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[career Story] American and Chinese versions Cinderella’s story: this is the gap!

American Edition

The bell rang and the children ran into the classroom. What the teacher was talking about was the story of Cinderella.

The teacher asked a child to go to the stage and tell the story about the story. The child soon finished, the teacher thanked him and began to ask the whole class. machining company near me

Teacher: which one do you like in the story? Which one do not like? Why?

Student: love her (Cinderella), and Prince, not love her stepmother and her mother brought her sister. Kind, lovely, beautiful. Her stepmother and sisters are bad to her.

Teacher: if at 12 midnight, Cinderella did not jump on her pumpkin carriage, you think, what might happen? machining company near me

Cinderella will return the original dirty appearance, dressed in shabby clothes. Oh, it is too bad.

Teacher: so, you must be a punctual person, otherwise it may bring you trouble. In addition, you see, each of you dressed up, do not suddenly appear unkempt in front of others, or your friends want to scare. The girls, you should pay more attention to. When you grow up and dates, if you do not pay attention to, be your boyfriend see you look ugly, they may be shocked when they heard (the teacher fainted.)

Teacher: OK, next question, if you were her stepmother, would you stop going to the prince’s ball xindairuila? You must be honest! machining company near me

Student: (after a while, a child is the answer), if I were her stepmother, I will stop her from going to the prince’s ball.

Teacher: why?

Student: because, because I love my daughter, I want my daughter to be a queen.

Teacher: Yes, so we see the stepmother seems to be good people, they are just not good enough for others, but their own children are very good, you know? They are not bad people, but they are not able to love their children to love the other children. machining company near me

The children, the next question, her stepmother would not let her go to the prince’s ball, and even locked the door, why she can go, but also become the most beautiful girl at the party?

Student: because there are fairies to help her, gave her beautiful clothes, but also put the pumpkin into a carriage, the dog and mouse to the servant.

Teacher: Yes, you’re right! Think if xindairuila fairy did not get help, she can not go to the ball, isn’t it?

Student: Yes!

Teacher: if a dog and a mouse do not want to help her, can she run home successfully at the last moment?

Student: No, so she can scare the prince successfully. (the whole class laughs again)

Teacher: Although the Cinderella fairy to help her, but only fairy’s help is not enough. So, the children, no matter where you go, we all need friends. Our friends are not necessarily a fairy, but we need them, I also hope you have a lot of friends. Here, please do you think, because if xindairuila stepmother did not want she gave up the chance to party, she could be the bride of the prince? machining company near me

Student: no! In that case, she wouldn’t be at the ball. She wouldn’t be met by the prince, knew and fell in love with her.

Teacher: that’s right! If xindairuila do not want to go to the ball, that her stepmother did not stop, even to support her, is of no use, who decided she was going to the prince’s party?

Student: she herself.

Teacher: so, kids, is xindairuila not love her mother, her stepmother did not love her, it would not be able to make her love yourself. Because she loves herself, she was likely to find what they want. If one of you do not feel love, or like Cinderella has a don’t love her stepmother, what do you want?

Student: love yourself! machining company near me

Teacher: Yes, no one can stop you love yourself, if you feel that others love you enough, you need to love yourself; if someone does not give you the opportunity, you should give yourself extra opportunities; if you really love yourself, you will find the things they need for their own, no one can stop her in the prince’s ball, nobody can stop her to be a queen, but her. Right?

Student: Yes!!!

Teacher: the last question, what is the wrong place in this story?

Student: (after a while) 12 midnight after all things must change back, but her crystal shoes did not change back.

Teacher: heavens, you are great! You see, great writers also make mistakes. So mistakes are not terrible. I guarantee that if any of you is going to be a writer, it must be better than this writer! Do you believe it? Children cheer and cheer. machining company near me

This is a reading class in an ordinary elementary school in the United States. Primary school teachers teach them for life.

Chinese version

The bell rings, the students and the teacher go into the classroom.

Teacher: today, we tell the story of Cinderella. Have you all previewed it?

Student: it also preview? Get the dregs of the old.

Teacher: Cinderella? Is it * * * * fairy tale or Andersen’s fairy tale? Who is his author? When is it born? What is the author’s life?

Student:… Not all the books in the book? Don’t you look at yourself?

Teacher: what is the significance of the story?

Student: Yes, it must be done. machining company near me

Teacher: Well, start with the text. Who will give a paragraph first and explain the reasons for this subsection.

Students: each section of the front and back, the middle part, total score.

Teacher: at the beginning of the lecture, everyone listened carefully.

Student: it’s been a long time…

Teacher: here, we pay attention to this sentence. This sentence is a metaphor, simile or metaphor is the author? Why is it so?

Student: (n people start to sleep……)

Teacher: everybody pays attention to this word, if I change to another word, why is it not as good as the author?

Student: (and n people start to sleep……)

Teacher: did everyone notice that if this paragraph is changed with that position, will it be ok? Why? machining company near me

Student: I’m not you. How can I notice it? (n people start to sleep…)

Teacher: why do so many people sleep? You know, if you don’t take a good lesson, you can’t get good grades. You can’t go to college without getting good grades. You can’t go to college. You have to understand the truth of life.

Students admitted to the University, began a scumbag like life.

Think of the age of the students of their own suffering, crazy ING… machining company near me

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