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[workplace Story] if there are problems with employees, the cadres should be held responsible for 80%.

Only backward leaders, no backward masses, leading cadres in the eyes of the masses have an important role in demonstration and guidance. A situation of solidarity. medical equipment industry

Zhang Ruimin believes that cadres are the key to success or failure. Employees are the majority, but from a management point of view, they are subordinate. medical equipment industry. This conforms to the 80/20 principle of management.

One day on July 1995, Haier Group’s original washing Machine Co., Ltd. announced a decision that a quality inspector was fined 50 yuan for not having a strong sense of responsibility and causing the washing machine to choose the switch plug to insert wrong and miss the inspection. medical equipment industry

According to Haier’s principle of doing things, the employee, as the most basic ordinary employee, took on her job responsibilities. But. The problem with the quality assurance system reflected in the employee is how to prevent the faulty products from flowing into the market, and this responsibility should be carried out in the same way as handling the employee and finding the responsible person. medical equipment industry

Behind the employee problem, there is actually a greater hidden danger, after all, the washing machine limited head office at that time the open box qualified rate and social repair rate and the requirements of the first brand still have a big gap. This is by no means the result of the employee’s ability to do so. A systemic loophole makes his “accidental behavior” inevitable.

In that case, cadres in charge of the whole situation should take the responsibility before checking the problem of system guarantee, so that the mistakes can be reduced more and more. medical equipment industry

As a result, the employee’s superior, the head of the former washing machine co., Ltd, also fined 300 yuan, and set out to establish a sound quality assurance system.

After that, Haier organized a big discussion about the missed detection accident. It formed the idea that subordinates made mistakes in the process operation, and their 80% responsibilities should be borne by the superiors.

As we all know, the key minority in management is restricting the majority. Since the following qualities reflect the above level, the following operation accidents should be dealt with according to the 28 law. medical equipment industry

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