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[HR] Performance Assessment and Management (IV): Performance Interview Feedback. What Should HR Do?

In the performance interview feedback section, the employee’s direct supervisor is generally interviewed by him and HR is the supplement. Does this mean that HR is only a bystander who does not have much work to do? Obviously not the case. What role should HR play in the performance interview feedback? What to do and how to do it better? metal company
1. What role does HR play in performance interviews?
2. What role does HR have to play in this role? How can it be better?
1. What role does HR play in performance interviews? metal company
Based on the role of HR in the overall performance interview, it can be summarized as follows:
1, data preparers: performance plans, job descriptions, performance evaluation forms and performance files, at present we only prepared the first three items, the last one is not standardized and perfect;
2. Time controller: The HR department must arrange suitable time and place before participating in the performance interview. At the same time, the HR department controls and schedules the time according to the content and importance of the performance. Monthly and quarterly assessments are generally controlled from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Performance interviews can be moderated to an hour, but not too long;
3. Promoting planners: At the beginning of the interview, HR should clarify the plans and objectives that the interview needs to reach. Therefore, the entire process is also “affirming results, identifying staff shortages and helping them improve and improve performance by providing assistance and training”. List the required support and improvement plans. metal company
4. Fair supervisors: In performance interviews, HR must ensure that the interviews focus on performance rather than on the personality characteristics of employees. Supervisors are not required to judge employees through their personal likes and dislikes. They must establish performance targets through problem solving to ensure The publicity of performance appraisal ensures the fairness and fairness of the interview.
5. Continuation of executors: At the same time, because performance management is a cyclical process, after a performance interview feedback is over, a new performance appraisal cycle will soon come. Therefore, HR must ensure that supervisors and employees formulate a new round of assessment plans and goals in accordance with the performance results of the previous period, in conjunction with the improvement plan, so that the performance management continues to continue, and records continue to improve to form effective and effective performance files.

Second, according to the role played, specifically what HR should do, how to do it better? metal company
HR can focus on identifying the information that should be prepared, the attitudes and responsibilities that it should have, based on the following performance interview steps:
1. Opening: At this stage, HR can eliminate employee’s work contribution and attitude classification, find the attention of employees, help create the atmosphere of communication between the lower and upper levels, and cut into the theme.
2. Employee self-assessment: Mainly speaking skills and methods, HR can cooperate with department heads to pre-set questions, focus on the comments of employees, and guide the recording of employees’ real ideas.
3, the superior evaluation: In this process, HR can focus on whether the supervisor according to the performance evaluation criteria to fairly evaluate the staff, how to properly explain the staff’s performance and deficiencies. metal company
4. Discuss performance: HR at this stage can pay attention to different opinions or evaluations of performance from top to bottom, focus on guiding the reasons behind the problem, and help find the consensus of both parties.
5. Formulate improvement plans: In relation to this step, HR can actually work hard on performance standards and related performances, and guide both parties to unify their performance goals.
6. Discuss the required support and employee development plan: HR can discuss the required information, support, and methods of achievement based on the recommendations of the superior and the training development needs of the employees themselves. metal company
7. Reaffirm the content and objectives of the next phase of evaluation: This step is an important process for confirming the next stage of work objectives, standards, and deadlines for completion. HR can use SMART principles to help formulate it.
8. Confirm the assessment results: As the finishing work, HR should arrange the interview records according to the interviews and record them. After the two parties sign and confirm, they must express gratitude to the employees and put forward encouragement and requirements.
In fact, in each company, performance feedback methods are different, skills are different, employees are different, and the effects are also varied. HR people are in them, and the role they play is also very large or small. Therefore, “general working standards” seem to Universal, but not necessarily the most suitable. metal company

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