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These quality jobs you have to come in person!

Top executives must actively participate in quality improvement activities. It is not enough simply to create awareness, set goals, and then give everything to subordinates. This attempt is repeated, the outcome can only be repeated failures. The following is a list of the actual roles that senior executives at quality leaders play. These roles are “non-yours”. metal prototype fabrication


01 Participate in the quality committee

This is crucial for the involvement of top executives, who are seen as an indicator of the importance attached by top executives.


02 Get quality management training

Visiting successful companies also fall into this category of training, with courses designed specifically for top executives. Also participate in related meetings. (The lack of quality management training of top executives to lead quality activities, may lose credibility in the organization.)


03 Approve Quality Vision and Quality Policy

A growing number of companies set out their quality vision and quality guidelines. The quality vision and quality guidelines undoubtedly require the approval of top executives before they are released.


04 approved the main quality objectives

The quality objectives included in the business plan must be broken down to determine what to do and what resources are needed. Top executives are an important player in the process of getting started. metal prototype fabrication


05 Establish the infrastructure

The infrastructure includes a range of tools for proposal and selection of projects, formulation of project mission statements, appointment of team leaders and members, training of teams and facilitators, reporting of progress and others. Without such an infrastructure, quality improvement can only be done locally and can not have a significant effect on basic business metrics.


06 to provide resources

In the 1980s, many senior executives provided substantial resources to train personnel, primarily in the areas of awareness-raising and statistical tools. However, little has been invested in quality management and building an infrastructure for quality improvement. metal prototype fabrication


07 review of progress

An obvious flaw in the involvement of top executives is the failure to regularly review the progress of quality improvement. In the 1980s, this failure made no qualitative improvements, as quality improvement was not compared with traditional activities that received top-level periodic reviews.


08 recognition recognition

Recognition often hosts some grandiose activities that provide top executives with a highly visible opportunity to demonstrate their support for quality improvement. Top executives should try their best to seize these opportunities, and in fact most top executives do the same.


09 revised salary system

According to the traditional pay system, the completion of the traditional goals will be paid. But right now there must be an appropriate weight for quality-improving performance in this system. This involves top executives because any change in the pay system requires their approval. metal prototype fabrication


10 to participate in the project team

There is a very compelling reason to assume this role.

11 Focus on employee concerns

These are a series of roles that senior executives can not grant. Of those who have become quality leaders, top executives assume most if not all of them. The author has never heard of any company that has become a leader in quality and may not assume the above roles.

Boss, since it is the boss that you are really important. Of course, we also know that production, delivery, efficiency, profits, costs … you have to think too much. However, please give more time to quality, because a lot of quality work really you can not.


Well, 2018, you want to say to your boss ……. metal prototype fabrication

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