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[HR] Application of Performance Assessment Results (2) Staff Deployment and Optimization

The second widely used result of performance appraisal is the manpower deployment and optimization for employee transfer, promotion, demotion, and dismissal. Specifically, how to perform these operations based on performance results, different companies may each have their own standards and practices. So, please ask: medical equipment manufacturers
1. How do you apply the assessment results to the above-mentioned staff deployment operations?
2. What skills and precautions are there in the operation? medical equipment manufacturers

Reference resolution:

We must not forget what the real purpose of performance is. Nowadays, many companies will use performance as an excuse for deducting wages or simply do not achieve the effect of performance. According to the current status of our company and the combination of actual conditions, individuals summarize the following points:

1, first of all to recognize the work of the employees, no one is perfect, good employees and then re-excited, the poor employees have to find out his strengths, find him interviews, encourage, and then find out his problems, serious Listen to their ideas, give them rationalization suggestions for his reference, let him fundamentally accept and recognize his own inadequacies, and arouse his fighting spirit, instead of trying to solve problems with him, communicate. The method is wrong or if he thinks that the standard of performance is hopeless, that is, they will give up their goals in mind (anyway, just like this, think about what’s going on, etc.) and only the employees accept it from the heart. We will give appropriate care and encouragement in our normal work. The effect of this performance will certainly be greatly enhanced, so that it will have a real effect on performance. medical equipment manufacturers

2. In terms of promotion, we all consider that employees with continuous performance and excellent performance should have equal opportunities for all employees. Our performance goals are divided into two levels. Employees can voluntarily choose the performance appraisal level, and one file is better for Employees, another employee for the worse, performance goals vary, performance pay is also different, we will let employees cycle gradually to stimulate them; our basic wages are 1, 2, 3, 4 files, according to your Performance scores to raise wages and lower wages, for example: employees are excellent and good for 3 consecutive months, then your salary is also in 1st or 2nd gear. If your performance is qualified or poor in the 4th month, then you The wages have also dropped to the 3rd or 4th level. That is to say, your basic salary is linked to the performance result and the performance salary. The performance salary will be issued according to the performance standard. medical equipment manufacturers

3. In terms of incentives, we will conduct excellent employee selection and excellent workshop selection each month to encourage employees to feel the dual pressures of employees and workshop supervisors to increase their sense of responsibility, such as outstanding employee awards and progress awards. As long as the employee is working hard and progressing, we will also carry out statements in the Hall of Fame notice to encourage them to encourage their morale. In addition to the encouragement of excellent workshops, we will insert red flags, blue flags and white flags (red flags) in the workshop. Excellent workshop, blue flag is progress workshop, white flag is poor workshop)

4. According to the needs of employees, we will provide a platform for employees to learn. We often invite well-known lecturers to lecture in the company, humane management, and employees communicate and communicate more to stimulate their ability to work and cultivate talents.

5. We will train and promote managers in the outstanding employees according to the needs of the job. We do not achieve excellence in three consecutive months. We will take measures such as suspension of work, retention of duty, demotion, dismissal and other measures. medical equipment manufacturers

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