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Long-term in the forefront, in the end how to grasp the quality?

Every day, many of us are very cautious about solving quality problems and preventing quality problems. Basically, in a matter of days, we create or optimize our system files to try to make up for loopholes. As documents, systems and processes become more and more The more quality management system is more and more bloated, but we find it reluctantly to find that quality problems have been constantly occurring or relapse, which is why? machining services near me


Long-term employees in the field with the “quality” and “quantity” to fight, like to question the progress of the first check, like to doubt the accuracy of others, like to say this is not what I should do, like to say I did not find, like to say There is no requirement in the system …


First, the quality management nine bogey


1. Do not do things differently, just say not practice


“Word” refers to the relevant documents or operating instructions, “line” refers to the specific operation.


In the key process of the product, the process parameters or product characteristics that must be controlled must be written into the work instruction book, which is “what should be written”;


The next step is to fail to implement the serious non-conformities that may result in quality, as well as the “written to do” principle.


In the non-critical process, the error of “different deeds and deeds” is usually manifested in the following: writing without writing, writing without fulfillment or no-necessary, and in short is “different words and deeds, except to say no practice”.


To avoid such problems, on the one hand, we should correct the concept of performer, strictly follow the requirements of the standard book and avoid duplication of manufacturing problems; on the other hand, the standard-setting units should also constantly review and improve our “Related programs or operating instructions,” so that it is more conducive to guiding the operation, to prevent quality problems.


2 bogey only do not mind


Mainly refers to the staff in the work process does not pay attention to record or not pay attention to save the “original record.”


Enterprises need to learn from past successes and failures and need to make continuous improvements. Without these records, there is no basis to talk about, talk about, and improve. They can only talk empty talk and insist on going talkatively It can only be done in the form of play.


3. Avoid using administrative order instead of program


The use of administrative instructions instead of the established program, its practice stems from some of the responsible person’s understanding of the work program is not enough. Over time, this kind of behavior will gradually make the quality system operation more and more difficult, which eventually leads to the “existence of the quality system.”


The correct approach is: as a leader should establish a benchmark for operating under the program, and help guide the review of the unreasonable revisions, so that the operation of the quality management system will enter a virtuous circle.


4. avoid arbitrary strong


Mainly refers to arbitrarily change the operating procedures, without the consent of the relevant departments and issue change orders. There are three main reasons for their doing this:


(1) Demonstration of wrongdoing from supervisors

(2) A similar error has not been promptly corrected by the supervisor or his colleague;

(3) operators do not understand or understand the relevant programs.


Because of these mistakes lead to the result can not be ignored, so we must start from the root cause of the complete removal of such hidden dangers!


5. avoid the concept of ambiguity


The lack of clear understanding of the concept leads to deviations in work and a factor that impedes the effective operation of the quality system.


The quality system emphasizes the review and improvement. During the internal audit, it is not uncommon to find that some departments fail to understand or plan things differently when implementing relevant program documents and mistakenly consider “A” as “B” so that they can not find out the true cause of the problem. The problem can not be effectively improved.


If we can understand the concept of quality and learn to name the problem with a “source,” such as supplier issues, manufacturing issues, design issues, etc., it should be helpful to avoid “quality management personnel often being charged with resolving some issues What they can control “; in fact, the ambiguity of the concept is more than an accomplice, except to the extent that it affects our work efficiency.


Solve it to be three-pronged approach:

(1) Supervisors should pay attention to avoid false implication and pay attention to guiding and dispel doubts, correct concepts;

(2) organizations to provide the necessary training to broaden the staff’s knowledge;

(3) Individuals must actively participate in the training and ask questions.


6. avoid preconditions about quality


The quality of the premise of the phenomenon usually occurs when the organization is facing the pressure of delivery. Controversies about the consequences of quality conditions.


7 bogey partiality


Based on unilateral facts or based on the successes of the cases, is unwilling to do more actual verification and even insists on the correctness of the conclusion or provision, even if it is suggested that the amendment should not be reviewed.


Such errors occur on the one hand with the organization’s culture or work habits; on the other hand, mainly the operators themselves have limited knowledge of things.


8. avoid over-reliance on systematic testing


System operation and maintenance is a bit by bit accumulation of daily work, the need for all members of the organization in daily work consciously according to the system to go homework, and can insist on self-inspection; at the same time in addition to our quality control personnel, as department heads, but also by the system Demands to test subordinate work, so that we can truly full participation, the implementation of system operations. Internal testing is one of the ways we maintain the system, and we can not rely too much on it, including its conclusions.


9. Avoid quality is a matter of quality control personnel


In the event of quality problems, many people will think this is the responsibility of the quality control department, in a sense that this is a manifestation of the unknown quality.


From the quality of the product, I believe we all know that the process of product realization interlocked, lead the whole body.


In other words, the quality of the enterprise’s products, from development and filing, to product design review, verification, process design, verification, to quantity testing, mass production, and even procurement, to any place or individual has a problem that affects the quality of the product Quality, therefore, to do a good job of quality control, enterprises must move toward full quality management, so that we include suppliers, to participate and attention together, so that quality will do well, so some people say: the product is designed Out, it is made, is purchased out …


Second, three principles of quality management


1. Do not accept nonconforming product


Do not accept unqualified products refers to the staff in the production and processing before the first delivery of the product according to the provisions of its inspection, if found the right to refuse to accept, and timely feedback to the pre-process. The personnel in the previous procedure need to stop processing immediately, tracing the reasons and adopting measures to promptly find and correct the quality problems and avoid the waste caused by the continuous processing of substandard products.

2. Do not create nonconforming product


Not manufacturing nonconforming product means accepting prequalified product, and strictly implementing the operation specification in the processing of this post to ensure the processing quality of the product. Pre-job inspection, confirmation and other preparatory work done fully in place for the operation of the process with the wild bird pay attention to avoid or early detection of anomalies, reduce the probability of nonconforming product. Proper preparation and confirmation during the process is the key to not creating a failure. Only if there is no defective product can we make it possible to prevent the non-defective products from flowing out and not accepting the bad products.


3 does not flow out of substandard goods


Do not flow out of substandard goods refers to the staff to complete the processing of this process, you need to check to confirm the quality of the product, once found to be defective, you must shut down in time, will be cut in this process, and in this process to complete the defective products and take preventive measures . The procedure should ensure that the pass is qualified products, will be next process or “customer” rejected.


To ensure that these three principles are not met, we still need to make three seizures


Three seized: self-test, mutual inspection, special inspection.


What is the three tests, is the operator’s self-test, the mutual inspection between operators and full-time inspection staff combined with a special inspection system.


1. Procurement from the beginning: the establishment of strict inspection system for raw materials and work methods, do not accept bad products.


2. According to the technical standards and technical requirements of production: technical departments in the prenatal must make technical standards and process requirements, and related drawings, and to organize full study. Only technicians know the technical standard is meaningless standard. Wrong drawings are the most terrible product.


3. Product inspection support standards. Is to say that a good product is produced, not tested out. However, piece management, quota management, if there is no production quality inspection management, quality standards can not be effectively guaranteed. Irresponsible inspector is the main reason for the bad product flow.


4. Production process mutual inspection process: the responsibility process on the next responsibility process responsible for the next phase – do not produce defective products. Under the responsibility process to supervise procedures – do not accept defective products.


5. The final packaging inspection: do not send bad products factory. If for the temporary benefit of defective products will be sent to the factory, then in fact is smashing business jobs.


“All quality improvement should be done on a project-by-project basis, with no other shortcuts to go” – Juran, a world-renowned quality management expert and co-founder of the Baldrige National Quality Award.

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