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I’m sorry, I’m not taking orders from these four customers! I suggest you don’t answer it!

China’s manufacturing industry is a service industry, all trades and industries will deal with people, although customers are God, but sometimes some individual customer behavior is really another factory owners and sales resentments. Especially the following types of customers. Sourcing metal fabrication china Manufacturer from China

1, ask around hard bargaining customers. Some customers need some products, or a phone call to ask, or a western one to bargain, what other? What type? How much is the lowest? XXX money? OK, I ask, back again. And to inquire about a self you.. think their smart get cheap, in fact you have factory owners and sales are offended, you can ask around the price they enthusiastically introduced today, when you really need tomorrow they have to pull you into the blacklist, not! Sourcing metal fabrication china Manufacturer from China

2 . The inspection of light is not required . A few days ago , a customer took someone else ‘ s bad wireless bluetooth headset saying the battery was not durable . I asked the engineer to help him with the battery . He said you asked me to check if there was a problem with the line . I said that it was a cheap garbage battery . What about the line ? If the line is OK , why don ‘ t you cooperate with me ? He said I ‘ ve got to go home and discuss it . If you really want to use a good battery , please pay more money , if you really want to use a good battery . If you don ‘ t have strict quality , get your home straight . Don ‘ t worry about the quality of the factory .

3. Customers who send out outstanding orders. Some customers are habitually in arrears. Each time they talk about cooperation, they leave after the order is dumped, and some customers have a year and a half to pay off their debts. Some customers owe money to play disappear. There is such a bad habit of the customer is either self-righteous or bad character, no integrity do not know how grateful, you think it is how much face. As a matter of fact, people already resent your behavior. Although it is inevitable that you are in debt, be sure to pay it back as soon as possible, and youdao is good to borrow and repay. Sourcing metal fabrication china Manufacturer from China

4, do not know to understand blind command. The technology industry has specialties, professional and non-professional is a big gap, some customers may know some electronic knowledge, perhaps know a few parts, they think they are an expert. You should design this way first, then that way. Finally… In fact, the opening does not turn on, if you really understand, you need to come to us??? Sourcing metal fabrication china Manufacturer from China. The sales technician is disgusted with the fact that someone who doesn’t know what he knows is not only confusing his mind, but also explaining to you like playing the harp before a cow.

Opening a factory is not as easy as the outside world imagined, we use sweat, technology, service, quality, integrity in exchange for that little profit, sales and customer relations are equal. There is no love for no reason. There is no unprovoked hate, customer behavior determines our attitude towards customers, so we are willing to provide better service to quality customers, but also refuse to ill-intentioned customers of all kinds of misconduct. Sourcing metal fabrication china Manufacturer from China

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