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These kinds of garbage orders must not be answered!

1, a large number, less deposit. What did not start at all, behind a lot of requirements! An order will kill himself. metal shops

2, high standards of quality, garbage prices, such orders are often the last to pay for themselves.

3. Businesses with unclear delivery dates and unclear quality of business. You do not know how to go in front of the road, by the customer flicker of chaos his own position, until the final fill up the single! metal shops

4, very fast delivery business. Often this type of order may be done by the customer somewhere else, waiting for you to have a slight quality problem, asking you not to ship at a discount or order cancellation.

5. There are many middlemen in the middle. Such orders require a high level of irrationality. Because there are too many middlemen, the final consumer purchase price is too high. The demand for quality is quite high. If there is a problem from the final buyer to the first-hand supplier, the middle meaning cannot be clearly expressed, thereby missing the best operating time! metal shops

6, the deposit does not hit, the family is also all owed. To wait until the family gives the money, in order to settle the payment. As long as there is a large single, the next home to find a reason not to pay, then your profits for many years may be frustrated; or you can not pay the money on the home, you can only choose to go far away from home, hide your life!

There are also six kinds of customers who must not be supplied!
One, usually not very cooperative, when the market is in short supply, find the person you want to pull the goods
Second, people who owe your account but take cash from others
3. People in urgent need of goods to find you make up pits
Fourth, think you owe him because you cannot sell your goods. metal shops
Fifth, self-righteous, high above, smart people
6. Those who promised to pay by time limit but who have been dragging on their faces should recommend reading the two secrets that men are most reluctant to let women know, especially the second one.
There are also many fraudsters who must pay attention to:

When you go to the so-called processing outsider to check it out, you know, or you buy a newspaper from last year. They are putting out every year, and they are putting out every day!!

The specific fraud tricks are as follows:

1. It’s all free, but you have to pay some money. This money can be called a material fee. He said that you can’t pull the material and you can’t run it. . Also called deposit, also called credit gold, also called deposit, metal shops

2. When you deliver, it’s bad. It’s definitely unreasonable here. It’s irrational. In any case, there must be something unreasonable. At the beginning, they will never tell you. It’s okay, your material. All the money was used up, and all were not qualified, they were supposed to go, and they bought it again. This way, they made money out of material money. When you quit, their deposit is not returned to you. The deposit has earned again.

3. Some still need special equipment, the same reason, or the delivery is not qualified, so that they can earn money for the equipment.

It is not easy to make money. Orders should be carefully followed up and attention paid. metal shops

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