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Fines, Publicity, and Revocation of Qualification Certificates

Fines, Online Publicity, Withdrawal of Qualification Certificates… Hubei Province has recently taken several measures to crack down on the false detection of project quality. machining copper

The focus of the crackdown includes eight types of false detections:

Reduce the number of test samples, reduce the time for reasonable testing, or entrust the test business to test organizations that do not have corresponding qualifications or exceed qualifications;
The construction, construction, supervision, and other units will falsify during sampling, sample preparation, maintenance, inspection, or send a special batch of samples for inspection;
The counterfeiting and testing institutions of the construction and construction units make false inspection reports; machining copper
The testing organization goes beyond the scope of qualifications to engage in testing activities;
No test report has been issued;
Counterfeit detection data, violation change detection data;
Failure to carry out inspections according to the prescribed testing procedures and methods;
The capacity of the testing equipment and the capacity of the testing personnel are not up to the standard.

The Department of Housing and Construction of Hubei Province stipulates that the construction, construction, and supervision units that have falsified inspection activities, and the local housing and urban-rural construction authorities will order them to make corrections, include bad behavior records, and publish on the relevant websites for not less than six months. The unit’s violations are also subject to a fine of 30,000 yuan. machining copper

For the testing organizations that have false detection behaviors, the illegal proceeds shall be confiscated, and a fine of more than 50,000 yuan but less than 100,000 yuan shall be imposed, and the record of bad behavior shall be incorporated and published on the relevant website for not less than 6 months; the legal representative of the testing institution Other directly responsible personnel shall be fined at 5%-10% of the amount of fines.

For those who exceed the scope of technical capabilities and qualifications for testing, sampling fraudulently during the process of sampling, sample preparation, maintenance, inspection or testing, commission other testing agencies to re-inspect the test; In addition to the test report, falsified fabrication test data and non-compliance change test data, except when the validity period of the test agency qualification certificate expires, the Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department shall not postpone the extension; the capability of the testing equipment and the capacity of the testing personnel are not met. Qualification standards related regulations, after the rectification and review still does not meet, the Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Department will withdraw test agency qualification certificate. machining copper

For the construction, construction, supervision and other units and testing organizations that have false inspections, the competent authority will publicly notify the society of the names, specific locations, false inspection items, and responsible units and personnel of the project involved.

In addition, local supervisory personnel must not interfere in the detection of market behavior and interfere with market activities. The supervisory personnel expressly or implicitly recommends violations of the testing organization, selective law enforcement, and discretionary powers of punishment. Once verified, they will be held accountable and accountable under the provisions of the law, and the transfer to relevant departments will be handled seriously. machining copper

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