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Did you have 9 high morals in middle age?

I. precipitation friend
“The poor are not asked in the main road, and there are distant relatives in Fushan.” Regardless of whether he is a relative or a “friend,” the snobbish people are numerous, and whatever they grab is a handful. At the low tide and dilemma of your life, the warmest hands to you are your friend. machine tools

Second, calm mood
This age group does not allow you to be immature. You should know that you have completed the process of “being used to” and “reading it right” when you are around. If you are not used to it, you are still not mature enough. Do not make yourself or yourself unable to “satisfy the mountain and complain about the land” and plug yourself. machine tools

Third, sowing goodness
Be sure to do what you can to make people who feel harder and harder than you feel the sunshine and beauty of this world. This type of goodness should be sown frequently. If you don’t care, you will find the most beautiful flowers of human nature. Sowing goodness is to give yourself “repair.”

Fourth, cultivate a hobby
The poetry and painting of flowers, birds, flowers, and insects always have one to adapt to you, we must give ourselves a hobby. It will wash your body and mind, open your memory and imagination, and decorate your romance. When you are fully devoted, it will bring you unexpected peace and enjoyment. There is also photography, collection… They are the MSG of the day, and they make our lives tasteful. machine tools

Fifth, gains and losses
There is two bitterness in the dust, one is not to suffer, the second is the pain of love. On the premise of your hard work, all the things that you want are just a gamble. Victory is calm; defeat is indifferent. Fortunately, I lost my life, the world’s most bitter is to love, even if the husband and wife are also not so, the affinity is gathered, missed and scattered. Fortunately, this age has passed the “burning years of passion,” and there is still some certainty in calming himself. After all, life is a solitary person. machine tools

Six, learn to bear
Some things need to be silently forgotten. After one time, they will have a long time of wisdom. Some pains and troubles need you to bear in silence. Your pain and worries should not count on the pity and sympathy of others. Dream your own round, ring the bell still need to tie people, this is the best tonic for your soul pain.

Seven, often read Thanksgiving
Experienced is a kind of wealth. When we are at the funeral, there will always be some emotion; when we get sick, there will always be cherished. The heart of gratitude must be preserved from time to time. It will not only make you pity one stone, one stone, one grass and one branch but will also make you indifferent to some kind of invisible pressure, pacify your desires and struggles, more often, there will be some happy feelings. It often comes from this. machine tools

Eight, diligent in reading
Reading and studying are both talking about wisdom, using other people’s experience, and growing up with their own wisdom. Turning reading into a habit, some of your thoughts come from this, and some insights come from this. And can also be doctors, but also maintain your personality charm for a long time! machine tools

Nine, willing to think
People must be willing to think in their middle age, be good at accumulating experiences, and summarize experiences. The mind that does not know how to think will not grow and mature. It is a precious time for people to accumulate thoughts and thick thinking, and it is also a critical moment for the sublimation of life. machine tools

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