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Where is the difference between “finishing” and “doing well” in the field of executive power?

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Have you ever met a boss in your job and asked you to do the same thing over and over again?

When you are busy with your work every day, are you satisfied with the “doing” while you are performing your tasks, but you ignore the “result”?

If you are the same, then read this article quickly! RoHS Approved machined products Manufacturer

“Finish” and “do well””

In the workplace, many people will complain that their work, the boss always let them do that to do this every day, and things are basically repeated. When they complain not from the people, but cause no thought.

In addition to the basic daily work, why does the boss let you do the same thing again and again? Did you not do well in the first execution? The boss is not satisfied with the result of the previous execution, so you want to do it again?

Have you ever wondered where the problem is? Sometimes you think you’ve done a lot, but you don’t think about what you’re doing

So, every day seems to be busy, you work in the task, whether it is only satisfied with the “doing”, but ignored the “results”? RoHS Approved machined products Manufacturer

Although the “done” and “do” only one word, but the essence of the two are different.

The former is executed, but not in place, just through the field or purely dealing with it; the latter is not only implemented, but also in place. It is responsible for the self goal, responsible for the superior organization, and responsible for the interests of the company

An employee is a higher executive ability, the key lies in his emphasis on the “good” this result, so, if you want to improve the execution, must not be self satisfied, but can not self deception, it is their beginning no implementation in place, but finally put the blame on someone else’s head. RoHS Approved machined products Manufacturer

Since the implementation, will pay 100% effort to do one step to produce a satisfactory result, otherwise the delay to the end is not qualified, the boss may repeatedly asking you to perform, until the meet the requirements so far, but this is not only a waste of resources of the enterprise, but also wasted your time.

Some people will question: is the difference between 99.9% and 100% so big? Is there any difference? RoHS Approved machined products Manufacturer

No, you are wrong! I believe many people have such a wrong view, although the 99.9% just a little effort will become 100%, but in fact it is not. This is like the game, the final total to tell the outcome, if you considerable strength, or in 99.9% when the results are the same, then how to judge?

This is the last 0.1%, who persevered, the last 0.1% things done well, who won. So, we see, in a game, the phenomenon of the game is after all a few, most of the game is still a winner, because most people still lost to the 0.1%.

A no matter the result, as is done, but what is the meaning of it? But unfortunately, in the enterprise, employees with similar ideas in their eyes: There are plenty of people who, I’m just hiring an employee, I am here one day a day of salary, as for how to the implementation of enterprise, there is no money, that is the boss and the company’s own thing, nothing to do with me. RoHS Approved machined products Manufacturer

So, most people only do 99.9%, although it may have tried, but the final result is behind, companies do not give such employees any reward is also behoove. So, how should we step in the implementation of the first time, the task to “do good” rather than “done”?

Execution ground rule

1, to correct the “almost” mentality, the implementation of any task should be strict demands on themselves

Looking at the market of the brand-name enterprises, why they sign a hundred years standing, enduring? Not only because of their excellence in product quality, for the management of people is also more excellence, they never allow their employees to do things is always a “almost” mentality.

In this competitive society, if you want to do a good job, be recognized and welcome, you must strictly ask yourself, this is also a guarantee to do things well, if you always feel “difference”, you will always stay in the “finish” that step. RoHS Approved machined products Manufacturer

2, in the implementation of the establishment of their own brands, since doing will do well

Now in this era, people desire for a job, is no longer a tool so simple, everyone is eager to break a piece of heaven and earth, the outstanding performance in the workplace, make a difference. So, many people are sacred to the occupation emotion, work became more of a spiritual pillar.

So, an efficient implementation can not only bring you a satisfactory results, but also make you gradually establish its own brand, producing power Everfount. So, now do it well, so that your entire work flow will become a virtuous cycle, the task will be easy to step fix.

3, be responsible for yourself and result, improve the core competitiveness

Bad performance, in the final analysis, is actually a person to himself and the results of irresponsible performance, and such people in the workplace is very difficult to enhance their competitiveness

Because competition is the basis of execution, the implementation is not in place, even thousands of miles before you paint again good blueprint is just a piece of paper, the final results turn you out without any value to the enterprise, is nothing but a waste of manpower, material resources, financial resources. RoHS Approved machined products Manufacturer

Therefore, as an enterprise staff, do not blindly recite the importance of implementation, but also in the actual action to implement the task in place, responsible for themselves and the results, so as to “finish” on the basis of “do well”, and gradually improve their core competitiveness

 RoHS Approved machined products Manufacturer

RoHS Approved machined products Manufacturer


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