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[HR] Performance System Construction (4) How to reduce the resistance of performance appraisal?

Many SME managers and human resource workers generally believe that the performance assessment work has great resistance. The main reasons are: the human resources work is weak, the basic work is not done, and the performance assessment system is out of touch with the actual performance evaluation; Work increases the workload, and some companies use performance appraisal as a means of deductions from wages and layoffs. metal manufacturing
So, please ask:
1. Does your company have this phenomenon?
2. How to solve the problem of large-impact resistance in performance appraisal work?

Reference resolution:
In terms of the performance system, the implementation of the performance system should be recognized by the employees of the company. A performance bonus is a kind of welfare. It is an income other than wages. Excluding wages, the amount is also active. Company managers and employees should be very happy to implement, regardless of the results of performance appraisal have increased monthly income. But why is the opposite in the implementation process and is not recognized by employees? Unable to get management support? In fact, everyone knows. Responsiveness is hindered when performance is implemented, mainly from employees and companies: metal manufacturing

First, the reasons for the staff: Many companies’ performance is part of the salary, that is, performance pay is not a performance bonus. When the result of employee performance appraisal does not reach 100%, the wages payable in the current month will be less than the wages negotiated at the time of entry. For employees, performance should be a bonus. It should not be part of the salary. Therefore, employees are inconsistent with the implementation of performance and are unwilling to cooperate. In this situation, managers can hardly convince employees that even their own salary structure is the same. When employees are in conflict with each other, they also share the same feeling that management personnel do not support the implementation of performance.

Second, the company’s reasons: For enterprises, the employee’s monthly income should have the performance of the existence of wages, if the work performance is not good, performance pay according to the assessment results should be. The performance of the month is good. Assuming that the employee’s performance assessment for the month is 120%, there will be a performance bonus. Companies are doing this to avoid some labor disputes. If the company does not do so, it will become inactive if it encounters incompetent employees who are not loyal to the company or have a bad attitude. Corporate executives have poor understanding of performance and have not received systematic training. There is still some misunderstanding about performance. metal manufacturing
Note: how much the performance of monthly comprehensive wages belongs to “performance pay”, if the performance exceeds monthly comprehensive pay is “performance bonus”.

1. Establish a set of applicable and healthy performance appraisal system. There is a healthy and applicable performance appraisal system. For enterprises, they can evade the labor law, motivate their employees and improve their work efficiency. For employees, they are also motivating and will not only increase their enthusiasm for work, but also increase their income. Some companies like to copy some of the big companies. The result is that they cannot be implemented. Any system needs to be tailor-made, you can refer to other people’s practices, but can not copy. For performance appraisal, it is even more difficult to make quick success.

2, choose the appropriate assessment tools and methods. According to different departments and different work nature, choose different assessment tools and methods. For example, sensitive positions use 360-degree assessments, productive departments use team-level assessments, and development departments use assessment periods as much as a quarter or semi-annual. metal manufacturing

3. The maintenance of performance assessment system operation. System maintenance focuses on communication and execution, communication with employees, and communication with reviewers. Communication is usually conducted in meetings. After each evaluation, HR needs to conduct investigations and understandings before reviewing the assessment results, communicate the unreasonable personnel with the reviewers, or organize meetings for discussion. There is only one purpose, that is, the assessment must be fair and just, so the meeting after the assessment is very important, and the employee performance interview is more important.

4, timely revision and adjustment of assessment tools and assessment methods. Businesses have different strategic goals at different time periods. The goal of performance appraisal of employees is to split the company’s goals into departmental goals, and then decompose the department goals into post (individual) goals. Of course, some goals are fixed, and personal goals for activities have to be adjusted.

5. It must be supported by senior leaders of the company. This is very important, so HR must persuade the top leaders of the pyramid before implementing any system. The implementation of the system, especially performance, will fail if there is no senior leadership or boss support. This is an experience, not a guess. When formulating a performance system, it is necessary to submit all the plans, assessment tools, and methods to the leaders for approval. In the program, it is said that there are performances to promote the advantages and disadvantages, and it is easy for the leaders to determine. metal manufacturing

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