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[HR] Performance Assessment Promotion and Implementation (4) How to implement year-end 360 degree assessment?

As the main or auxiliary assessment method, many companies will do a 360-degree assessment at the end of the year. The 360-degree assessment is simple and easy to operate, but it is also prone to formalities. How to implement it well is affected by the management environment and conditions of the company. The requirements and practices of everyone may not be the same. metal enclosure
So, please ask:
1. Has your company implemented year-end 360 degree assessment?
2. If yes, how do you do it? How’s the effect? metal enclosure

Reference resolution:
To implement the year-end 360-degree assessment, the company must have a good foundation to use this method. If there is no good or trusted foundation or working atmosphere, the implementation of the 360-degree assessment can only get worse and worse. To make a 360-degree assessment, you need to prepare the following work:
1 Preparation stage
Preparation is very important. It affects the smooth progress of the assessment process and the effectiveness of the assessment results. The main purpose of the preparatory phase is to make all relevant personnel, including all evaluators and the evaluators, and all managers who may be in contact with or make use of the evaluation results, to correctly understand the purpose and role of the enterprise’s 360-degree assessment, and then establish the assessment. Method of trust. metal enclosure

2 Evaluation stage
Build a 360-degree performance feedback team. It is necessary to pay attention to the assessment to obtain the consent of the critics, so as to ensure the appraisers’ acceptance and acceptance of the final results.
Evaluators are trained on 360-degree feedback techniques. In order to avoid the subjective factors of assessors being affected by the evaluation results, companies need to train assessors to implement 360-degree assessment feedback methods so that they are familiar with and can use the technology correctly. In addition, ideally, companies should be able to establish their own competency model requirements based on the company’s situation, and on this basis, design a 360-degree feedback questionnaire. metal enclosure
Implement 360-degree evaluation feedback. The assessment was conducted by superiors, peers, subordinates, relevant customers, and individuals according to the criteria of each dimension. In the assessment process, apart from the fact that the superior’s assessment of the subordinates cannot be kept confidential, the other types of assessments are best taken in an anonymous manner. The anonymity of the respondents and the confidentiality of the evaluation report must be strictly maintained. It shows that under the anonymous assessment approach, people are often willing to provide more real information.
Statistics and report the results. When providing a 360-degree assessment report, pay attention to the need for protection of the evaluator anonymously. There is also an important point to ensure its scientific nature. For example, the report lists the number of assessments of each category is generally 3 to 5 people as the bottom; if a certain type of assessment (below) is less than 3 people, then it must be classified as other categories, and can not be presented separately by the following assessment methods evaluation result. metal enclosure
The corporate management department formulates corresponding measures for feedback.

3 Feedback and coaching
Providing feedback and counseling to the critics is a very important part. Through feedback from all parties (including superiors, colleagues, subordinates, self, and clients, etc.), the reviewers can more fully understand their own strengths and weaknesses, and more clearly recognize the expectations of the company and its superiors and their current existence. difference. According to experience, when implementing the 360-degree assessment and feedback project for the first time, it is advisable to invite experts or consultants to conduct one-on-one feedback coaching sessions to guide the reviewers on how to read, explain, and make full use of 360 assessment and feedback reports. In addition, external experts or consultants are also likely to create an atmosphere of “safety” (ie, no need to worry about whether they will be punished, etc.), which will facilitate in-depth exchanges with the commentees. metal enclosure

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