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What is a goal? What is a career? It makes me lose sleep!

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  1. what is a goal?

Yearn, dream, think all the time, and think of the blood boil, that is the goal!

  1. what is faith?

Experienced a taunt, indifference, for four times the fall hit the verge of despair and teeth before, that is the faith! metal fabrication process OEM Manufacturer

  1. what is strong?

Experienced in the middle of the night after the lonely heart cry on each other’s shoulder, and the cold remains firm intention, that is strong!

  1. what is calm?

In the face of temptation and not tempted, but impassive face combat, even if difficult smiled forward, it’s calm! metal fabrication process OEM Manufacturer

  1. what is called a team?

Through baptism, ups and downs, bloody battles, woe, difficulty, still difficulties, create a miracle, that is the team!

  1. what is career?

A group of like-minded people do a meaningful thing that they can’t do all their lives, and make a fortune that they can’t spend all their lives!

Ma Yun said: “young man, you don’t go to business, not to travel, not to accept new things, not to bring positive energy to the people around all day, hanging QQ, go look at WeChat, Taobao, with a monthly wage, doing freeleech work. The monotony of the repeating yesterday life, doing a 80 year old can do, waiting for a pie in the skybeautiful, you want the youth to have what use?”

People with goals are running, aimless people are wandering; metal fabrication process OEM Manufacturer

People who have goals are thankful, people who have no goals complain;

People who have goals can’t sleep, people who have no goals can’t sleep;

Give life a dream, give a way to dream, give the road a direction!

Fall down, you must learn to climb up yourself, hurt yourself to learn to heal!

Life can only be done out of the wonderful, no waiting for the glory!



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