned the group involved in the treatment of students said: if you just focus on shouting the biggest patients would offend other healthy population of patients. They began to alienate you, make you unable to concentrate on group therapy the most important issue, ultimate research purpose may be aborted. High Quality local steel suppliers China Manufacturer

It’s important to know what to focus on, and it’s hard to do it. New leaders who are hopeful for reform often encounter the threat of a non-violent, non-cooperative approach. Keep the status quo. New and legacy issues follow, and if you respond, you will never be able to complete your own schedule.

A common challenge for all new leaders, both internally and externally, is to ask someone in the organization to leave, or, to put it bluntly, to fire someone. It’s a painful decision. Because firing is a blow to everyone, and there is no such thing as the right time to say. You always feel sorry for the employees who are going to be fired and that they didn’t just give birth to triplets. No one can tell you how humanely you should be fired, and the only thing you can do is remind yourself to be careful, just like a surgeon and a lover. Is controlling the emotions of others. High Quality local steel suppliers China Manufacturer

A bearded “soldier” in 4th

As time goes by, leaders become more and more comfortable with their work. Adapting to their roles makes leaders more confident and decisive. But it can also hurt their connections with subordinates. There may be two consequences: leaders ignore the real impact of their verbal behavior and assume that their subordinates report the truth to them.

Although the leader’s initial words and deeds received the most attention, but subordinates are always looking at the words and performances. Even some casual small actions, will be seen in the eyes of subordinates. The more successful the leadership. The more cautious you are, the more cautious you are. Because sometimes the leader will be executed by his subordinates when he says something casually. With a little carelessness, you may encounter a similar situation with King Henry II of England. He once complained in a low voice to Thomas Beckett, “can no one kill this meddling priest?” “his four aristocratic men heard of it and immediately murdered Beckett, and now there are a lot of leaders. Blurting out “We should pay attention to our Technology Strategy” without thinking about it. Months later, a lengthy PPT report and a hefty consulting bill came before them. High Quality local steel suppliers China Manufacturer

The second challenge for a stable leader is how to train good employees. Some star subordinates perform extremely well. Overshadowing the boss is the touchstone of a leader’s personality. Many leaders use their superior positions to suppress competition. Real leaders should be broad-minded. Of course. It is hard for anyone to feel comfortable when they see that others have achieved results that are beyond their reach. But a real leader is desperate for talent and will not refuse to be better than them. One of the reasons is that. Talented subordinates also benefit themselves.

“General” in 5th

A big challenge for executives at the peak of their careers is not just to allow their subordinates to tell the truth. And be able to listen to the truth. True leaders don’t have the so-called “tired ears” in the Middle Eastern proverb. They are strong enough to accept the truth, no matter how cruel it is. Not because they are saints. But because only when we face the truth can we succeed and survive.

As I mentioned above, the new leadership should avoid major reforms in the first few months of his work, but at this stage. The challenge is different. Because leaders who take another step forward in their careers tend to have reform missions, their actions directly affect the future of the organization. Indecision can have disastrous consequences. But the company must first understand the mood and motivation of the original team before taking action.

When Carly Fiorina took over HP, there were at least three disadvantages: women, outsiders. A non-engineer. Her opponents happened to be the son of the founder of the company’s traditional forces, Walter Hewlett and Walter Hewlett.Fiorina was smart. Always respected HP’s glorious history, even when reforms were in the making, including a merger with Compaq, Compaq, in her first annual report. Fiorina charted the company’s blueprint. She began with the word “invention,” while affirming the pioneering spirit of HP’s founders. Reinterprets the company’s core values, “Garage Law.” she doesn’t belittle the pressure from Hewlett, and she systematically supports and unites the rest of the board. Most of the board members acted to remove Hewlett from the board. Fiorina did not overreact to Hewlett: not attacking him, nor spending too much time addressing his personal concerns. On the contrary. She stands by the plan and keeps all stakeholders focused on what really matters.

“politicians” with glasses in 6th

Shakespeare’s 6th life phase corresponds to the beginning of a decline in the power of a leader. But unlike Shakespeare’s description, this stage of leadership is not “a thin, stupid old man in slippers”. They work hard for the good of the organization and pass on their wisdom to their successors. As they grow older and more experienced, they are knowledgeable and perceptive. The early corners and ambitions of leadership have also been polished, so they can play their part in important transitional positions.

In the late years of his career, it was equally exciting to be able to play a role like a back-up in baseball, following the Blair scandal. The chairman of the New York Times, Arthur Sulzberger, is in urgent need of a replacement for Raines. Joseph Rilyvead is in danger. It turned out to be a wise choice. Rilyvede was a respectable veteran journalist who used years of experience in the workplace to immediately quell the crisis. And he wasn’t obsessed with power. Success makes one retreat.

Consider the case of the head of a government agency who has achieved all his goals and is tired of the political tricks associated with his position. But when he learned that a foreign office needed temporary leadership, he readily accepted the assignment. He was better suited to the post than a young leader, for not only did he bring knowledge and experience he had accumulated throughout his life, but he did not have to waste time trying to advance.

The seventh stage of the sage “recover the original simplicity”

As I said before, accept guidance is good for young leaders; as a mentor angle is benefited. As a mentor is one of the greatest pleasures, leaders can enjoy in the occupation career late as hanyinongsun. It was also during this time, they have a sense of urgency to cultivate the younger generation of successors true meaning. They know the tutor: understand the relationship Teaching benefits teachers as well as students.; establish and consolidate with the tutor is not equal to curry favour, and make mutual benefit.

Tutors will not only make your own benefit, but also left a valuable experience in the workplace for your children and grandchildren. Mentors are not limited to the exchange of information and social life. In the wild baboons in the experiment, a neuroscientist Robert Sabol J Ki found the old and young baboon baboon would ally. This is a very successful a survival strategy, compared with no allied age males, a close relationship between the old males and young males live longer, healthier. Whether baboons or people, established a mentoring relationship will exchange valuable and subtle information. In older people explore the changing world, with their own time make various attempts, young people can draw lessons from its success or failure, to avoid detours.

In the writing of “geeks and geezers” a book, we made a comparison of the old and young leaders, found that the core of quality leadership is the ability to adapt. The real leader can flexible decision-making and succeed. Have the ability to adapt, people can overcome the frustration with age, so that they continue to sublimation. High Quality local steel suppliers China Manufacturer

Shakespeare put the last stage of life called “reproduction” of childhood. In sickness and in health, for the elderly today, old age does not mean that waiting for death, does not mean to be forgotten. This is a re discovery of childhood golden time, every morning wake up, the outside world is full of hopes and expectations, to re exploration and discovery. At this stage, with the passage of time, high official positions and riches will be less and less important, life is complete.

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