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How black the aircraft black box is and how it is made?

The plane crash has become an infectious disease in the world in recent years. Tragedy of plane crashes has occurred in many countries and regions. In general, the chance of crashing a plane is very small, but it does not rule out the possibility of survival. This mainly depends on the location of the plane’s forced landing and its degree of damage. While focusing on aircraft accidents, people are also watching an instrument—black box, because the black box can tell us why the plane crashed. metal stamping manufacturers

The black box is because of its internal mystery and high technology. Therefore, it can be said that the black box is particularly black and super black. Let’s look at how dark it is.

The black box that is used as the “witness” of the aircraft’s flight status is actually not black, but it is often orange-red. Because it can help to solve the secrets of flight accidents (especially the aircraft at the moment of the crash and flight conditions before the crash), so called “black box.” In fact, “black box” is a common name. Its real name is very common “flight data recorder.” This accessory, which has never been associated with any entertainment service on the aircraft, can withstand 30 minutes of intense fire at 1090°C, and 100 g of gravitational impact for 11 seconds. It can withstand 6096 meters of water pressure. This means that when the aircraft is exploded or disassembled, the external material, which is titanium steel metal, can still protect the internal information storage device. metal stamping manufacturers

Why is the flight recorder called “black box”? Originally, in order to ensure that this equipment will not be damaged after an accident, the special aircraft black box made a very strong rake for it. The tweezers are resistant to high temperatures (600°C to 800°C), high pressure (tolerable to 1 tonne of pressure), and corrosion protection. However, the “black box” made of this alloy is not black. On the contrary, it is generally painted bright yellow, orange and other colorful colors for later search. The reason why the flight recorder was called “black box” dates back to 1954. At that time, all the electronic instruments in the aircraft were placed in black boxes of uniform size and shape. For the convenience of recycling, parachute is also placed on the black box. Generally, when the aircraft reaches a certain limit, it can automatically pop up and land safely. metal stamping manufacturers

Of course, there is a possibility that people may think that storing things in it is of great significance for the identification of aircraft accidents. It is really too mysterious, so it uses such an equally mysterious name as “black box”.

The black box has a solid shell, which is rectangular and roughly equal to four or five bricks. The internal net is some electrical devices, essentially a transceiver. During the flight of the aircraft, it can timely receive all kinds of information collected by the sensors inside the aircraft and automatically convert it into a corresponding digital signal for continuous recording; when the plane crashes, relying on the emergency positioning transmitter of the black box automatically goes to all directions. A specific frequency (for example, 37.5 kHz) is emitted, which is similar to a heartbeat-like regular radio signal, “declaring” its own position so that the searcher can search for waves. In 1974, a Boeing 707 crashed into the ocean floor of more than 3,000 meters in depth. It was through this radio positioning signal that the black box was found. Because of the limited battery capacity in the battery, positioning transmitters usually only work for a few months. If salvage is not timely, the black box will disappear. metal stamping manufacturers

On each aircraft, there are usually two black boxes. Their scientific names are called “flight data recorder” and “nacelle voice recorder” respectively.

The flight data recorder mainly records various flight data of the aircraft, including flight attitude, flight path (track), flight speed, acceleration, latitude and longitude, heading, and various external forces acting on the aircraft, such as resistance, lift, thrust, etc. A total of about 200 kinds of data, can retain more than 20 hours of flight parameters. After this time, the data logger will be automatically spitting up and the old data will be overwritten with new data.

The cabin voice recorder mainly records the conversation between the crew and the ground personnel, the dialogue between the crew members, and various sounds (including the sound of the aircraft engine) appearing in the cockpit. Its working principle is similar to that of a normal tape recorder. Tapes are constantly being washed and renewed, always recording the last half hours of various voices. A flight usually goes through 8 stages (takeoff, initial climb, climb, cruise, descent, start approach, final approach, and landing). At each stage, the black box’s “ears” are not aimed. metal stamping manufacturers

Aircraft black box installation position

Cockpit voice recorders are generally installed in the nose cockpit area to record cockpit calls and voice recordings.

Flight data loggers are generally installed at the rear of the aircraft for shooting and recording the mechanical state of the aircraft. Because the scientists analyzed multiple flight accidents and found that the tail part of the aircraft was not easily damaged, the black box was installed at the tail. metal stamping manufacturers

In life, the black box is not only used in airplanes, it is also a recorder for trains, cars, and boats. But for aviation accidents with the highest absolute mortality, the black box should be the only survivor of the worst air crash. This is also the design of black boxes. The original intention, so its innovation can not stop.

At the previous Paris Air Show, Airbus was not only releasing aircraft, but also brought with it a new type of safe throwing black box.

Airbus’ new black box can collect more data. The current black box can only record the data for the first 2 hours before the crash, while the new black box reaches 25 hours and is equipped with a beacon system that lasts for 90 days. metal stamping manufacturers

Boeing also announced support for the Global Aviation Distress Safety System (GADSS) proposed by the International Civil Aviation Safety Agency at the AEEC 2017. Ensure that commercial aircraft of the company have installed beacons with a battery life of 90 days before January 2018 and satellite positioning systems that can be activated remotely.

The new black box takes a year or two to be manufactured, and then undergoes a lot of extreme environmental testing to ensure that it can function properly in an air crash. Although the new black box is very powerful, nobody should want to see it on a day when it is powerful…. metal stamping manufacturers

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