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[Workplace Story] Everyone has a personality charm, the key is to understand their own personality and develop it.

As a good leader, there is no fixed personality model. As long as you can express your true feelings and sincere personality carefully and meticulously, you can ultimately achieve the purpose of leadership and control of others. metal molds

Although Matsushita Kosuke always smiled in the photos, everyone knew that Matsushita’s temper was not good. Therefore, Xun Xun was often encountered by senior management of Panasonic at that time. metal molds

On one occasion, a man named Goto committed a big mistake and Matsushita was angered. He tapped the floor with a pick of fire and scolded Goto.

After the crash, Panasonic watched the fireball and said, “You see, I was so excited and actually twisted the rods. Can you help me straighten it?”

Goto naturally obeyed his life and restored it to its original condition.

Panasonic immediately said: “Why? Your hand is really good!” Then, Panasonic face immediately opened a friendly and pleasant smile, cheerfully praised Goto. At this point, Goto’s dissatisfaction immediately dissipated. metal molds

What surprised Goto was that he returned home and saw his wife prepared a variety of dishes for him. When asked about the circumstances, it was only fortunate that Matsushita had just taken the first step to the phone and told his wife: “Your husband may be a bit unhappy when he returns home today. You must treat him well!”

Goto naturally worked energetically afterwards, helping Matsushita’s success. metal molds

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