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6 Sigma or lean production, which one should we want?

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Lean production of LP and 6SIGMA is one of the most popular topics in production management field at present, both from two different angles to improve production management system, and the implementation of the necessity and benefits described from their point of view. Several different methods exist and what is not good, but now many companies and managers for neither very familiar with how to choose the kind of way to let everyone a little puzzled. The difference between lean production and 6SIGMA as well as the needs of enterprises to analyze what is the choice of lean production or 6SIGMA. China Wholesale Manufacturer of machining tolerances 

First, the core of lean production

Lean production is the TOYOTA production system (TPS) extension, if use two words to sum up its core idea is the “flow”, make the production process flow, accelerate the flow to meet the needs of the customers. Lean production is decided by the development of the market, often shopping friends may have this feeling, in the commodity in a superb collection of beautiful things really hard to find what you want there. Personalized needs of consumers increasingly strong, is diverse and unpredictable changes of the whole market. The market of personalized and varied characteristics leads not to buy or sell to customers of the production mode of the original production inventory to adapt to the development of customer the demand, only to meet the needs of customers is the modern enterprise production and development. Many varieties, small batch, short delivery period is the enterprise production challenges, make the production process flow, drop Low production cycle production system to enhance the flexibility to respond to market changes on the lean thinking emerged. The number of customers need to develop products that lean production, JIT forms in the customer need time production customers. China Wholesale Manufacturer of machining tolerances 

The core competitiveness by shortening product delivery cycle is derived to enhance the enterprise, found that “there are seven kinds of waste form of enterprises, through the continuous elimination of waste to achieve continuous improvement of the enterprise and the pursuit of perfect target concept completed the whole framework of lean manufacturing system. Manufacturing framework extends from production to products from concept to production, from the raw materials to the delivery of the product realization process, including design, manufacturing, purchasing, sales, finance, all modules of human resource organization. China Wholesale Manufacturer of machining tolerances 

Two, the essence of 6SIGMA

6SIGMA is a statistical probability, statistics from 6SIGMA really developed. Its most prominent feature is its emphasis on the strict logical thinking process of.6SIGMA DMAIC (D) from the definition of the problem, to the measurement of the problem (M), rigorous problem analysis method (A), find the recipe (an antidote against the disease I), and control for verification and standard solution (C), emphasize logical data, ensure the solution to “solve real problem”, rather than the experience of leading “luck” to solve the problem. China Wholesale Manufacturer of machining tolerances 

6SIGMA can demonstrate and mining methods to solve the problems, but the need for a large number of statistical data and analysis process, invest a lot of manpower, material resources and time, solve the problem generally requires a relatively long cycle, so the general use to solve some Difficult miscellaneous diseases “. Many enterprises enter a misunderstanding in the implementation process of 6SIGMA that is, no matter what kind of problem with the 6SIGMA method, some simple complex problems, either” or “a mere formality, harass the people and waste money” (“6SIGMA report, but actually useless).

Three, what businesses need?

Domestic enterprises are still in production state of the pursuit of economies of scale, are facing a large number of inventory backlog of a large number of contradictions but could not be delivered on time order, the high cost, low productivity and other issues. In the face of the irreversible tendency of the market, enterprises are facing rapid transformation in order to adapt to the challenges of the market. How to transform the lean production has provided? The direction and method directly, do not need to be demonstrated. The implementation of lean production can bring great benefits for the enterprise in the short term. But in fact the 6SIGMA in its strict statistical analysis process and no solution to the problem, that is to solve the Improve phase method in problem, need to use may be IE, LEAN solution or some other products. China Wholesale Manufacturer of machining tolerances 

Four, lean or 6SIGMA?

For most poor basic businesses, lean production is to enhance the physical medicine, when the method of lean development to a certain stage can not find direct response to the 6SIGMA, is to make the enterprise management for breakthrough. Of course, some enterprises in dealing with complex problems (such as it is difficult to find the causes of quality problems), 6SIGMA.6SIGMA and LEAN are all methods can complement each other, and the emergence of the so-called lean 6SIGMA.

Although LEAN and 6SIGMA from different angles, the “customer oriented” and “ultimate goal to meet the needs of customers” is the same. In fact, whether it is lean or 6SIGMA, can solve the problem of the enterprise is the most important. Without the two companies is exactly the same, each enterprise has its own characteristics, no where can apply the method, to find a suitable way is the key to the development of enterprises. Therefore, whether it is lean or 6SIGMA, the thought idea is more important than the direct tool.

China Wholesale Manufacturer of machining tolerances 

China Wholesale Manufacturer of machining tolerancesChina Wholesale Manufacturer of machining tolerances 


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