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【HR】Performance assessment and management (3): What should be done if the assessment data “fights”?

At the performance appraisal stage, HR is busy collecting statistics on various types of assessment data in order to calculate the performance appraisal results of employees. In the actual work, companies and HR companies reflect that their company’s assessment data is difficult to collect accurately, and the phenomenon of data “fighting” occurs from time to time, and does not know which one prevails. If this happens, how can we solve it? Let’s discuss exchanges together. I would like to ask: machining center
1. Have you ever encountered the phenomenon of “fighting” with this assessment data?
2. Why does this abnormal phenomenon occur? Specifically how do you deal with this matter?

Reference answer:
1. Have you ever encountered the phenomenon of “fighting” with such assessment data? machining center

2. Why does this abnormal phenomenon occur? Specifically how do you deal with this matter?
This “fight”, we call it: The initial data source for the establishment of the database is not clear; this problem arises mainly because:
1. Template problem: The existing performance forms do not have complete data output units, units, or individuals or positions of performance indicators.
2. Guidance issues: When the database is established, there is no HR department for guidance and training
3. Consciousness issue: Taken for granted that the data exporter can provide;
4. Confirmation of the problem: There is no target problem of confirming data output with the data exporter and the direct superior. machining center

The solution has the following four points:
Measure one: The performance team of the human resources department needs to provide a performance template for each position because it is in the group company. From the experience of the industry, we set the position template from the position, for example, designing 9 KPIs and 29 small points separately. The project’s CPI project, then the corresponding inside data package there are many, each small project from January to December goals are believed to list, as long as the focus of the results every month on OK (fill in the month, the target automatically uses the function to measure out ), Fill in the results, and the completion rate is generated automatically. In this regard, analyze the aspects from the aspect of goodness to deficiency, and propose improvement measures accordingly;

Measure 2: The training of the template is very critical. When we first introduced the template, we manually wrote out the operating instructions. However, as CEOs, many people neglected words and patience, and plainly stated that people did not pay attention to this thing and used it. At the time of accounting or when accounting was done, it was found that the input was wrong. Then the workload of the performance team’s document class was greatly increased and it was too busy to come, so the root cause was that: training did not keep up; machining center

Measure 3: The indicator output meeting is generally a communication between the performance indicator and the direct supervisor. Even if it is over, does it communicate with the data exporter and professional performers? This is also a key issue. At the end of each month, the performance team members are very busy and busy. Above, at the meeting, the indicators discussion and review meeting, we all understand this; all performance indicators must be discussed by the human resources department after the employment department can. Signature becomes effective;

Measure four: This is not much to say. Communication problems between upper and lower levels are often replaced by busyness. Everyone is too busy. No way? Is it really too busy? Under the test: Will the detailed arrangement of today’s work plan be summarized, the results of the past day will be summed up, and the next work plan will be stated. Is it possible to say the situation in the past week and distinguish important points? Did you think that the emergency was discharged in a timely manner? It is worthwhile to have a plan and result. machining center

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