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What is not simple? It’s not easy to be able to do simple things every day

All successful people, like us, are doing simple and easy little things every day. The only difference is that they never think that what they are doing is a simple matter, and they go all out. medical contract manufacturer

The best way to get a simple move to the extreme is to take advantage of the genius. Ma Yingjie has done what he thinks is simple and easy.

This is a slightly quiet girl, but after leaving the campus in October 1987, she embarked on a job at Haier, a welder of a refrigerator.

Welding work is not easy to do, especially for girls: 8 hours a day, clothes are full of holes burned through, and sparks are often scorched by hand and arms. medical contract manufacturer

However, with a young heart, the colt tells himself: “Three hundred and sixty lines, a champion, is a champion.”

She trained with the master every day and was able to operate independently in only two months.

In the hot summer, the workshop temperature is often as high as 40 degrees. Although there is an electric fan on the assembly line, it does not belong to her. Because the wind will shake the flames and affect the welding. The heat is a little hot. medical contract manufacturer

No matter how hot the weather was, the colt’s solder joints did not have a small weld, and her work was all qualified when she left the factory.

The assembly line is tense, and the welder bows his head and bends to ensure that the weld is smooth and smooth without delaying the next process. In a limited time, multiple welds must be completed. No perseverance is impossible! Welding work is also not to be sloppy.

The torch was burned to a large extent, and the press tube was burned and burned. When the fire was small, a small weld would cause a leak. The colt continued to explore this and finally discovered the “warm-welding method” from the welding of tens of thousands of times.

People said that “Art High does not press the body.” In order to master the welding of different angles, she also studied anti-welding.

Anti-welding is a tiring job. Three to four pounds of welding torches hold one hand in the hand and the wrists will be stiff after work. However, the work of the pony is indeed well-welded. medical contract manufacturer

In the end, the pony has achieved 1.21 million solder joints without leakage, which is an incredible figure!

This year, the welder Ma Yingjie was praised and awarded by Haier, becoming the company’s “three-eight professional” and suddenly became the news personage of Haier. And this kind of character, this way of doing things, is exactly what Haier encourages. medical contract manufacturer

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