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[HR] Performance System Construction (I) How to Choose a Performance Appraisal Method

Performance appraisal is the main means for the company to improve employee efficiency and achieve work goals. Different industries, different companies, different stages of development, performance system construction is not the same, the choice of assessment methods are not the same. So, please ask: manufacturing companies in usa
1. Does your company have a performance assessment?
2. What is the performance appraisal method of your company? manufacturing companies in usa

Reference resolution:
This week we entered the performance system and said that performance is indeed an important task for HR because he has involved employees’ interests. Therefore, we must be cautious and since the Spring Festival, our company’s performance management program has also been adjusted. The measure, formulate plans, solicit opinions, revise and improve, set assessment indicators, calculate reward data until it is released, I also gained some experience. The implementation process of the appraisal is basically the same procedure, that is, the four stages of performance goal setting, performance process implementation, performance appraisal and performance feedback. The implementation of the loop is indispensable: Because this week’s study has five key points, today According to the requirements of performance appraisal overview:

I. Classification of staff categories and salaries:

The company’s performance system is divided according to the company’s personnel category: the company’s personnel categories are divided into business and non-business categories and are also differentiated in terms of remuneration packages. All remuneration of employees includes monthly fixed remuneration and performance remuneration, among which monthly fixed remuneration includes: basic remuneration, position remuneration, seniority remuneration and communication subsidies, and basic and position remuneration differ according to the level of employees. Business department performance remuneration includes monthly performance remuneration and year-end performance remuneration; monthly performance remuneration refers to monthly remuneration after a quarterly assessment based on the results of company performance appraisal; year-end performance remuneration refers to the year-end performance appropriation based on performance appraisal results. section. Performance employees pay one-off performance compensation based on annual assessment results.

Second, the performance appraisal way divides:

According to different types of job classification, performance appraisal methods are divided into two types: business and non-business. The business department assesses the completion of business indicators, while the non-business departments assess the achievement of key performance indicators. manufacturing companies in usa

Third, the performance evaluation of the performance evaluation of functional departments:

The performance assessment indicators of the functional departments consist of three parts: professional or job skill improvement goals, satisfaction evaluation, and completion of key performance indicators. The three assessment weights are: 10%, 10%, 80%. Among them, the weight of 80% of the key performance indicators will be further decomposed according to the degree of importance of the work, and the total assessment score of employees will be 100%.

Employee Quarterly Performance Assessment Score = ∑ {Professional or Job Skills Improvement Target × 10% + Satisfaction Score × 10% + Key Performance Indicator Score × 80%}

Performance rewards are calculated based on the employee’s performance evaluation scores.

The performance of employees’ annual performance assessment is divided into five grades.

A file: excellent – 95 points or more (including 95 points) – coefficient 1.5

B file: Good – 80 to 95 minutes (including 80 points) – coefficient 1

C file: Qualified – 70 to 80 points (including 70 points) – coefficient 0.8

D file: need to improve – 60 to 70 points (including 60 points) – coefficient 0.6

E file: unqualified – less than 60 points – coefficient 0

Calculate results to honor performance rewards. manufacturing companies in usa

Fourth, business department performance assessment implementation process calculation

According to the business completion index and performance assessment plan, the award amount is determined. The specific calculation is based on the profit, sales revenue, and sales completion times multiplied by a certain bonus withdrawal factor. Then design the distribution coefficient in the department, the division coefficient of the department manager is 4, the coefficient of the general staff is between 0.8 and 1. The unit coefficient value is calculated by the weighted average method, and then multiplied by the personal coefficient is the amount of the current bonus amount. The number of rewards will be fine-tuned by the department, mainly based on the fine-tuning of the work performance of the current month, and the adjustment of the remainder, that is, the number of rewards for the assessment period.

In addition, in the process of implementing performance appraisal, in addition to doing the above work according to standards, in combination with my implementation experience, I believe that the following points should be made during the operation:

1. We must listen to the opinions of the business department in the proposed plan, and carry out the implementation after repeated calculations. In particular, when determining the coefficient for awarding bonuses, we should deal with historical data and simulate whether the calculated reward results are reasonable. manufacturing companies in usa

2. Decompose the entire process of the performance management program during the implementation process so that the appraisers and appraisers are familiar with the operation methods of each stage.

3, set a trial run process. Either at a certain level or in a certain department, it will be implemented after a revision and improvement.

4, clear penalties and rewards, so that employees see the help of performance management.

5, do a good job performance assessment work, that is, assessment feedback. manufacturing companies in usa

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