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Scientists found striking: evil is true science!

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According to media reports, the two Anglo American Joint Research University, ccardiff University and Dezhou University shows, “based on science. Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind” Statistics found that juvenile offenders body than the same age although often law-abiding young and strong, but when they entered middle age, health status will decline rapidly, and many times the risk of hospitalization disability higher than normal people. This is a better understanding, a possible relationship with the prisoner’s bad habits and mental state. metal parts manufacturing OEM Manufacturer


When people feel good, positive thinking, will secrete neurotransmitters to healthy cells in the body

The discovery of such a phenomenon in the field of neurochemical scientists: when people feel good, positive thinking, will secrete neurotransmitters to healthy cells in the human body, the immune cells also becomes active, it is not easy to get sick, mindfulness remain, the immune system is strong and when people feel; malicious, negative thinking, is taking the nervous system instead: negative and positive excitation system is started, the system was suppressed, the body function of the virtuous cycle will be destroyed. So kind-hearted people tend to be more health and longevity. metal parts manufacturing OEM Manufacturer

At the same time, the United States magazine has published an article entitled “bad mood to produce toxins > Research Report, the report said:” in the psychological display test in the laboratory, we human evil, chemical substance that causes physiological changes, produces a toxin in the blood. When people in the normal state of mind a cup of ice to exhale, coagulation attachment is a colorless transparent material; and when people are in a rage, fear, resentment, jealousy, gather up the objects they were showing a different color, through chemical analysis, produce toxin negative thoughts people can make the person’s body fluids “

Recently, the Yale University and the University of California cooperation on how social relationships affect the mortality of workers “project, a random sample of 7000 was tracked for 9 years, the statistical study found, helpful and get along well with others, their health and life expectancy was significantly better than the ordinary malicious mind, the narrow, selfish people, and the mortality rate of 1.5 to 2 times higher than that of normal people. In different races, classes, fitness habits of people, have come to the same conclusion, so scientists published research results, good can prolong life. metal parts manufacturing OEM Manufacturer

More different experiments have reached the same conclusion, that is pure, charity, positive thoughts can make life health and joy, evil will let body tissue imbalance and lesions. This is in the field of physiology in medicine, and these are early in the thousands of years ago in ancient books such as China described. Confucius said the “benevolent life”, said the ancient medical books of righteousness, “do not be evil” and so on.

Atheists tend to say, this just hints of mental consciousness, moral are made, what no fixed standard, and there is no fixed standard, the good and the bad are themselves defined. If a person does not grow up in this artificial moral circumstance, will not have the guilt effect of human health sense. On the contrary, the latest research scientists found that good and evil has a different frequency of energy, with different material properties; shortly after birth, the infant education concept has not been a good nature; when people want to lie, cheat, no matter how emotional stability. But the physiological state will appear can’t help change, and can be monitored polygraph precision to the human body, seem to follow the objective characteristics in operation, does not change with the person’s state of mind. metal parts manufacturing OEM Manufacturer


At the end of twentieth Century the booming “near death experience” and “hypnosis research brings back past lives” message has been to the world: life cycle, another space, karma that is even heaven and hell exist. People do bad things, for who is not good, if not in this life “, that is our present world” may be extended to the next lifetime to repay, until the karma is paid off so far, even the accumulation of reborn reincarnation after the role and past karma has a direct relationship. So it’s Chinese as “the good old saying that the evil is evil; is not reported, the time yet to come; when the time comes, what are reported. It is not illusory preaching, history, real examples in reality reflect each other and empirical science meet the eye everywhere, today.

Why do people do bad things to retribution? In this world like a table behind, is not with the people can not see the good fortune hands in the arrangement of all this? The ancients said, “Murder will out.”, “good and evil without newspaper, heaven and earth will be private,” the universe is fair that is, all the material guarantee of stable operation, good let get rewarded, let the bad guys by evil. But why people who do bad things to suffer disaster, suffering retribution? Why let the good good, and not let the bad guys well? Does this reveals a greater truth behind: in the physical world has its inherent rules or operating characteristics, and “good” precisely with this trait fit, so for a long time, but eventually because of “evil” is contrary to the nature of the universe, and the fundamental method is easy to fall, as Lao Tzu said “The ways of heaven are impartial. with the good man,”. metal parts manufacturing OEM Manufacturer

The very basis of modern empirical science, when there are a large number of scientific basis, people can recognize and understand some things. So, leaving many long period of tradition, because of the limitation of the means of scientific exploration, and has repeatedly rejected and dissent in humans, and a newspaper is one of the examples.

Although thousands of years, has been in the form of word of mouth to evil, widely spread in the folk. Even though a lot of books, such as “Ji Fu disaster road >, < > recorded because it was recorded an example of a large number of informative, truth can be proved evil, but to the middle of the process of operation, it is difficult to make people accept and understand. After all, who can see the transformation process, only to see the results of retribution only. metal parts manufacturing OEM Manufacturer

The old man is always wrong – not many people can understand!

The United States Case Western Reserve University professor of bioethics Stephen post and novelist Gil naimark from modern science and medicine point of view, a variety of good deeds for the people, in the “pay” and “return” between what can have the depth of what kind of relationship.

The researchers made a detailed measurement table, and some people willing to give long-term follow-up, be arranged for each bring “pay” for “return” to analyze the physical and physiological statistics, which reveals the “pay” from the “medical treatment” and “happiness index”: “a good heart” these people, happy in doing good deeds really for their mental and physical health have a huge and far-reaching impact: their own social ability, judgment ability, positive emotion and attitude will improve. Even a smile to others a knowing, send a friendly and humorous expression, these simple behavior, will lead to increase the concentration of immunoglobulin in saliva.

In their comprehensive more than 40 major American universities more than 100 research results, combined with the experimental report of long-term follow-up data displayed, they came to a surprising news: People’s good behavior, such as praise, forgiveness, courage, humor, compassion, respect, loyalty and so on, these acts give show: “there the secret of magical energy conversion between effort and reward, in which a person is paid at the same time, the return of energy through various forms to the return, but in most cases, they do not know”. metal parts manufacturing OEM Manufacturer

Such a phenomenon is also found in the study of Neurochemistry scientists: when people are good, positive thinking, will secrete neurotransmitters to healthy cells in the human body, the immune cells also becomes active, it is not easy to get sick, mindfulness remain, the immune system is strong and when people feel; malicious, negative thinking, is taking the nervous system instead: negative and positive excitation system is started, the system was suppressed, the body function of the virtuous cycle will be destroyed.

In fact, Chinese ancient medical giant “in Huangdi Neijing > said:” God is the static reservoir, dry die. “Still, refers to the human spirit, emotion in the state of peace and quiet, and with no distractions, can achieve the purpose of true memory, mind peace. In fact, static the meaning is very wide, not only stationary, but the thought and behavior of the people under the external impact, can have open mind to forgive, to forgive, but not immediately enter the state of war, a lot of debate. Modern scientific research shows that people in static, you can return to the brain brainwave state of childhood, the aging has been temporarily reversed.

From the point of view of scientific research, the evil has gone beyond the life value orientation of theistic advocacy, but the foundation of human survival and development in the law. These scientific research also confirmed from the side, the ancients of evil letter, it is not an idea of closeness and opinion, but at that time, a group of great fundamental views treat life.

The evil letter, it indicates that the human mind is open, open. Open to convey the life of the unknown keep humility. Because the letter itself is a kind of open attitude, so will not use extreme ideas, to close their way out, state of mind is also very easy to get rid of evil, effect of liberal ideas produced by natural induction between heaven and earth harmony. As in ancient medical books about “keep healthy, do not be evil”, the life of natural health, natural longevity. metal parts manufacturing OEM Manufacturer

metal parts manufacturing OEM Manufacturer

metal parts manufacturing OEM Manufacturer



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