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Liu Chuanzhi: you have to know who you are

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Once the Price Bureau officials think Lenovo Hanka pricing too high, profiteering, to a fine of $1 million. At the time of Liu Chuanzhi’s claim to a piece of anger, held a press conference to the media to comment. Liu Chuanzhi rebuked his subordinates: “what do you want?” “you have to know who is who Liu Chuanzhi!”. Finally, by the trustee intercede, private visit, please people eat way to quell the storm. The bureau also made concessions to a fine of 400 thousand yuan. China machine company Manufacturer

This is where Liu Chuanzhi is very clever, know how to “just perfect” to express themselves, when the strong stronger, the weak defense to keep weak, also is to compromise. Yang Yuanqing once said: Liu Chuanzhi has a strong ability to compromise. “If only I had Lenovo so young, no Liu Chuanzhi understands the need to compromise in what place, Lenovo is not today”. China machine company Manufacturer

Many people think that “know” who is tall, it is “do not know who is tall. Such people often do not put others in the eyes, since that great, always wanted to express myself, what words can say, what is what people do, dare to the top, this will inevitably lead to others resentment and retaliation.

That year, Liu Chuanzhi decided to take Sun Hongbin out of business, Sun Hongbin and his men immediately clashed with Liu Chuanzhi, Sun Hongbin and his men think they “stick” and “demand” is justified, but the result of the conflict is Sun Hongbin with “misappropriation of public funds” was sentenced to 5 years in several of his subordinates. Lenovo has also been removed. China machine company Manufacturer

Liu Chuanzhi had caused a lot of controversy in the treatment of Sun Hongbin. Management expert Wang Yukun once wrote that Liu Chuanzhi Sun Hongbin in dealing with issues take a “lure innocent Sun Hongbin means at large the better to apprehend him” bait. The surface is such a “suspect”, but we can not simply look at Liu Chuanzhi in the conflict problem. Said a famous saying, “you know, who is the boss of Lenovo.” Sun Hongbin’s innocence lies not know who is Liu Chuanzhi! “Liu Chuanzhi is clear for” who “is Hong Bin sun. This is the key to the problem: you only know others seat. You can get their own seat. His seat is put not only your own luck, and follow you, or even do harm to the interests of the organization. China machine company Manufacturer

History is a very famous story to illustrate the profound truth: this year is the origin of Zhang Jun Song Emperor appointed the Xuan Fu disposal rate, five army against the south. In the pre war military Jinbing meeting, Zhang Jun proposed to actively face, will think the South Song end Jinbing cavalry that is not easy to face to face confrontation with Jinbing in the plain, and should adhere to two people. The city sits in the military meeting quarrel each other. A curved end, anxious, said: “husband, you want to win the battle of words, head to you.” the lobby, let his men openly such contempt, Zhang Jun is very angry, also replied: “yes, if I want to lose, head for you.” and all the soldiers in front of a junlingzhuang. As a result, as the end of Song said, more than 40 people led by Zhang Jun’s five army was rushed Jinbing 708 fall. Almost all The army destroyed. But Zhang Jun said before the war and not as his own head off, but to punish the anti crime curved end imprisoned, tortured to death. The song to end

Sometimes, not that he said “yes” and “no”, but “who is he?”. The song ends the tragedy is that he did not know “who” is Zhang Jun. Not to how to influence their own boss, how to make up for the “no”, but in their own the “head” to prove the “no”, which not only harm themselves, but also harm the country, even in Zhang Jun in the middle, this is very naive and confused! China machine company Manufacturer

In fact, many of these things are similar in the workplace, there are too many “opinionated” people in this world. If you want to survive and develop in the workplace, you have to remember Liu Chuanzhi’s warning: you have to know who you are! You want to know who is himself — to know others who are. If you don’t know others who, you never know who you are.

This is a leader should have wisdom: others who know the environment, and is able to adjust themselves to the appropriate attitude and way of the performance of their own, should adhere to when can persist, the compromise will compromise. To know how in the fierce conflict in not only for ourselves, but also for others, for a better results for the organization!

China machine company Manufacturer

China machine company Manufacturer


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