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The replacement cycle of auto parts is too full!

High Quality metal cutting service China Manufacturer

High-Quality metal cutting service China Manufacturer

Replacement cycle: 50 thousand to 80 thousand km

To change tires regularly, a group of tires will be durable and can not be used for a lifetime

Normally, the replacement cycle of a tire is 50 thousand to 80 thousand kilometers. High-Quality metal cutting service China Manufacturer

If there is a crack on the side of the tire, even if it doesn’t reach the mileage,

Change it for safety

When the tread depth is less than 1.6 mm, or the tread has reached the wear indication mark, it must be replaced

Wiper blade

Replacement cycle: one year

For the replacement of wiper blades, it is best to change it once a year

Daily use of wiper blades, to avoid “dry scratch”, so that it is easy to damage wiper blades,

Serious damage to the glass of the car

It is better for the car owners to spray the glass after cleaning and lubricity, and then start the wiper, High-Quality metal cutting service China Manufacturer

Washing a car at the same time should also be a clean wiper blade

Brake pads

Replacement cycle: thirty thousand km

Braking system inspection is particularly important, directly affecting the safety of life,

In general, the brake pads gradually wear out as the mileage increases

If the brake pads are less than 0.6 centimeters in thickness, they must be replaced

In normal running, the brake pads are replaced every 30 thousand kilometers


Replacement cycle: 60 thousand km

The battery is usually checked and replaced in about 2 years

Usually when the vehicle flameout, the car owners as little as possible to use the electrical equipment of vehicles,

Prevent the battery from losing power. High-Quality metal cutting service China Manufacturer

Engine timing belt

Replacement cycle: 60000 km

The engine timing belt should be checked or replaced at 2 or 60 thousand kilometers

However, if the vehicle is fitted with a timing chain,

You don’t have to be replaced by “2 or 60 thousand kilometers” constraints

Oil filter

Replacement cycle: 5000 km

In order to ensure the cleanliness of the oil circuit, the engine is equipped with an oil filter in the lubrication system

In order to prevent impurities from mixing into the oil, resulting in oxidation of gum and sludge to block the oil circuit

The oil filter should run 5000 kilometers and replace the oil at the same time. High-Quality metal cutting service China Manufacturer

Air filter

Replacement cycle: 10 thousand km

The main function of the air filter is to block the dust and particles inhaled by the engine during the intake process,

If the filter can not be cleaned and replaced for a long time, dust and foreign matter can not be shut out

If the dust is sucked into the engine, it will cause abnormal wear of the cylinder wall

So air filters are best cleaned once every 5000 kilometers,

You can clean it with air pump. Don’t wash it with liquid

The air filter needs to be replaced every 10 thousand kilometers

Gasoline filter

Replacement cycle: 10 thousand km

The quality of gasoline is constantly improving, but inevitably mixed with a part of impurities and moisture,

So the gasoline goes into the gasoline pump and must be filtered,

In order to ensure smooth oil circuit, the engine works normally

Because the gasoline filter is disposable, High-Quality metal cutting service China Manufacturer

It needs to be replaced every 10 thousand kilometers

Air conditioner filter

Replacement cycle: ten thousand km inspection

The working principle of the air conditioner filter is similar to that of the air filter,

In order to ensure that the car air conditioning opens, at the same time to breathe fresh air

The air conditioner filter should be replaced regularly,

When air conditioning is used to produce odor or blow out a large amount of dust from the air outlet, it is necessary to clean, maintain and replace

Spark plug

Replacement cycle: 30 thousand km

The spark plug directly affects the acceleration performance and fuel consumption performance of the engine,

If the lack of maintenance for a long time, and even not replaced on time, will lead to serious carbon deposition in the engine, cylinder work abnormal

The spark plug needs to be replaced 30 thousand kilometers. High-Quality metal cutting service China Manufacturer

When choosing spark plugs, first determine the type of car used, heat rating

When you’re driving, feeling the engine is underpowered, check it out

Shock absorber

Replacement cycle: 100 thousand km

Oil leakage is the precursor of shock absorber damage,

In addition, it is also a sign of the damage of the shock absorber that the driving disturbance is aggravated or the braking distance becomes longer on the bad road surface

Suspension control arm rubber sleeve

Replacement cycle: 3 years

After the damage of the rubber sleeve, the vehicle will appear a series of faults, such as deviation, swing and so on,

Even four rounds of positioning are useless

If the chassis is carefully inspected, the rubber sleeve is damaged and is easy to find

Steering rod

Replacement cycle: 70 thousand km

The relaxation of steering rod is a serious safety hazard,

Therefore, in routine maintenance, be sure to carefully check this part

It’s simple: hold the rod, shake it,

If it doesn’t sway, it’s all normal, High Quality metal cutting service China Manufacturer

Otherwise, the ball head or the pull rod assembly should be replaced

Exhaust pipe

Replacement cycle: 70 thousand km

The exhaust pipe is one of the most easily damaged parts of the car,

Don’t forget to take a look at the repairs

Especially the exhaust pipe with three element catalyst should be examined carefully

A dust cover

Replacement cycle: eighty thousand km

It is mainly used in steering mechanism and damping system

These rubber products will age and break down, leading to oil spills,

The steering is unsmooth and the shock absorption is out of order

Usually pay more attention to inspection, once damaged, immediately replaced. High-Quality metal cutting service China Manufacturer

The ball head

Replacement cycle: 80 thousand km

The steering rod ball joint and the bellows 80 thousand km check,

Control arm ball joints and bellows 80 thousand km check on,

Replace if necessary

The steering ball of the vehicle is similar to the limb joint of the human body,

Often in rotation, it needs to be well lubricated

The package in the cage, the grease will cause deterioration or defect if the ball ball head in pine box.



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