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How many of the ten key points of execution do you know?

CE RoHS SGS GS ISO9001 )Approved machining near me Manufacturer. The key to management is to execute it in place

The implementation force is not in place, the emphasis on objective difficulties and other problems, the emphasis on execution, and attention to details are the best measures for marketing marketing innovation, which is temporarily summed up as “ten equal to zero”.

First, there is no effort to be equal to zero.

For each marketing people must learn to cherish, learn to be grateful. Marketing under the financial crisis, we should cherish this opportunity. The longest journey begins with the first step, to grasp the opportunity of talent will have the last laugh, there is work if not to cherish, golden rice will become mud bowl. (CE RoHS SGS GS ISO9001 )Approved machining near me Manufacturer

Two, the ability to perform is not equal to zero

Everyone has their own strengths, know their own strengths and through practice to make their value to others, in order to obtain greater development space. So, if you think horse, please, traveling thousands of miles, to show their ability at the same time, the horses will also appear. Remember: potential advantages only play can become advantage, otherwise it will become a burden. (CE RoHS SGS GS ISO9001 )Approved machining near me Manufacturer

Three, there is no action equal to zero.

The execution plan is the premise, and the action is executed if the plan is not true through action to practice and summary, any perfect plan is only a fairy tale can never achieve. So, the key to marketing innovation is not to make a perfect plan, but immediate action. (CE RoHS SGS GS ISO9001 )Approved machining near me Manufacturer

Four, a chance is not equal to zero.

Giving fish is better than giving it to fish. Work is not just a salary. Opportunities in the market are also opportunities for training and exercising abilities. To win opportunities, we need to think more and do more than others.

Five, there is no supervision equal to zero

Work must be arranged, implemented, and supervised. They can’t take the place of supervision. Only by summarizing supervision can we find out problems, deal with problems, summarize experience and draw lessons from the summary of supervision, so that we can get the work done better at last. (CE RoHS SGS GS ISO9001 )Approved machining near me Manufacturer

Six, progress does not last equal to zero

Everyone is actively seeking progress, the team continued to progress, progress will be growing team, is too reactive, power is too small, if not sustained progress, or a little progress is motionless, the ultimate fate can only be eliminated.

Seven, it is found that no treatment is equal to zero

In the face of a rapidly changing market, any plan in the process of implementation may have a small negligence which leads to the failure of the whole action.

So, in addition to the perfect plan, timely grasp the details of the implementation, but also the need for every little problem found during processing, make up, to prevent the “qianlizhidi, ulcer in the colony.

Eight, there is no flexible operation equal to zero

On the innovation of marketing, I have no people, I have excellent people, do not apply mechanically, empiricism, any operation, flexible operation, in the face of the market, it may be no difference in winning.

Nine, value is no use equal to zero

Marketing people must be a good management will afterwards: the rationality of product structure is also the value of the value of value, and even the company, only the reasonable utilization value, give full play to everyone, everything not worth a penny, even from the value of the value is dug up, qualified marketing personnel. (CE RoHS SGS GS ISO9001 )Approved machining near me Manufacturer

Ten, there is no profit equal to zero.

If the sales volume is a measure of business performance benchmark, then the profit is the only benchmark scale, complete the sales task is not enough, only the profit on the basis of sales can be real sales, only to complete the profit and to ensure that sales marketing personnel can calculate outstanding marketing personnel.

The key to management innovation is to put every detail in place. Execution is the basis and details are the key.

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