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The enterprise does not need the perfect individual, but needs the perfect team!

According to the company’s meeting system, anyone who is late for the weekly meeting will be fined 50 yuan. On this day, Zhu Xiaozhu, the recorder and personnel commissioner of the meeting, was actually late for the meeting. It turned out that Zhu was late for work because he had just handled the temporary situation at work. Do you think Xiao Zhu should be punished? metal fabrication services

Those who believe that punishment is to be punished are those who value “things.” before the system, everyone is equal. There is no reason to ensure that things are done well. metal fabrication services

Those who think they should not be punished think that Xiao Zhu is also late for work. If he is punished, he is afraid that Zhu won’t accept it. This is the person who values “people”. metal fabrication services

Both views are valid and have their own supporters. There is no conclusion about right or wrong. Each company has its own rules. Here we should remind everyone that managers who disagree with you must have them. Some people value the factors of “things” and others value the factors of “people”. metal fabrication services

If you choose Xiao Zhu to be punished, which of the following will you do? metal fabrication services

First, the meeting announced that Zhu was late, a fine of 50 yuan;

Second, announced that Zhu was late, fined 50 yuan, and explained the reasons for the penalty at the meeting, and communicated with Zhu after the meeting. metal fabrication services

By contrast, you basically choose the latter. But that’s just what you think you should do in theory. This is the difference between “know” and “do”. Why didn’t you “do it”? As you know, it’s important to quit smoking, but you still can’t quit. metal fabrication services

If you do do the second item, you are an extroverted manager (extroverts are not personal personalities, but work styles, otherwise, you are an introverted manager. metal fabrication services

According to the above two categories, we can sum up four kinds of people:

First, pay attention to “things” and the extrovert chairman. Many belong to this category, they are fighting a strong sense of purpose, strong action, when the attention of target, they are not too concerned about the feelings of others. They are not very ruthless, actually on their own is like this, because they think the so-called personal emotions in front of goal nothing. Maybe they are the first of these traits, to become chairman. metal fabrication services

Second, pay attention to “things” and introverts. Financial and technical personnel belong to this category. They are sensitive to equipment, products, drawings and data, and like to study majors, but they are not good at communicating with people. metal fabrication services

Third, focus on “people” and the extrovert. Many salesmen belonging to this category, they are good at communication, learn to watch, know how to take care of the feelings of others, flexible concessions in the little things.

Fourth, pay attention to “people” and “introverts”. Logistical personnel belong to this category. They are careful and patient in their work. They are tired of a lot of data forms. They are mild tempered, have good interpersonal relationships and have high coordination in work. metal fabrication services

Which four kinds of people are missing?

Without the first person, the company lacks the soul.

Without second kinds of people, the company is short of mind;

Without third kinds of people, the company is missing the mouthpiece.

Without fourth kinds of people, the company is missing.

During the warring States period, Meng Chen-jun of Qi liked to invite all kinds of people to serve as door guests. He called guests 3,000. He did everything he could to let them do their best, and provided food and accommodation for those who had no talent. metal fabrication services

On one occasion, Mencius led the guests to Qin. The ministers urged the king to say, “it is bad for the state of Qin to leave Meng.” King Qin felt justified and put Meng and his men under house arrest. Want to find an excuse to kill. King Zhao Qin has a favorite concubine, as long as the concubine said one, Zhao King never said two. Mencius sent someone to ask her to help. The concubine promised. The condition is to take an unparalleled fox white fur (a fur coat made of white fox axillary fur) as a reward. However, as soon as he arrived in the state of Qin, Meng tasted the fox white fur to the king of Qin Zhao. At this time. One of the gatekeepers said, “I can get the fox white Jo.” metal fabrication services

It turned out that the door-walker was the best at burrowing dogs to steal things. He first found out the situation and knew that King Zhao was so fond of the fox fur that he could not bear to wear it for a moment. He easily got into the storage room and stole the fox fur. The concubine was very happy to see the fox white Qiu, and tried to persuade the king to give up the idea of killing Meng. Send him back to Qi. Mencius was sure that the King would regret it, and immediately led his men to stealthily ride eastward all night. They arrived at Fungu pass (now Lingbao County, Henan Province, at that time the eastern gate of the State of Qin). It is midnight. According to the laws and regulations of the State of Qin, it is only when the chicken crows every day that the chicken opens the door. How can the chicken crow in the middle of the night? While everyone was worried, another Mencius gate would learn to crow. Although the guards were surprised, they had to get up and open the door and let them out. At daybreak, King Qin learned that Mencius and his party had fled. Immediately sent men and horses to catch up. After the correspondence pass, people have been out of customs for a long time. metal fabrication services

So long as the manager grasps this characteristic, can look at others with the tolerance heart, all kinds of talented person melts through, each develops its ability. metal fabrication services

With an employee, the most important thing is to take advantage of his strengths, not to always correct his weaknesses because no one is perfect.

Enterprises feel hired, often encounter difficulties, in fact, this is the result of the wrong understanding. Most enterprises do not need special talent, enterprises to do is to build a good system, “to fall.” Only by the system. The system can make “yin and yang balance”, let everyone give full play to their own strengths, and achieve the effect of “the whole is greater than the local sum”. metal fabrication services

The enterprise does not need the perfect individual, but needs the perfect team!

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