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Craftsmanship, Chinese people rely on feelings, Germans weigh data, Japanese people can save the province

The spirit of artisan I understand is a sense of craftsmanship. It is reflected in every aspect of the product and every process must be carefully polished. metal connectors

1. Where are the short boards made in China?

What does China manufacture lack in the end? I conclude that there are about 4+1 short boards.

First, fine processing. Once I repaired a robot and repaired the robot with many joints, which is generally 6-axis, that is, there are 6 rotating places, there is a bearing seat inside out of the problem, I would like to entrust an external unit to do one, we ask for the coaxial The degree is 2 micrometers, but the best supplier in the country can only achieve 5 micrometers. There is no way I went to Germany to find a company to do it and fix this robot. This shows that our basic industry has a wide gap and that fine processing needs to be nurtured. metal connectors

Second, fine assembly. Fine assembly is where the spirit of craftsmen is now to be promoted. Just now when it comes to Swiss watches, Swiss watches are good for technicians who make crafts and make molds. The proportion of our craftsmanship is very small, and most of the craftsmen’s capabilities are placed on production capabilities.

Third, fine detection. I once talked to the manager of a German technology development department. I talked with him about a supplier. What do I look at when he looks at suppliers? He first went to the inspection department. What did he say about quality? Depend on your testing methods! You can see more subtle things and how much power you have. So fine testing is very important to us. It is exactly what method you use to identify whether it is good or not. Even if you make it, but you have no way to identify, the quality is still poor. metal connectors

Fourth, fine material processing. This is a technical secret of the company and all the process parameters will not be exposed because the processing of this material is the least likely to be discovered. For example, if I want to plagiarize something, the shape and size of the outside can be measured. It is only the heat treatment of the material that cannot be measured.

High-precision sensor development. Smart manufacturing depends on sensors. For example, a robot, if we don’t give it too many sensors, it is at most a moving robot, according to the program you give it. If you want it to be smart, you have to give it sensors, humidity, stress, etc., to make it spiritual, automated and intelligent.  metal connectors

2. How can I call a craftsman without my specialty?

Our craftsmen should have the ability to “X+1”, which refers to the comprehensive qualities an artisan must possess: his knowledge, his experience, and his skills. This “1” is a unique specialty. If craftsmen are all the same, what craftsman is called? This skill is particularly important to us. If we want to compete, we are here to compete with others.

One example of this is the sensor head inside the engine. We couldn’t make this sensor head. We spent 3 years to make it out. Why do you want to build him since you can buy it? I think that in the maintenance of equipment, craftsmen have a task to reduce costs and increase efficiency for enterprises. Automobiles are competitive in the market and prices are actually very much related. metal connectors

If we say that our technology is underdeveloped, although we can create it, it is very costly… Therefore, the task for us is that we must take our own research and develop our own for anything that has high maintenance costs. This is My idea is also the manufacturing process of the quench induction head. How to do it? In fact, the core parts are all made by hand, and it is necessary to explore without any prerequisite. You have to do some tools, craftsmen must learn, and they will study crafting tools.

3. Feelings of Chinese masters, data of German masters

Two words: more practice feelings, more recorded data. I used to talk to 6 Chinese masters and more than 10 German masters. The Chinese master taught me two words: I feel that the German master taught me two words: data. metal connectors

How does it feel? Sometimes when I read the master’s adjustments on the equipment, it was fine. I was very curious. I asked the master how to tune it out. You taught me about it. The masters of Chinese masters do not teach anything at all. If you do more, you will do it. I have done it for three years and finally learned the operation.

In the 1990s I went to Germany to study. I did an operation with a German master and I bent a shaft. The German master said that you straightened the shaft with flames. I took things and I was caught by the German master. To give you one thing, I saw him give me a form, all the data above, what kind of shaft heating plus how much is written clearly, I follow the forms he gave me 2 hours .

I spent three years working with a Chinese master. I learned two hours with a German master. I admire German masters. They do have special skills. So I focused on the sorting and recording of data until one day. I also doubt that the data will not work either. In my factory there was a German master who had a good relationship with me. A failure came out. He does not believe it. He believes in the data. Where do you say when a breakdown came out? How do you judge this direction when there is no data? metal connectors

So in the face of this failure, he spent 8 days to find out the fault, I spent 45 minutes to find out, I am not saying that the German master does not have this ability, I think he does not feel good. In fact, our Chinese medicine can’t tell any data, but it feels like it.

I actually use the yin and yang method to repair the machine tool. The German master does not have this skill. What does a bearing need to turn on? A yin and a yang said that road. If there is no shade, how can the shaft turn in the air? So when I troubleshoot it, I look at whether the problem is a negative or a positive one. So it took me 45 minutes to diagnose it and then quickly resolved it. Then I thought the two things together would be that if we had the feeling of a Chinese master and a German master, then we would surely become a world-class mechanic. . metal connectors

Learn, learn, and learn what you lack.

What is lacking around my own job? I have done 40 years of work. I have spent 31 years at night school. I have barely stopped learning. When I learn to practice, there is also a key point where I continue to think. I once went to the blind alley to repair the machine. Later, Professor Li Zhengdao took a class. After listening to it, I suddenly learned that he was talking about the symmetry of the universe. I couldn’t understand it, but there was a word that inspired me. He said that the greatest symmetry is equal to the greatest asymmetry possibility. This is a very abstract statement. He took a pen. The pen was round. There was a possibility that there would be 360 ​​degrees in either direction.

Inspired by this sentence, I repaired the machine tool. I was correcting the parallelism of the two grinding wheels because it was not absolutely parallel and not absolutely parallel. I think since I am not absolutely parallel, I am not able to see what is big and what is small. So I deliberately broke the balance and put the machine in repair. Therefore, we must learn, practice + think, practice continuously, and continue to cycle. metal connectors

The greatest feature of artisans is that they make tools. Then form the standard: test data, we arrange the process flow, make the tool list, put forward the environmental requirement, and finally make the safety standard. This standardization thing is the most valuable thing for the enterprise. Take this thing and it can be scaled.

4, Japan is to bring people to the extreme, Germany is the ultimate use of equipment

I have more contact with German technology and it gives me a more refined feel. They design and manufacture each product. When it is necessary to invest in equipment, what technology is new is what technology is used. The new technology will be used immediately by Germans. The ability to popularize new technologies will be particularly strong, and it will not be cost-intensive. The investment will be voted in. metal connectors

In the automotive industry, I can’t avoid communicating with Japanese cars. When dealing with Japanese people, I discovered that their concepts are different. What technology he uses is mature and what he can save as much as possible, so their production line is relatively simple.

Japan brings people to the extreme and Germany is putting the equipment to the extreme. This is a very different culture. Japanese companies are still more colorful in their production management. So why do Germans need to learn the management of Japanese companies, because it can indeed reduce costs and increase efficiency for enterprises? It reduces the management of the scene to the extreme. metal connectors

As a Chinese manufacturer, what exactly do we have to do between the two? I think we should not only pay attention to the classic style of German manufacturing, but also to promote the Japanese precision management. If the two are very difficult to squeeze together, of course, we must also look at where to do what products, if you prefer the classic product or exquisite If it is managed, it will still tend to the Japanese management model, and it is necessary to combine these two organically. metal connectors

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