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How did the quality problem come out?

Many quality people meet to talk about the contradictions and problems of the company. The communication finds that the contradiction of enterprise management does not affect the frequency of the enterprise. Enterprises with low management levels exist; enterprises with high management levels still exist. machining titanium
A very controversial question, “How is quality coming out?” This discussion is the same as the argument that “the chicken is first or the egg first”, and the answers are many. The answer of most quality people is “quality is produced”. There are also some quality people who take this answer to train employees. machining titanium

Ok, the controversy is coming…

But I want to say that if you say this, you will mislead a batch of inspectors. You may post “Quality is produced” as a slogan in the enterprise. Have you investigated it, do you pull the slogan like this, do your production employees agree with it? If you don’t agree, then your behavior is mandatory. Numerous facts prove that the results of mandatory behavior are not very optimistic.

So how is the quality coming out, what is the standard answer? In fact, the answer is not important. What matters is the person who comes from it. This is the fundamental problem. machining titanium

The supervisor can say that quality is the boss’s problem because he does not support enough;

The quality person can say that the quality is tested, because your work is not in place, resulting in high quality defect rate;

Production personnel can say that quality is produced because of improper quality production;

Designers can say that quality is designed because they are not thoughtfully designed, so that production and quality personnel are busy, and so on.


But if these answers lack the subject, then it will cause contradictions and is not conducive to the development of the work. As a quality person, do not start from yourself, say that quality is produced, that is, a word that shirks responsibility; some quality supervisors also use this sentence to train your subordinates, then you are subconsciously teaching your subordinates, To the quality problem, you can use this sentence to shirk responsibility, you are the accomplice of quality accidents. The quality person said that the quality problem is constant, the boss does not support, but also a shirking, what do you do for the boss’s high-level support; you have not done anything, and why you get the boss’s support. machining titanium


To give an example, the quality problem, the first reaction of the high-level is that the inspector is a pig, how to check it. This is also a contradiction. How do quality people balance?

You are clear and protect yourself. When you stand down and say, leadership, I am going to train the education inspectors to let them pay attention to these problems, and they will be fine next time they appear again. You have made a bad mistake in front of the leader, but when you make this decision, there are two mistakes. First, you have not won anything for your subordinates. There is no balance between your subordinates and the subordinates. Second, you act as The leadership of your subordinates, the subordinates make mistakes, how do you explain that your face is also black. machining titanium

The correct balance method can be: You and the leader of the fire say, lead you, our inspector is not a pig, how do you see my quality. Your leader must say that your quality awareness is very high. If you develop the awareness of yours, then there will definitely be no such quality problems.

At this time, you can turn around and say, leadership, that is, I will do the test, and it will be the same mistake as the inspector, because this is not a human quality problem, nor is it a virtual consciousness. It is our system that gives the inspector The opportunity to make mistakes, so the solution of the problem needs to be solved from the source system, preventing people from making mistakes is the fundamental way. This explains that you are rehabilitating the inspector, and your face is not so dark. Balancing contradictions is a matter of learning. machining titanium

Another example
Let’s talk about a case where a quality problem has occurred and the inspection is too late. You directly take a list to the production staff and write, “Because of this quality problem, the current stage often occurs, so additional inspection requirements are required. For this problem, the production operator must Full inspection.” This production supervisor is not happy. So you have a tongue-and-mouth battle. Quality people can say that I am thinking about the overall quality of the company; and the production supervisor says that you increase the burden on our production staff.

Quality people, as you said, is actually evading responsibility and pushing quality responsibility to the production department. machining titanium

If it happens again, you can say that I gave them a full inspection instruction, they did not have a full inspection, so the problem is not strong in the production staff. In fact, the fact is that quality people are shirking their responsibilities. You don’t want to say that there are many contradictions in the workplace. All departments are not good birds. In fact, our quality people are creating contradictions. Do we have to evaluate whether these measures really increase the burden on the operators? Because it is too late; because the production personnel also have their own task indicators of the number of processing, it is our behavior that hurts others, there is no overall consideration.

In the balance of contradictions in the workplace, communication is very important. Listen to the teachers’ temperament and drizzle. Singing Andy Lau’s “all blame me” and “blame me” can also be “all my faults”, maybe when I was accidentally loved by the workplace. machining titanium

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