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Layout of Warehouse cargo area-Longitudinal-Transverse-oblique-Stereo

On the one hand, the purpose of cargo area layout is to improve the utilization rate of warehouse space and plane. On the other hand, it is to improve the quality of goods storage and facilitate entry and exit operations, so as to reduce the warehousing and disposal cost of goods. Machining is part of our continuing effort to service our customers from start to finish…

First, the basic idea of the layout of the warehouse area

1. classified and stored according to the property of the goods, and store the objects with similar characteristics.

2. a large, high quality item is stored on the bottom of the shelf and is close to the outlet area and the channel.

3. keep the goods with high turnover in the most convenient position in the handling and handling of the import and export.

4. will be the same supplier or the same customer goods storage and sorting operations to facilitate distribution. When the warehouse operation appeared in the process of certain goods flow, handling distance, the warehouse storage layout is wrong.

Two, the problems that should be paid attention to in the warehouse area planning

The 1. warehouse is close to the operating site and the channel is smooth.

2. each warehouse has the corresponding entrance and exit door, and with the clear sign.

3. the warehouse office is located near the warehouse as much as possible and has a name sign.

4. determine the safety stock, the ideal minimum stock or quota stock, and the standard market.

In the 5. storehouse, there should be a necessary storage area of waste products, material storage area, inspection area, delivery area and so on.

6., according to the specifications of storage containers, the carrying capacity of floors and the limit height of stacking, the warehouses are divided into several positions, and the positions, passages and passages of the locations are marked with paint or gum.

The safety factors must be taken into account in the 7. storehouse design. The location of the fire equipment, the position of the fire control channel and the fire door, and the life-saving measures must be clearly defined.

8., the entry plan for each warehouse must be posted, showing the location, location, location, location, doors, windows and elevators. Machining is part of our continuing effort to service our customers from start to finish…

Three, the layout of warehouse area

1. vertical arrangement

The side wall arrangement and warehouse shelves of the pile or perpendicular or parallel, including side-by-side layout, tandem layout and vertical layout.

The row type layout.

It refers to the vertical direction of the cargo stacks or the length of the shelves with the side walls of the warehouse.

Its main advantages are: the main channel is long and wide, the secondary channel is short, neat and beautiful, easy to access the inventory, if used in the warehouse layout, it is also conducive to ventilation and lighting.

Longitudinal layout

The length of the stacking or shelf is parallel to the side wall of the warehouse. Machining is part of our continuing effort to service our customers from start to finish…

Its main advantages are as follows: according to the time of inventory and the frequency of entering and leaving the goods can be arranged; In the storage time is short, frequently in and out of the goods placed on both sides of the main channel; In the warehouse for a long time, in and out of frequent items placed in the inside side.

Vertical and horizontal layout

It refers to the combination of horizontal layout and vertical layout in the same storage place, which can make comprehensive use of the advantages of the two layouts.

2. Tilting arrangement

The inclined arrangement refers to the angle of 60 °/ 45 °or 30 °between the stacking or shelf and the side wall or main passage of the warehouse, including the tilting layout of the cargo (frame) and the inclined layout of the passage.

Shelf tilting layout

Is the horizontal layout deformation, it is for the convenience of forklift operation, reduce the angle of rotation, improve the efficiency of the operation of the use of the way.

Channel tilting layout

It means that the warehouse is divided into areas with different operational characteristics, such as a large amount of storage and a small amount of storage, in order to make comprehensive use. The form of warehouse is complex, and there are many ways of goods location and entering and leaving warehouse. Machining is part of our continuing effort to service our customers from start to finish…

Warehouse space arrangement

It is also called the vertical layout of warehouse, which refers to the layout of inventory on the warehouse space, and its purpose is to make full and effective use of warehouse space.

Its main forms are: local stacking, shelf storage, shelf platform, air suspension, and so on.

Machining is part of our continuing effort to service our customers from start to finish…

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