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The small and medium-sized enterprise financial control skills inventory

(EN10204-3.1 、DIN ASTM GOST GB JIS ANSI BS)Approved machine automation Manufacturer

Not difficult to create the business through the nature of China’s small and medium enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises of our country because of the external business environment is adverse, financing difficulties, external to the financial management do not pay attention, there are many problems serious impact on the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. (EN10204-3.1 、DIN ASTM GOST GB JIS ANSI BS)Approved machine automation Manufacturer

Small and medium enterprises because of small scale, capital strength is poor, the development time is not long, by their own system and the influence of the external environment, financial control often has some weak links, such as the financial control system is not perfect, improper cash management. To solve these problems, experts recommend enterprises linkup from multi aspects to improve financial control. (EN10204-3.1 、DIN ASTM GOST GB JIS ANSI BS)Approved machine automation Manufacturer

Establishing financial control system

Small and medium-sized enterprises to improve financial control, must establish strict financial control system, including the following aspects: separation of incompatible duties. This system calls for small and medium-sized enterprises set up reasonable financial accounting and related work, clear responsibilities, the formation of mutual checks and balances. Incompatible duties include: authorization, business handling, accounting records, property custody, audit inspection and other duties. Such as: the right to approve the procurement personnel not directly engaged in the procurement business, engaged in purchasing personnel shall not engage in warehousing operations. (EN10204-3.1 、DIN ASTM GOST GB JIS ANSI BS)Approved machine automation Manufacturer

Authorization control system. The requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises clearly defined scope of approval, involving financial accounting and related work authorization authority, procedure, responsibility, unit management personnel at all levels within the authority and responsibility must be exercised within the scope of authorization, handling personnel must also handle the business within the scope of authority. Such as: the procurement personnel must the procurement business in the authorized amount, beyond this amount must be in charge of the examination and approval.

The system of accounting control system. Small and medium-sized enterprises should be based on the “accounting law” and the national unified accounting system, formulate the suitable accounting system, clear accounting work process, establish post responsibility system, give full play to the supervisory function of accounting. The accounting procedures including the enterprise accounting system control system, accounting rules, accounting personnel responsibility system the duties, the financial and accounting department, accounting archives management system. The accounting system good control system is the enterprise financial control is to guarantee the smooth. (EN10204-3.1 、DIN ASTM GOST GB JIS ANSI BS)Approved machine automation Manufacturer

Cash flow budget control

Enterprise financial management should first focus on cash flow rather than accounting profit. Small and medium-sized enterprises should do cash flow control through cash flow budget management

The cash flow budget by the “fixed income support, matching with the principle of cost compilation method of the zero base budget, oncash basis to reflect the cash inflow and outflow. After repeated summary, enterprises under the balance, and ultimately the formation of annual cash flow budget. At the same time, according to the annual cash flow budget making the dynamic cash flow budget period, dynamic control of the daily cash flow.

Accounts receivable control

In the fierce market competition, small and medium-sized enterprises have some or all forms of credit to business transactions, the proportion of accounts receivable to reduce business. Accounts receivable control mainly from the following several aspects: accurate financial accounting, credit and debt relationship clear. Small and medium-sized enterprises must have complete accounts receivable accounting system, and the original documents must be true and complete; the evaluation of customer credit degree, formulate the corresponding credit policy. Small and medium-sized enterprises have to formulate the given customer credit standards according to the customer’s credit level; usually from credit quality, solvency, capital, collateral, the 5 aspects of economic conditions to evaluate the credit degree of the small and medium-sized enterprise customers. According to the analysis of customer credit degree of customers queuing, select the credit degree of good customers, and customers who refused the credit degree of difference. (EN10204-3.1 、DIN ASTM GOST GB JIS ANSI BS)Approved machine automation Manufacturer

Strengthen accounts receivable aging analysis, determine the payment rate and the balance of accounts receivable. Based on the percentage of small and medium-sized enterprises can be combined with the aging analysis, the establishment of the sales contract, payment rate and accounts receivable balance percentage, ensure safety of accounts receivable, accelerate cash flow, reduce the loss of bad debts.

Financial risk control

Financial risk mainly refers to the debt to corporate earnings uncertainty. The impact of corporate leverage their funds for profitability, because of debt to pay interest, the debtor’s assets of enterprises have the priority right, in case of poor management of the company, or other adverse factors, the company insolvency, bankruptcy risk the collapse will increase. But on the other hand, the effective use of debt, can greatly increase the profits of enterprises, when business is good, high profits and high debt will bring high growth enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises should correct and objective assessment of financial risk control, step by step to grow up.

The influence includes the rights, status, money, personality and so on. A person in charge of the enterprise if only the right to influence people, is not enough to lead the staff to enterprise and to long. He also needs to have the personality charm, in order to convince the people, this is a part of an influence.

(EN10204-3.1 、DIN  ASTM  GOST  GB JIS ANSI BS)Approved machine automation Manufacturer

(EN10204-3.1 、DIN ASTM GOST GB JIS ANSI BS)Approved machine automation Manufacturer


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