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Machine processing quality audit points, machine plus workers must be necessary!

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General requirements

  1. Complete machined organizational structure
  2. Are machining quality objectives clear?
  3. Is it an organic operating procedure file?
  4. Are the operators of NC machine tools properly trained or educated?
  5. Are the diploma / training programs / training implementation / training tracking records available? EDM drilling OEM Manufacturer
  6. Is the production plan clear? Is it up to date? Do you often delay?

7 .Machining workshop 5S?

8.Machining workshop safety?

9.Are there any protective measures for the added face of the product?

10.Is there shipping protection?

  1. 11.treatment of nonconforming products? Unqualified area?

12.Machine tool equipment

13.Is there a list of machine tools? EDM drilling OEM Manufacturer

14.Is there a complete range of machine tools? Is the processing capacity / diameter / load sufficient? (turn-milling, etc)

15.Is there a machine tool management program file?

16.Is there a process outsourcing? How to control the process of outsourcing?

17.Is there a check and check report for 16 machine tools?

18.Is there a machine tool maintenance procedure?

19.Is there a record of daily inspection and maintenance of machine tools?

20.Is there a machine tool maintenance record?

21.Is there a machine tool accuracy measurement record?

22.Is the lifting capacity adequate?

23.annual overhaul plan and implementation records of machine tools

Field control

24.Have the products and materials in the machining area been inspected?

25.Is there a product identification and check status identification?

26.Is there any processing process, drawings, self-inspection records, shift records, process flow cards?

27.Is the process, drawings, etc. documents controlled?

28.Is the self-inspection record, shift record, process flow card complete?

29.Is there a product clamping process plan / NC instruction process file for NC machine?

30.Is the clamping as shown? Is the clamping reasonable? EDM drilling OEM Manufacturer

  1. 3product adjustment, positioning, clamping after anyone check? Is there a record?

32.Is tooling or mold used? EDM drilling OEM Manufacturer

  1. tools, tools, tooling, tooling, tooling are verified?

34.Are the cutting parameters executed as required? (feed speed, feed rate, rotational speed)

35.Is the first inspection performed? Is there a record of the first inspection?

36.Is the inspection carried out? Are there patrol records? EDM drilling OEM Manufacturer

37.Is the final size sampled? Is the basis for sampling clear?

38.Is the final check item complete? Are the records complete?

39. How is customer acceptance arranged?

40. How does the client machine tool witness be arranged?

41. Is there a quality problem in the field of machined products? Visual inspection / dimensional oversize check?

42. Are the measuring tools in use on-site controlled?

43. Is the final information complete? The visual report, size report

44. Does the 43-dimensional checklist cover the drawing requirements?

44.Is the method of measuring 44 dimensions reasonable? How does the shape and position tolerance be measured? EDM drilling OEM Manufacturer

Continuous improvement there a record of customer complaints?

46. Are there any tracking statistics for the quality defects of the 46 machine processing?

47. Are there any tracking statistics for the capacity parameters or defect rates of the machining process?

48 .do you have the wrong system design/tooling, etc.?

49. Are there any statistics on 49 OEE? EDM drilling OEM Manufacturer

  1. 50.does the continuous improvement be done?

Metrology management

51 is there a measure management file?

52. Does the measure table account include the calibration cycle and the gauge number?

53. Is there a prescribed procedure for the 53 calibration cycle? Is the actual calibration performed as required?

  1. 54. Is the gauge used to cover production in terms of category and range?

55. Is the loan of a measuring tool full of information? (number, borrower, time, subject matter)

  1. 56. Is the highest measurement standard of the enterprise certified?
  2. 57. Check if the measure is unqualified, can it be traced back to the previous measured product?
  3. 58. Is there a qualification (qualification of registered personnel, the system of verification, conditions for verification)?

59. Are there regular calibration (trade settlement, safety protection, health care, environmental monitoring) of the 59 strong inspection gauge? EDM drilling OEM Manufacturer

60. Is the calibrating cycle of the 60 strong inspection gauge reasonable?

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