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An old examiner taught you to read the holes in the inspection report

How to understand the report? As an ordinary person will also meet from time to time the product inspection report, how to read it? metal fabrication los angeles

I have been a laboratory technician and editor of a magazine of Beijing Municipal Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision. I would like to share my experience with you. metal fabrication los angeles

Source of sample is key

To see an inspection report, the first look at its “sample source”, the vast majority are “commissioned inspection.” to be honest, this is the lack of legal effectiveness of the test report, because it lacks objectivity. Fair, just basis. And authoritative inspection report should be national market spot check, provincial and municipal market spot check. It must also be “commissioned inspection”. The key reason is whether the sample of this inspection report represents all the goods. And all inspection reports should have such a sentence clearly printed in the obvious position: this test results are responsible for the sample only! In fact, it is not. metal fabrication los angeles

There are so many litigation cases about product quality in the country, which one has taken the product quality supervision and inspection center (station) to court? They’ve already skimmed themselves!

So it’s more abstract. I’ll give you an example, and you’ll see:

One company produces popsicles with unclean water and saccharin, but it needs inspection reports to prove that it is “safe and reliable.” they boil a pot of water and put it in sugar to cool down and add fresh juice. Several boxes of popsicles were made and sent to the test center to pass the test. So they took the test report and used the water that was not clean enough to add saccharin, and the pigment made the popsicles. This is calling a deer a horse. However, such a thing is not uncommon! This is the importance of sample sources. metal fabrication los angeles

Some enterprises say that my samples are taken casually, not specially selected. I believe your words, but I have to tell you: random sampling is not random sampling. A variety of different products, different quantities of goods. Sampling standards vary from commodity to product of different specifications. Sampling should be done in accordance with the inspection procedures, and random sampling should be taken according to the random sampling list. Not casually. For example, packaging grain sampling must be in accordance with the following 7 packets each package of 10 packets to take 7 packets… Bulk grain hoard according to the upper, lower three levels, east, west, north, south, north, south, middle, 15:00 sampling, this is representative. metal fabrication los angeles

Attention to three chapters

The inspection report generally contains three chapters of CMA CAL and CNAS.

CMA is an acronym for Chinese metrology certification. It is in accordance with the provisions of the Metrology Law of the people’s Republic of China. A comprehensive certification and evaluation of the testing ability and reliability of testing institutions by the metrological administrative departments of people’s governments at or above the provincial level. The object of this certification is the supervision and inspection of the quality of all products that produce fair data to the society. Institutions and other laboratories:. Such as all kinds of product quality supervision and inspection station. Environmental testing stations, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, etc. The testing organization that has obtained the metrology certification certificate allows it to use the CMA mark on the inspection report; The inspection report with CMA mark can be used in product quality evaluation, result and judicial appraisal, trade transaction and so on. It has legal effect and is the basis of arbitration and judicial institution. metal fabrication los angeles

CNAS is the acronym of the China National Accreditation Committee for conformity Assessment, which indicates that the inspection and equipment capabilities of the quality Inspection Center are approved by the China National Accreditation Committee for conformity Assessment.

CAL is the acronym of China’s qualified inspection laboratory, which is the authorized mark of the authoritative quality supervision and inspection organization granted by the national quality supervision department. It can undertake the statutory task of quality supervision and inspection issued by the state administrative agency, or it can also issue the inspection report with the flag of Calma-CMA. Before the award, the agency must pass the CMA measurement certification. Otherwise, it cannot be granted.

In our country, the testing organization is engaged in issuing the data and the result that has the proof function to the society, must pass the measurement attestation to the CMA). This is mandatory. Not all laboratories are subject to vetting and approval, and only testing agencies that undertake government spot checks need and must pass the vetting and approval process.

The content of the inspection is determined by oneself

If a company produces a product that it knows in advance that one or two indicators may not pass the test, then he may pass the test by not testing the two items.

For example, if a product needs to examine 10 items, then it will examine only 8 items, and the remaining 2 items will not be inspected in order to avoid failure. The inspection report thus produced will be presented to the consumer. A look at both the inspection report, and all qualified, how good ah! And also saved some inspection fee. Now buy furniture everybody knows to want to see formaldehyde content, but do you know to buy bedding, infant clothing, women underwear also need to examine formaldehyde content? Did the seller show it? This is precisely to take advantage of consumers do not understand the psychology, deceiving consumers. After all, no one can any goods how to test, test everything is clear, even many people do not understand at all. metal fabrication los angeles

Clothes-wearing formaldehyde will directly affect our bodies, especially infants and young children! Black, purple and crimson underpants can also directly injure a woman’s friend during the period.

As a product quality supervision and inspection agencies, you let the inspection of several items I will give you a few, how much money should be charged, afraid of what? It’s not a loss.

Knowledge of test expression

The present inspection report does not generally have the conclusion of “test pass”, what replace it is the standard that should reach and test result, two column data is listed, ask you to judge oneself to be qualified. Instead of being told directly by the supervision and inspection agency,  metal fabrication los angelesyou have avoided a lot of trouble and litigation in the future. Isn’t that a good idea to leave yourself alone?

Even if the inspection is not up to the point, it is only the failure of this batch, it does not represent all. Please look at the media exposure of those off the shelves, the full description of which batch. It is not all the food of this brand. This is both practical and realistic, and avoids the embarrassment and contradiction of passing the previous inspection. This is also the fairness of market spot checks. However, consumers themselves must remember clearly. The food of this enterprise is not good, buy less in the future!

Effective time is specified

The inspection cycle of different goods is different, and the standard property of different commodity inspection is different. The product with long production cycle also has a long inspection period, but each batch manufacturer must have the inspection itself. According to the required time limit also get quality supervision and inspection agencies to inspect. And like all kinds of food in addition to their own every batch must be inspected, but also to the quality supervision and inspection agencies for mandatory inspection. That is to say. The validity of some inspection reports is so short that they are so short that they need to be available every day, so it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that no new inspection report is available for several years. metal fabrication los angeles

Many standards related to personal safety and health are mandatory, must be observed, must be tested, can not be tested!

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