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Chinese brands usher in a period of rapid development in Africa

Among the top 100 “Africa’s Most Popular Brands” 2016-2017 selected by the African Brands Network, 5 are Chinese brands. In the African market, Chinese brands are gaining more popularity and reputation. With the further deepening of China-Africa cooperation, more and more Chinese enterprises regard the great potential of Africa as the blue ocean of international expansion. The combination of rich and diverse Chinese products and diversified features in the African market has given Chinese brands a fast-growing period in Africa. medical equipment companies
“Everyone is completely fascinated by the Chinese brand.”
Carriacou is one of the busiest commercial districts in Dar es Salaam, the capital of Tanzania. Pedestrians are crowded together in an endless stream with a large variety of shops. Here is Tanzania’s largest wholesale and retail center. Looking ahead, the most prominent advertising sign on the street was Tecno, with blue-white logos appearing on huge billboards, roofs, shop front doors and even steps. medical equipment companies
According to data research firm IDC, in the first half of this year, the number of handsets sold in Africa exceeded 50 million, including 11 million smartphones, surpassing South Korea’s Samsung and becoming the largest smartphone maker in Africa. Last year, the number of voice-activated mobile phones in Africa reached 38%, ranking first.
“This is the newest acoustic phone and one of the most sought after cell phones in Dar es Salaam.” Cariaciacou, a voice-activated cellphone agency, was crowded with select-handset customers and clerk Jessica introduced her to her The new hand phone. She told reporters that the phone is priced at 800,000 Tanzanian shillings (about 2,400 yuan), than the same configuration of Apple, Samsung and other brands of mobile phones to be much cheaper. This reporter saw the counter in the display of both mobile phones feature machine, there are high-end smart machines, a total of dozens of the cheapest one as long as 25,000 shillings machine. “Africans love Chinese branded handsets because it meets all the needs of African consumers, and they are cheap, good for photography, and big enough for screens,” Jessica said. medical equipment companies
Hassan, a fashionable youth from Dar-es-Salaam, showed reporters the phone in his hand. This is a large-screen smartphone, already the second acoustic phone purchased by Hassan. He spent 270,000 shillings, equivalent to a month’s salary for the general public, bought the phone. He specially brought a reporter to a building called “China Mall” in Carriacou. Different from the shops outside the street, here are the exquisite decoration of the phone experience shop. “There is no Chinese in this building, but it is called China Mall.China is now the largest mobile phone producer in the world, and everybody trusts Chinese products and brands, so I prefer to shop here,” Hassan said.
“In Africa, the use of large-screen smartphones is a symbol of status and status, and many people’s dreams, but the high prices prohibitive.” Hasan said the price and design of acoustic phones to meet the needs of African users, That is to own a cool mobile phone of their own, especially the camera powerful mobile phone. Hassan showed the reporter a selfie photo in the cellphone, while introducing the side admiring the phone’s camera function. It is understood that the tone phone developed specifically for the African consumer camera software, through the eyes and teeth to locate and identify, on the basis of strengthening the exposure, automatic beauty, the imaging effect is very good, so sought after by the vast number of African consumers. “If you do not have to make a phone call, you’re left behind and everyone is completely hooked on the Chinese brand,” Hassan said. medical equipment companies
The Financial Times quoted IDC analyst Simon Baker as saying that the success of acoustic phones in Africa lies in their products being comparable to their competitors’ key models at more competitive prices. At the same time, through the development of agents, tone phones to establish a wide range of distribution and marketing channels. It can be said that a series of functions specially developed for the needs of African consumers, such as more phone card slots, better music quality and stronger camera functions, have captured the hearts and minds of African consumers.
“Is promoting economic development in Africa”
Five of the top 100 of Africa’s Most Popular Brands for 2016-2017, selected by the African Brands Network, are Chinese brands, namely Tecno, itel, and Infinix, part of Huawei, the Soda era, and the company. Among them Tecno ranks fourteenth, over Pepsi and Microsoft; itel ranked twenty-fifth, more than Hewlett-Packard and Google. The United States has 24 brands to enter the list. Although Chinese brands are still less well-known in Africa than the U.S. brands, they have been able to join the brands of Japan and Germany in the second camp. The popularity of Chinese brands in Africa is getting higher and higher, while the booming regions in Africa, such as telecommunications, mobile phones and digital television, are where Chinese enterprises are making their fortunes. medical equipment companies
“Cell phones are a luxury in Africa more than 10 years ago.” Chinese Ambassador to South Africa Lin Songtian told reporters in 2004 when he went to Liberia as an ambassador to the locals that although Nokia’s cell phone is a European brand, it is made in China Describe the achievements and concepts of China’s reform and opening up. “Now tens of thousands of consumers in Africa are using Huawei handsets and I am very proud of the influence that Chinese brands such as Huawei have in Africa.” Lin Songti said that Chinese brands such as Huawei have succeeded in Africa first of all Technology clearance, reliable performance, cheap. Second, brands such as voice-activated mobile phones have become popular for developing specialized functions tailored to the needs of African consumers, making these brands better and better in Africa.
Insiders told reporters that the Chinese brand is promoting African economic development. Take the telecommunications industry as an example. After China’s entry into Africa, it has greatly promoted the development of the telecommunications industry in Africa. In the past, Europe and the United States to build a base station in Africa, will charge a very high cost, and Huawei into Africa, greatly reducing the base station construction costs. African operators to reduce the cost of network construction, the cost savings can build more base stations, so that more people have access to the Internet. At present, Huawei and other Chinese companies have helped Africa achieve the universal coverage of its communications network, and more population in rural areas and urban-rural areas have used the communications network. On the other hand, raising the level of communications infrastructure and attracting more foreign investment into Africa is of great significance to Africa’s economic development. medical equipment companies
Sida era has more than 10 million registered users in Africa. Sindao Yan Qiong, general manager of South Africa Branch of SEDA Times, told this reporter that the Sida era has been recognized by African users because its development concept is in line with the needs of the African market. “In the past, basic television service in Africa was very poor, people could only choose to watch one or two free channels, or pay a high fee to watch digital television.” He introduced that in the past, South Africa’s DSTV and France’s Canal + companies speak English And French-speaking African countries, each occupying a monopoly position with users installing up to $ 200 access fees and tens of dollars a month. Nowadays, Sida reached over 30 countries in Africa, reducing the threshold of digital TV access. In Nigeria, Kenya and other countries, users only need more than 10 US dollars to access digital TV, only 3 US dollars a month to watch the number Ten channels, covering news, movies, TV shows, sports, music and more. “Not only do ordinary people in Africa watch television much more, but they also look good.”
“Chinese brands are becoming more powerful”
Hashem Al-Badri, a senior manager of Sudan Telecom, told reporters that in the past Chinese brands were considered as cheap but of a quality product. In recent years, Chinese brands have entered Africa in large numbers and have changed the old conception of consumers with actual performance. “Chinese brands are becoming stronger in Africa.” He believes that today’s Chinese brands are of outstanding quality, while also focusing on some of the features of African consumers and making targeted products that African consumers like. In addition, Chinese brands are constantly innovating and bringing the latest technological concepts to Africa. From this perspective, Chinese enterprises are more open than those in Europe and the United States in Africa. medical equipment companies
Rabindra Shakya is a vice president of a telecommunications company in Gabon. He told reporters that Chinese enterprises have the latest technology, showing great strength, which is the root cause of the Chinese brand more and more powerful. The competition in the African market is fierce. The products and services of Chinese brands are of good quality. Chinese enterprises are also willing to actively explore the African market. “They have brought many changes to Africa.”
South Africa, Western Cape Secretary for Trade and Investment Tim Harris told reporters that Hisense has become the No. 1 brand in South Africa’s home appliance sales, well-known in South Africa. Thanks to its excellent quality and to relocating production lines to Africa’s localization strategy.
Analysts believe that with the progress of technology and strength, the development of Chinese brands in Africa has entered a rapidly rising channel. The image of “made in China” is changing and becoming a product more and more trusted by African consumers. medical equipment companies

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