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The 156 kinds of waste have been killed?

First, a waste of time

1. Lack of proper planning to allow staff to wait for change of specifications or to stop work on the ground. metal fab services

2.The squad leader failed to fully understand the orders and instructions they accepted

3. Lack of understanding of the contents of the work day

4. The instructions or instructions to the squad are not clear

5. Failure to really supervise the tools, materials, gadgets, etc. should be placed in a certain place

6. Should not work overtime, resulting in overtime

7. Does not examine whether each work is to provide the right tools and assembly

8. Leave staff to deliberately avoid what they can do

9. lack of staff needed

10. To keep too many redundant staff

11. Clumsy to fill in the report and various application forms

12. To condone staff to develop chatting, get out of work, a waste of bad habits. metal fab services

13. neglect to interrogate and correct employee temporary absences and leave reasons

14. The staff were not required to start their work on time and be supervised

15. Delays decision-making

16. squad leader itself unnecessary leave and late or not on time

Late submission report – Quality

18. Need to repair when not immediately check the reason

19. Unnecessary conversation and questioning at work

20. squad leader can not properly arrange their own work and time. metal fab services


Second, the waste of creativity – quality

21. Fail to listen to staff suggestions

22. Failure to encourage employees to make suggestions

23. Can not listen to subordinate opinions on various issues

24. There is no wide-ranging method of inquiry about the work and the business itself

25. No previous experience of new recruits was asked for helpful advice – quality

26. Insufficient advice to other departments (eg biotech, etc.)

27. No useful proposals have been considered or assigned to the appropriate staff

28. failed to get useful advice from the meeting – quality

29. management function is not good  metal fab services


Third, the waste of materials and supplies

30. poor supervision, resulting in the waste of materials

31. Not enough guidance for newcomers

32. Insufficient guidance was assigned to new assignments

33. Blueprints or sketches are broken, misunderstandings, mistakes made, standards are not corrected in a timely manner, or self-assertion

34. Mechanical failure or not adjusted Lean Manufacturing Promotion Center

35. Material usage is not checked for each process, (Standard and Variance Analysis)

36. The subordinates are not informed about the value of the material or supplies

37. The order and instructions are unclear

38. Conniving bad material handling

39. Did not pay attention to subordinates eyesight and health, resulting in defective products

40. Lack of discipline, connivance of carelessness or improper work

41. Allow ministry to use inappropriate material, such as too good or too poor

42. Failure to track who the bad work is from can not be corrected  metal fab services

43. can not be suitable for use, especially new people

44. Please bring too much material, the excess has not yet returned

45. Did not get the correct material, use the wrong material

46. Unchecked materials are arranged neatly, correctly placed

47. Failed to check for cracked pipelines such as steam, water, gas, electricity and compressed air

48. Indulge in subordinates private use of oil, compressed air, gadgets, chemicals and so on

49. Let bad materials as good products into the process

50. There is a lack of effective systems to prevent the outflow of materials from loss or theft

51. Reusable materials should be disposed of

52. To condone the waste or abuse of the following supplies: brooms, stationery, tarpaulins, light bulbs, pipes, etc.

53. Bad production did not stop production immediately


Fourth, the waste of machinery and equipment – quality. metal fab services

54. The lack of a work plan made all available machinery unavailable and adequately utilized

55. neglect to check the machine, keep it in good condition and avoid malfunction

56. The squad leader lacks the knowledge to use the machine correctly and not to know the capabilities of various machines

57. Undetected inspection – ropes, belts, chains, conveyor belts, lubrication systems, etc.

58. chickens with chops, small work with a large machine

59. Lack of coordination with maintenance departments in maintenance, repair and paint work

60. Idle machine unserved, subject to damp, dirt, dust, rust and other erosion

61. Lack of regular cleaning and unclean machines

62. All rotating parts are not checked for proper lubrication. metal fab services

63. The place to be repaired is not handled immediately

64. The machine does not have proper operating instructions

65. Lack of good discipline to avoid abuse of machinery and equipment

66. The pampering unit repairs the machine by “improper means”

67. The foreman does not know the latest version of machinery and equipment

68. Subordinates are not urged to be aware of the value and condition of the machine

69. Abuse of small machines for heavy work

70. The scrapped machines were still being repaired, costing more than buying new ones

71. Repairable machines are scrapped

72. Data without efficiency management (mechanical efficiency)


Fifth, the waste of manpower

73. The changes in personnel with the ability to subordinate could not be controlled for the following reasons

74. The direct and indirect costs of staff changes are not assessed. metal fab services

75. “Too much”, too little smart leadership

76. Discipline requirements are “too strict” or “too loose”

77. Can do the “promise”, but did not comply

78. Promise can not be made “promise”, such as salary increase or promotion

79. Dismissing persons without good cause should not use dismissal as a punishment – quality

80. Supernumerary belongs to the work that he does not like very much

81. Treatment is unfair

82. When the affiliates quarrel, favor one side

83. For a subordinate to the other subordinates (referring to Sick Huai)

84. The reasons for the voluntary separation of minors were not identified

85. Corporations must not correctly state their goals and policies

86. In the staff salary, squad leader did not participate

87. squad leader’s authority is not good

88. Newcomers should not be allowed to fully realize their productivity. metal fab services

89. There is no intimacy, help to accept the new staff attitude

90. No guidance was given to new recruits for safety

91. New employees are not informed about all day work and other content – quality

92. Those who did not choose to meet the needs of the job

93. Impatient for people who learn slowly

94. The other ministries have not been urged to show their kindness and help to newcomers

95. Not as close to new people as possible

96. No newcomer, plant life situation and planning, such as safety, pay date, toilet, potable water, bathroom, etc.

97. No complete training program Lean Manufacturing Promotion Center is scheduled

98. The ministry is not allowed to do its utmost

99. Did not guide subordinates how to do a good job

100. I did not explain my work as much as I could to make it interesting. metal fab services

101. No concern was expressed for the progress of subordinates and for personal life

102. does not accommodate subordinate error magnanimous

103. Failure to pay attention to the strength and personality of the subordinates, the appropriate assignment

104. Undetected individuals are different than their research counterparts to maximize his potential

105. Evaluate one’s qualifications, race, religion, relationships, geography, etc. metal fab services

106. Condone ministries exist or form small circles

107. It is unmoved to know that a person is mentally or physiologically inappropriate

108. The sick subordinates still keep him working – quality

109. No assistance as needed)

110. No promotion is possible when it is possible and appropriate

111. The issue affecting salary and working conditions was not considered

112. No one is trained

113. Lack of the concept of standard working hours taught – quality

114. Data on staff efficiency management. metal fab services


Sixth, the accidental waste:

115. There is no realization that accident prevention is part of the job

116. Security matters have not been thoroughly explained to all subordinates

117. The machine is not fitted with safety precautions and made sure of its effectiveness

118. Indispensable abuse of safety in the workplace

119. No dangerous signs have been marked on appropriate premises and kept clean and legible

120. The indirect costs of accidents are not fully understood

121. Material mismanagement Lean Manufacturing Promotion Center

122. I do not know the cause of the unforeseen danger

123. The accident record was not saved without any analysis and application. metal fab services

124. No good safety example has been established

125. There is no regular and effective inspection of safety

126. Failure to enforce safety rules consistently

127. Staff lack the necessary safety assembly: gloves, seat belts, welding shields, etc.

128. Managers did not recognize their safety and accident responsibilities

129. Can not stimulate and maintain a subordinate safety awareness to prevent accidents

130. Not with government or insurance company security inspectors


Seven, the lack of cooperation waste

131. No cooperation with other managers or departments

133. Located in the affairs of staff, engineers, sales, personnel and other cooperation

134. The company policy is not properly understood and explained to the subordinates

135. You can not handle rumors wisely

136. Push responsibility to other monitors, subordinates or supervisors

137. Subordinate opinions are not properly reflected to supervisors

138. Dissatisfied employees incite resistance against the company. metal fab services

139. Managers fail to give their full support to the unpopular corporate rules

140. The atmosphere of friendship and cooperation between subordinates is not encouraged

141. Managers rashly criticize corporate policies and private individuals within their own department

142. There is no sincere and full cooperation with the management in the company’s educational activities, including apprenticeships, bulletin boards, employee communications, proposal system, etc. metal fab services


Eight, the waste of space to organize rectification

143. Inadequate discharge and storage of materials

144. Insufficient attention has been paid to the way in which the materials are placed in the factory

145. Misplaced machinery and other permanent equipment

146. To condone the disposition of hand tools, ladders, trolleys and the like in the aisles of the subordinates, the aisle holders can not be kept clean

147. Waste not scrapped Lean Manufacturing Promotion Center

148. Place cabinets, oil cans, material supply offices, etc. on the inconveniences of Six Sigma. metal fab services

149. Machines and equipment that condone unused occupy an important space

150. Unused space due to lack of timely repair of floors, roofs, etc. – Quality

151. Insufficient lighting, black spots, dead ends

152. Poor layout within the unit, can not maintain order

153. The workplace places unwanted materials, warehouses and workshops

154. Do not pay attention to the importance of things to rectify

155. Uncultivated and supervised items run out, positioning

156. Periodic (daily, weekly, monthly) clean-up projects are not fully implemented for permanent maintenance. metal fab services

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