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10 terrible questions, but they pondered

Einstein once said: “It is important not to stop asking questions. Curiosity has reason for its existence.” metal prototype

Then, what would be the next question that seems undecided, if it were answered seriously?

1. What happens if Earth loses oxygen for 5 seconds?

Everyone exposed to direct sunlight suffers immediate sunburn. Because the oxygen contained in the air continuously protects our skin from UV rays.

Even if it gets dark during the day. Because the blue light is scattered in the less particulate atmosphere, the sky changes its color to almost black. metal prototype

Everyone’s inner ear will explode. This is because in a short time, the earth will lose about 21% of the pressure.

All buildings made of concrete will become dust. Because oxygen is an important binder in concrete structures. Without oxygen, they will immediately lose all their rigidity.

The ocean will evaporate. Because one third of the water is oxygen. In the absence of oxygen, hydrogen will become gaseous and expand.

2. What happens if you open the door on the plane? metal prototype

All passengers near the exit will be sucked out of the cabin. The temperature on the aircraft will quickly drop and the plane may begin to split. In order to save your life, you will have about 15 to 20 seconds to wear an oxygen mask. Even if you do, your chances of survival are still negligible.

Fortunately, this situation is only an assumption. Because at the cruising altitude, the internal pressure of the aircraft is about 0.7 or 0.8 atmospheres. To open the hatches, we must overcome more than 7 tons of force per square meter. This must be Superman’s power to do it.

3. What happens if the moon suddenly disappears?

Obviously darkens at night. Because the moon reflects the sun’s rays, it illuminates our night sky.

The sudden disappearance of the moon will confuse many animals. For example, owls and lions were supposed to rely on moonlight hunting. metal prototype

Without the moon, the tidal fluctuations are much slower, only 40% now.
Due to the loss of gravity, the core of our planet may change. This may lead to various natural disasters such as earthquakes or volcanoes.

4. What happens if all the insects on earth disappear?
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About 80% of the world’s plants are flowering, and most of their pollination is done by insects. Without pollinators, the life of most plants on Earth will disappear.

Without insects, the food chain will collapse and many mammals and birds will disappear. Ultimately, this will lead to the mass extinction of our planet. metal prototype

5. What happens if Earth rotates at twice the speed?

In this case, one day will last 12 hours instead of 24 hours, but the bigger effect is behind:

Due to the centrifugal force of the Earth, the equatorial water level will rise by 100 meters. The amount of water on the equator will cause a substantial increase in humidity and a permanent fog.

The surface of the planet becomes unrecognizable. Most of Indonesia and South America will be completely submerged, and Africa will be divided into 2 islands.

The high speed of the Earth’s rotation will lead to more severe hurricanes. metal prototype

6. What happens if there is no bath in a year?

Sweat and bacteria accumulate on you, creating an unpleasant body odor.

Dead skin cells accumulate and bind to body oils, especially behind the ears, on the neck and under the female breasts.

Different skin types can respond to long-term uncleanness, leading to rashes and itching irritations. Due to the lack of exfoliation, the skin can be itchy and a pink scaly rash can develop on the face, scalp and chest.

Once scratched, the skin becomes more susceptible to infection. metal prototype

7. What if human intelligence is twice as good?

As genius, we can learn new language or master new careers in a few weeks, which means we can try more things in our lives. High IQ allows us to choose the careers and hobbies that are of most interest.

More people will live longer lives. According to a survey, people with high IQs have relatively long life expectancy.

High IQ does not affect the ability to cooperate, so human society may be more harmonious.

Drug use may increase significantly, because according to a study begun in the United States in 1958, participants with IQ greater than 125 are more likely to take psychotropic medication than those with IQ lower than 75. metal prototype

8. What happens if you shoot in space?

There is no oxygen in space. This is necessary for some guns. However, some guns now have their own internal oxidants.

If you launch in space, the reaction of the gun will cause you to move backwards.

Without the gravity of the Earth, bullets will fly farther. In fact, your bullet can move in space until it encounters something – such as an asteroid.

In space, you can easily shoot yourself. For example, in the orbit of the planet, it opened fire and advanced. In this case, the bullet will stay on the track, wrap around the planet and hit you. metal prototype

9. What happens if you fall into a volcano?

The volcano is 4 times warmer than the kitchen oven. However, scientists say that the high density and high resistance of lava won’t allow you to get in and one person may hit the surface of the lava pit. But in the end, you will still die.

Some people think that it may be a short walk on some types of lava, of course, must wear professional thermal protection clothing.

10. What happens if I only eat one kind of food? metal prototype

For example, you decide to only eat grilled chicken (or any other kind of meat) because it contains no carbohydrates, and that is your body’s best source of energy. So in this case, your body must use its own muscles and fat to suck fuel.

If you only eat bread or pasta, the lack of amino acids can lead to organ failure. In addition, the lack of vitamin C can cause scurvy.

If you only eat one kind of vegetable or fruit, it will also affect your health, because no single vegetable has the necessary 9 kinds of essential amino acids to build proteins that are important to muscles.

The only food rich in nutrients needed by humans is: breast milk. However, finding a woman who is ready to provide breastmilk is a real challenge! metal prototype

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