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[career Story] Direct employee involvement is the best way to solve the problem

Carlos Genn has worked in Brazil, the United States, France and Japan make snap saved four companies and famous in the world. Hawkeye ten management wizards in “President”, a shock the world manufacturing cost killer, a most brilliant performance than in 1999 Nissan, with less than 4 years to revive. medical device contract manufacturing

In 1999, Ghosn was recommended for the Nissan president. Prior to this, he worked in the Michelin Tire Company and the Renault automobile company, is a famous “cost killer”.

When Renault formally established a partnership with Nissan, Ghosn, the president of Renault, was identified as the best person to revive Nissan.

When Ghosn came to Nissan, Nissan, which had been losing 7 years of continuous loss, had been in a deep crisis and was figurited as “a broken ship that was already on fire” and was nearly on the verge of bankruptcy. medical device contract manufacturing

Ghosn believes that the first step in solving difficulties is to really understand the company’s difficulties “what”.

He found a Nissan lead to difficulties there are 5 main reasons: lack of clear profit oriented; do not focus on customer demand, but too eager to catch up with competitors within the company; lack of cross functional, cross boundary, cross level cooperation; the lack of a sense of urgency; the lack of a common vision or long-term plan with.

So Ghosn made two decisions: first, all Nissan people must contribute to the company’s revival; two, Nissan is remodeled into an efficient vehicle design, production tool and sales company. medical device contract manufacturing

The previous decision was his request to Nissan, and the next decision was his strategic goal for Nissan.

Subsequently, Ghosn led the fight to win or die Nissan has closed factories, (this is the Japanese company to accept in the past), the sale of all non core assets, reducing stock cost (the Japanese steel industry due to the arrival of Ghosn has also had some changes) and so on.

In July 1999, under the leadership of Ghosn, Nissan established 9 cross functional team, are responsible for the business development, procurement, logistics, research and development, market, financial and other different projects, they have a common goal: the cause of development, improve the efficiency and reduce cost. A responsible person of the 9 teams directly involved in the revival of Ghosn Nissan the plan. medical device contract manufacturing

Of course, Ghosn is very clear: “we just completed the task 5% plan, the remaining 95% lies in the execution of the plan.” therefore, Ghosn measures are: clear focus and responsibility system, the implementation of strict control, quantitative assessment, all reports must be based on facts and on the basis of the data, and the key object with the index data.

In addition, a flexible incentive mechanism is established for promotion and reward based on the contribution of size.

Of course, in the implementation plan, from time to time some friction and controversy. But Ghosn think this is very normal, but also to stimulate staff participate in the rescue business is very good. “To some extent, the debate is healthy and good. In fact, I often encourage my subordinates for each argument. People have their own ideas, different ways of seeing things. The best solution is often come from the debate. A policy is the most basic” direction “, the direction is not debatable.” medical device contract manufacturing

At the same time, Ghosn visited thousands of people talking in the office. “I want to listen to every employee of Nissan revival advice. Really, I know that Nissan revival plan let many people feel pain, this is accompanied by a sacrifice pain. But for the Nissan regeneration, we have no choice.” Ghosn recalls.

Later, Carlos Genn pointed out: “this is not the solution I found out of the company. I want to know that the best way to solve the problem is to get employees directly involved.” medical device contract manufacturing

In the first year, Nissan has achieved its best financial performance in history, making a profit of $2 billion 700 million.

Then, in the 2001 fiscal year, Nissan recorded a sales record of 48 billion dollars, making a profit of 2 billion 900 million dollars. Ghosn won the respect of Nissan, even Japan and the global automotive industry. It is called the most dramatic event in the history of Asian business. medical device contract manufacturing

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