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[HR] six modules of human resources

Sourcing metal manufacturers near me Manufacturer from China. Divided six modules of human resource management

1, human resource planning;

2, recruitment and allocation;

3, training and development; Sourcing metal manufacturers near me Manufacturer from China

4, performance management;

5, compensation and welfare management;

6, labor relations management.

ONE, human resource planning

It is a set of measures to make enterprises stable and have certain quality and necessary quantity of manpower to achieve the goal of the organization including personal interests, so as to get the matching between personnel demand and personnel ownership in the future development of enterprises.

Human resources information includes personal natural conditions, employment materials, educational materials, salary information, work execution evaluation, work experience, service and turnover information, work attitude, historical information about work or duty.

Two, employee recruitment and allocation

In accordance with the requirements of the strategic planning of the enterprise, an excellent, appropriate person is recruited into the enterprise and the appropriate person is placed in the right position. Sourcing metal manufacturers near me Manufacturer from China

Three, performance evaluation

From the content that is to evaluate its working condition, to work through the evaluation results, reflect the person in the organization’s relative value or contribution degree. From the extension of speaking, is the purpose of the daily work, people organized for observation, recording, analysis and evaluation

Four, training and development

Training and development: the organization improves staff’s working ability, knowledge level and potential by learning and disciplining, maximizes the personal quality and job demands of employees, and promotes staff’s performance improvement at present and in the future.

Five, salary welfare management

The definition of salary is the sum of all kinds of money and physical remuneration that the employee provides for the work of the enterprise. Sourcing metal manufacturers near me Manufacturer from China

Six, labor relations

The social and economic relations established by workers and employers (including all kinds of enterprises, individual business households, institutions, etc.) in the process of labor. Sourcing metal manufacturers near me Manufacturer from China

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