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Do you know how the ball screw pair is produced?

As we all know, high-end CNC machine tools are an important symbol and embodiment of the country’s comprehensive national strength, and it is an important strategic material for international competition. machining stainless steel

The development of automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding and other industries is paying more and more attention to the high-speed machining of light alloys. The feed speed of machining centers, industrial robots, CNC forging machines, FMS and various CNC machine tools and automation machines is constantly increasing. The important actuator in the servo feed drive system—the ball screw pair—has always occupied a straight line because of its high efficiency, fast, zero-gap, high-rigidity transmission, follow-up sensitivity, no pollution to the environment, and strong adaptability to the surrounding environment. The vast majority of markets for sports applications.

The ball screw pair has been widely used in CNC machine tool transmission systems. In order to meet the requirements of high-speed machining of CNC machine tools, while meeting the positioning accuracy, how to further improve the comprehensive performance indicators such as feed rate and addition (decrease) speed has become the focus of current industry, how to optimize the design of CNC machine tools. The beading screw pair is crucial for the development of high-end CNC machine tools. machining stainless steel

The ball screw pair is so important, but do you understand its evolution? Today, Xiaobian talks to you about its “growth” history.

The ball screw accessory transmission was born in 1874 and patented in the United States, but it was not until 1940 that the General Motors Saginaw branch used the ball screw pair on the steering mechanism of the car. It has been widely used in the industrial field. With the success of the first attempt, the ball screw pair was gradually applied to the steering mechanism of the car in batches and was successfully applied in the aviation field in 1943.

In the 1950s, the birth of CNC machine tools and the development of automatic machinery improved the processing technology of the ball screw pair, which greatly promoted the professional production of ball screws. machining stainless steel

In the late 1970s, the three industrial revolutions dominated by the development of microelectronics technology made the application of ball screws more widely, and the specialized production of ball screws was further improved.

At present, there are almost a number of large-scale ball screw professional manufacturers in the world’s advanced industrial countries, such as WARNER-BEAVER in the US, GM-SAGINAW, ROTAX in the UK, NSK in Japan, THK, and Korta in Spain. SA, BLIS, Bosch Rexroth, IF in Germany, ALE in France, SKF in Italy, etc. The international rolling function market has flourished since the 1980s, with Japan’s THK, NSK, IKO, MISUMI, KURODA, Germany’s STAR, INA as the main manufacturers. machining stainless steel

In the late 1990s, Taiwan’s HIWIN, ABBA, AMT, PMI and South Korea’s SBC factories also made their mark in the global market. These companies are leading the way in the development of rolling functional components.

From the development and evolution of the ball screw pair, the positioning changed from the initial “Agile Energy-saving Transmission” (1940s) to “Precision Positioning” (1970s), and the function was “fast driving from the large lead” ( In the 1980s, to the “high-speed precision drive” (1990s), the entire development process was a process of continuous innovation and excellence. machining stainless steel

Taking the machining center as an example, the moving speed of the table is only 15 ~ 20m / min in the 1980s, the acceleration is about 0.5g, the mid-1990s is 30 ~ 50m / min, the acceleration is about 1g, and by the late 1990s Up to 60 ~ 80m / min, acceleration 1. 5g or more, and advance to a higher speed. As the leader in the ball screw industry, Japan’s NSK, THK and Germany’s Rexroth have developed the first generation of precision high-speed ball screw by-products, the overall level of Dn value of 130,000 ~ 150,000, speed 70 ~ 100m / min , Acceleration 1 ~ 1. 5g, accuracy is 3 or more. In recent years, the world has seen a second-generation ball screw by-product with a Dn value of 200,000, a speed of 200 m/min, and an acceleration of 1.5 to 2. 5 g. As a professional ball screw manufacturer, IPIRANGA is a professional manufacturer of ball screws in Europe. It is cost-effective and long-lasting (12m can be used without docking) and ultra-large ball screws (220mm in diameter). Reputation. In addition, the development of stainless steel ball screws and special alloy ball screws and hollow ball screw pairs that are required for anti-corrosion and anti-radiation applications are also very rapid. machining stainless steel

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