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[career Story] A headhunters talk about opportunities for “responsive” talent

The old man’s salary is about 5 million, and he’s the most responsive person I’ve ever seen. medical device manufacturers

When we were in the teahouse chatted for more than an hour, he asked a question: “why do I always be a hand? Do you think I can when chief? Since I started primary school, class cadre is the vice monitor, when the manager is also the deputy manager, now when the boss is also a vice president. The organization promote me, I referred to an assistant general manager from the deputy manager of a department, just don’t let me as a department manager. Even if I when a serious science department OK? I have a time when chief opportunity, I was not satisfied, the total misses. Hope you can you give me a letter today: if there is hope, I go for it; if not, I will give up, because I have 48 years old this year”

I said: “really, you really do not fit as principal, we chatted for a few minutes, I knew you could do principal”

He was surprised to ask, “why? What’s the matter?” medical device manufacturers

“People who run faster than” run “!”

I said: “I have seen you are the super quick reaction, and have much less. For example, if the other three people and you play cards together, a magnitude three earthquake in the three half, people are still studying how to play, you must have up to the front door. Like you a first flight the people running, direct impression is not the overall situation, organizations can make you when you charge? Super agile, you are out of the ordinary place, because the flight is your instinct”

I then said: “the Wenchuan earthquake” fanpaopao “out of the name, the opinion was overwhelming, blame you.” fanpaopao “is a graduate of Beijing University, IQ is not low. I have no contact with him, but I think he must be a very quick reaction. The earthquake came the reaction to him the first is to escape, flee out of the classroom to the football field, the students did not care, everyone will be from the moral dimension to condemn him. In fact, it does not have any relationship with the moral, is quick witted, he predict the danger, the instinct to run. If you just in time for the Wenchuan earthquake site, you must be the first a run away, even more than the” fan “run faster. Because you have 5 million annual salary, he also did not earn this level. You are super agile”

“Why is a panic?”

“What kind of people can do one? To be honest, he asked the dumb as a wooden chicken?”. medical device manufacturers

I answered: “I’ll give you an example of a typical case. We all know that Mao Zedong has been doing the leaders, and for a long time. One time, Hu Zongnan’s air force bombed Yanan, a bomb was landed down, Mao Zedong side of the guards and other staff immediately lie down, the bomb exploded, the ground exploded a pit, fortunately no casualties. After the bombing, the guards and other staff stood up and patted the soil. Mao Zedong asked:” Why are you doing this? “The guard said:” the bomb exploded, you to fry the pit. “Mao Zedong said:” fear I’m not afraid of you, but you have to get on the ground. “In fact, the bomb exploded, the guard down is normal reaction, because the guards are smart people. But why did Mao Zedong not lie down? Because he did not perceive it. Why Mao Zedong to fry Flying bomb explosion danger and no alert? Because Mao Zedong was the depth of thinking. People like Mao Zedong is always in depth thinking. When one depth of thinking, he put everything behind. Why Mao Zedong wrote so many thoughts? Is often because of depth thinking. When the depth of thinking he put the thinking in this area, open, put the other senses to shut down, then he would not be on the outside of all of the reactions, the bomb exploded he didn’t know to hide. But in the organizational behavior in daily, people will think this kind of person stable if Taishan can calm in times of crisis can play a stable position, these people can do number one. In fact, the essence of this type is slow, slow thinking ability and strong, but be able to calm down and think about how to deal with, can then be calm, refers to It’s urgent for everyone to win. Therefore, if Mao Zedong, a stable Taishan person can take the lead, a super agile person like you will run away instinctively when he is in danger, so the organization will not make you a leader.

“You in the past work, organization and leadership on you, maybe you do not know the reason behind the leaders do not fit, but we simple intuition may think you are not suitable for number one. So, you have gone through nearly 30 years of career, has not done one”

“Why do the response hypersensitive people do the rat?” medical device manufacturers

Then, I further explained: “from the physiognomy of speaking, you are not suitable for number one. Your occupation development experience is written on your face. Although you grow qiyuxuanang, face side ears, the amount of verve, static time is also very friendly, but you have a dynamic. The important feature is the eyes turn too fast, and the periphery of the eye muscle dither frequency is very high, which metaphysics call this’ rat ‘. Metaphysics doesn’t explain the reason for the rat, mouse is super agile. Both eyes or muscles around the eyes are on the jitter. The external information rapid response results. The outside information through your vision, hearing, taste, touch perception, after nerve conduction, and then spread to the central nervous system, the brain information processing in the central nervous system, the formation of the reflected signal, then returned after nerve transfer Guide, command and exercise system. This process is fast and slow. You are the super fast person. You may finish the process of information collection, transmission, processing, transmission and movement in 1/1000 seconds or even 1/10000 seconds. But you are unconscious.

“Why metaphysics this behavior is known as” rat “? In the past because of human knowledge is limited, can not explain these things, and take the most familiar animal analogy, such as the 12 zodiac signs. That is the reason why people observe the mouse is very fine, the mouse has clever eyes, don’t stop shaking, so put the mouse mouse behavior and analogy. Why does the eye shake? This is actually the instinct to avoid the risk of mouse muscle movement. Mouse eyes should not play what role, but there are different lengths of mice on the head of fine beard and two big ears in motion, driven by eyes and surrounding muscles, so the mouse the eyes turn to. In fact, the beard and ears are an important tool to avoid the risk of the mouse. medical device manufacturers

“Whether the mouse whisker perceived information, or information ear perception, will inevitably bring about the eye muscles around the eyes and jitter and jitter. The ancient people studying metaphysics, put this kind of behavior is attributed to human beings than rats. And the rats were not about metaphysical people but not for the common event event. The human nature is not likely to be the most core, certainly not to use him as number one. From your occupation experience, your level figures, involving several major economic events caused a sensation in the country, but you are safe and sound, higher levels of leadership in several, they are leading, why? Is slow, is the depth of thinking. Although you participate in the case is very deep, but you are not wrong, because you put all the things to risk predicted. As you walk through the swamp, put at the foot of the road are compacted, when danger occurs, others They don’t come back, you can come back, this is your forte. When you this kind of person and others were great, others have sacrificed, you still alive; others have failed, you are safe and sound. You said, super agile man like you, who are willing to work with you is great? Which organization is willing to use for people to do a rat?” medical device manufacturers

“What does a response hypersensitive person do?”

“I’ve heard that for the first time!” he sighed. “I don’t seek to be a master again. What do you say I’m suitable for?”

I said: “you are the most suitable for dry, is when the chief risk officer. This is a professional management office, a staff role, but also become a leader in the heart”

In order to verify this view, I told him something I plan to do. He listened, quickly put all the policy risks, do it may encounter legal risk, operational risk, moral risk all to me, but like a lot of risk response measures, so I am very surprised. This thing I also talked with other banks, other people rarely talk about so much risk, even if can speak some risk, do not know how to prevent. So, the super Agile Manager, for chief risk officer, in the enterprise has no risk before quickly perception, proposal, then make the decision level decision. medical device manufacturers

“Is the response hypersensitive fit for a business?”

Finally, he asked me: “I can be your own business, when chief?” I said: “of course you can, although the business not suffered, but will not succeed. Do you want to be a pure principal to entrepreneurship, has no meaning. Less than a month, you will be tired, since has not done. Because, entrepreneurship is a very risky thing. I often say: the boss does not depend on the risk prediction to control the risk. The boss out of the ordinary place, is to have the ability to deal with the crisis. But your specialty is risk. Risk is too big, before things are not dry, you have anticipation to too much risk, where do you dare to go into business for themselves? They put themselves down”

Finally, he suddenly: “see, I still be steadfast in my vice president of your work” medical device manufacturers

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