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In life, the fall, do not have to hurry up! (depth:)

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A fisherman is very upset because his three sons’ fishing skills are very common. He often complains to people: “I teach technology from my sons just now. Why can’t they compare with the children of ordinary people?”

One of the passers-by, after listening, asked, “do you always teach them hands?” “yes, I’m very careful and I teach them patiently.” Sourcing medical equipment manufacturers in usa Manufacturer from China

“They are working with you?” “yes. In order to make them less take some detours, I always let them follow me.” the man said: “it looks like this is your fault. You only taught, not to teach them a lesson, no lessons can become great!” Sourcing medical equipment manufacturers in usa Manufacturer from China.

Life can not fall every lesson, as is the baby learning to walk through. Don’t be offended, best can not hurt, not because of momentary frustration and unable to get up after a fall. Chi Mei Group Chairman Xu Wenlong said: “the fall not to hurry to stand up, look around and see what you can pick up, stand up again!” this is really good. Life, prosperity, adversity, for a valuable experience the wisdom of the people, may from the cumulative successful capital. So, even if the occasional life falls, so as long as they do not fall to the ground, sometimes it can have an unexpected harvest. Sourcing medical equipment manufacturers in usa Manufacturer from China.

First, fall can accumulate experience

Fall is not a bad thing, the child fell, parents often said: “it does not matter, it does not matter, fall more, grow faster.” each person’s growth process, as well as learning to ride a bicycle, to fall too many times to learn. Sourcing medical equipment manufacturers in USA Manufacturer from China. So life fall can accumulate experience. Some old people will be proud it is said he will fall, because he knows when he fell to his hands clinging to the hips, the first touchdown, and then to a safe place. Leaning accumulated experience of falls a lot, not afraid to fall; if there will fall, safe.

Two, fall can exercise will

Successful people have a lot of experience fall. Many things in the world is not easy, after all how many setbacks, how many times we fall, the so-called “bite the bullet”, once again rushed to success. Many famous scientists are experienced many times of failure that can be how many politicians after many failures before * * is successful, many entrepreneurs also accumulated a lot of experience of failure to The path winds along mountain ridges.. Failure is the mother of success., success belongs to the strong will, can persist. Sourcing medical equipment manufacturers in usa Manufacturer from China. People can exercise will not fall, the future success of the causes.

Three, fall can experience human feelings

The fall of man, the biggest gain is in the growth experience also can test the favor. Some friends we fell, such people can only see off, with the rich, not together; some friends usually exchanges are not closely related, but we see him fall, really comfort, hot heart assistance, that is to share the joys and sorrows of friends because fall, people can know, can make true friends, something that is not another fall after harvest. Some of my friends even this schadenfreude manner, then we should look at our will is this human gossip are frustrated, or turn grief into strength, stand up again?

You can achieve success. I fall not fame, home, family to ignore, he even did not eat rice. He was later “Tai Gong Yin Fu >, study hard, won six Pei India, when he again through the house. Her prostrate welcome and Liu Xiuceng at the same time the pursuit of Yin Yan Lihua, although love and career are lost to Liu Xiu, but he is behind the scenes support Liu Xiu as emperor, he later on the praise disclaim all achievements one has made, no less than Liu Xiu, Yan de light shining more in the eyes of the world. Sourcing medical equipment manufacturers in usa Manufacturer from China.

The person who falls can never be discouraged. After a fall, he can stand up again bravely, and success will beckon to you.

When you fall, you should be able to know the obstacles and stand up bravely.

When you are frustrated, you should be able to self – Review and start again.

When it is difficult, we should be able to analyze it calmly and break through.

The loss of time, to be able to see the target unchanged.

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