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[workplace story] the management experience of a canteen boss

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By chance, I met a tube of the owner of a small dining room, his words made it clear to me.

“Give power to the master”

I asked, “who is responsible for your canteen purchase?”

He said: “look at what to buy. By the master to be responsible for the day to buy vegetables non-staple food, do not need to buy oil sauce every bidding, cleaning supplies and other miscellaneous from the Canteen Manager, cooking pots and pans and other appliances are responsible for me personally”. Competitive metal welding near me China Manufacturer

I asked again, “is there any supervision by the master craftsman to buy food?”

“No, we only supervise buys is not Duanjinshaoliang, because a lot of things is to master the market order, the supplier to send; brought something from the kitchen small complex balance records.” he said.

“Are you not afraid of the big master to eat the kickbacks?” I asked.

He said: “do not be afraid. The dining hall is the property of the company, only 7 yuan per person per day food ration, minus the staple food and other expenses, non-staple food only 4 yuan per person per day. The master with 4 yuan of money, buy can make four dishes and a soup material has been very easy to eat, where there is joint go back up? In addition, I also occasionally food market, the market price. Besides, he can eat rebate, not my key management”. Competitive metal welding near me China Manufacturer

Hey. I was very strange, and asked, “why?”

The boss said: “I do talk about open source business, after the throttle. Because a business must have turnover, can have profit. My focus is how to let people eat satisfied, they are satisfied, their company to renew my contract. They are satisfied with the food, my company about the contract fee utilities and the guest hospitality was easy”

“How can they satisfy them?” I continued.

“The security guards are from the countryside to the young man, was very large, to make them satisfied first to ensure that they can eat. But each day so little meals, how can we let them eat? It must be very careful in reckoning. For example, do not buy just down the fresh vegetables, do not buy good quality food and try to buy off season vegetables, vegetable processing; don’t buy fish, buy fish; don’t buy the tenderloin, want to buy it. Buy these things most people can not buy, must be cooking chef. Chef see cheap meat and vegetables in the vegetable stall, brain bag immediately can imagine what food, so in the bargain, he can immediately make a decision. Otherwise, a person to buy food, cook a person, every day quarrel. The restaurant’s people who don’t know that there were complaints to food quality, the master will first find the reasons for the quality of raw material is not good. So, I We must put this power to the grand master, let him like my mother’s life as a person, will live a poor life, one family with a little bit of money to change the law to make as much as possible to eat. But the master is not my mother, encourage him to do. How to encourage the canteen? Each month to score the meal the quality, the higher the score, the higher the master bonus ”

“What does the diner care most about?”

The boss began to let me in awe. I continue to ask: “but my experience is: eat are all Chen Shimei, the new cook meals, beginning quite delicious, but eating tired, score is lower”. Competitive metal welding near me China Manufacturer

“You have to analysis, diners most concerned about what to eat in the cafeteria? The boys are not satisfied with the food, is the main component of. I just took over, they semi buffet. However, usually eat buffet, all eyes are bigger than my stomach; as much as possible to eat, not their teeth that is stealing down. Canteen staff fear later people enough to eat, as far as possible to give, the results are always arguing. Do cafeteria knows, must score meal meal; but dining sanitation, convenient and stylish, so most of the company cafeteria dining. But you must look at your customers is what? If is the white-collar of dining, people have to eat after eating. So, I finally persuaded the property company to Fencan system into a combined dining system. My condition they could not refuse, eight table, four dishes and one soup, chopsticks dishes, eat together with satisfactory results. All of a sudden rise of 10 100 Point.

Not only that, if you want to spend less money to eat rice, eat more vegetables, only a little. And I will try to master in the formulation of the dishes, so at noon and evening meal must have a heavy taste, can eat vegetables. For example, Mei food Braised Pork, braised fish in soy sauce, pickles, fried large intestine so, Mapo Tofu. Do the dishes must put more oil, salt, soy sauce, MSG, seasoning, so the raw material is not very fresh, you know the fish live fish half than the price difference. Competitive metal welding near me China Manufacturer

“You see, that’s the point I have grabbed. This company has changed 3 outsourcing canteens. We are most satisfied. Now their general manager is also eating in the dining hall. In recent months, prices are rising. He also asks if I need to increase money.”

“My cafeteria is a day off a day.”

I sincerely ask the boss to see small, some very proud to say: “do catering people actually afraid of complaints, because the customer complaints are visible to the problems, these problems are good, the difficulty in the diners taste. The old eat food who are tired. This is the reason why the restaurant constantly for chefs and push the new dishes. But we do canteen more miserable, because most employees have no choice, only to eat here. So, they often put on the food of other things out through, such as the quality of the food and the service attitude is not good. In fact, everyone has a home, mother also can do the dishes, why don’t you bother? In the outside run, return the home to eat, or mother’s delicious food. So, I do the canteen is not the same with others, others hope workers every day to eat in the cafeteria, because eat one day, do the canteen A day to earn money. I contracted any company canteen, I demand the company agreed to the canteen closed one day per week, because my employees also need to rest. In fact, the real reason is that I want to let those who eat in the canteen staff to make their own, or outside the restaurant for a change, compare prices and so they know my food value. I have 100% grasp them with 7 yuan of money in any place, including myself, never than in my here to eat well. “I really have an expert, a management master said:” the first quasi marketing is the management of customer expectations instead, just to meet the customer “. It seems that this is a small boss learned without teacher master.

“On this premise, it is your ability to eat kickbacks.”

I continue to ask: “a lot of cafeteria purchase let the boss of brains, often use many methods to control them. The fear is justified, each of the dishes and then gold is low, hundreds of people are added together, a year down the long is not a small number. Why are you on your master so trust. Is he your relatives?”. Competitive metal welding near me China Manufacturer

The boss smiled: “I run four canteens in Shenzhen, where I can cook so many relatives? In fact, procurement markets chihuikou, are the company’s own office canteen people do, why? Tube canteen people do not understand, plus the tube canteen is often what administrative manager, they have many other things to attend to, not so much time in the cafeteria. On these big companies that rely on complex procedures, system and supervision will solve the problem to the rebate, was in vain. The same is Chinese cabbage, some today just picked some day off; the shower water is fresh, how do you supervise? A pair of offal morning to sell 30 dollars, to 5 in the evening after 10 yuan. If the procurement people want to save money for you, he will have to stall said, the rest of the water to me; if he to work or mood no Shun, you have to spend 30 yuan. Besides, Fengnianguojie the supplier to send him a cigarette, down to send him a fresh fruit basket, these things can you hold? The key is that you need not to tube? So what do not want to change the hard tube; the way that I can. The tube tube is 4 yuan each dish gold, you give me to make dinner with four dishes and one soup; if this premise, you can eat rebate, that is your ability; if you really have this ability, you don’t need when master, you can be the boss. What is the canteen, because you can manage the master ”

“Let everyone have a little power.”

I also asked: “the taste of food and butter does not also affect the quality of the food, why not go back to the big master to purchase?”

The boss gave me a shifty look, said: “this is my special management method. Other companies purchasing are unified, I will be scattered. I think that a person. The less the amount of corruption, the smaller the probability, do not believe you can see those guilty of corruption are powerful people. Why?. the amount is too big, a little off on great temptation slag. I don’t know why some companies want to put everything together to buy? Moreover, actually a lot of things, people buy than people knowledgeable.

“So I put the right to purchase separately. The need to purchase something, first by nature is a standard product. Regardless of size, can not separate bidding procurement, such as grain and oil, bidding, salt vinegar sauce MSG these things while a small amount is also bidding. What do you call this? As far as possible not to commit a crime now, to buy ten bottles of beer can bargain, so as to plug the loopholes. Not bidding, such as non-staple food vegetables, no matter how large the amount should be directly to the best chef. Why? In addition to the reasons stated above, I now operating four canteens, the highest standards of food is 20 yuan per person per day, the minimum is 7 yuan, the raw materials they use are not the same, it can only put together. The broom cloth uniforms care for this and lose that these sundry goods purchased by each Canteen Manager. Everyone is responsible for such a part, not only can buy the right things, every People buy less varieties, small amount, slightly to eat a little price difference, easy to expose, such as other canteen mop 5 yuan, you buy the mop 10 yuan, you can not heart?

“This kind of thing, how others are inferior to himself. I do have a reason, who knows how to buy things is a good living, people still smoke please eat toast, and may take kickbacks. But good will as far as possible we have copies, I cannot YanXunHuoLiao all day, you beautiful outside all day, otherwise it will cause jealousy. If the power and tattle and prate spread out, everyone can benefit also can supervise each other. Of course, I also not to disperse the concentrated and scattered, I still want to focus on, for example, I put the oil sauce tender power to a canteen manager there, by him instead of the other five cafeteria purchase. Of course bidding is paries, responsible by the addition of a canteen manager next year.

The boss said: “people are employees want to work less money. I don’t think so, I think the staff is not want little to do a good job, such as washing dishes and cleaning the dirty work dirty work. If vegetables coolie supervision does not give them money are weighed, do not only can to the kitchen. Why? The outer surface of cool breath, smoke, grasp the scale also respected the pole. He not only need to re balance, but also records; short scale, but also to find the master. When is the people, which do not want to have power? So, my principle is to make everyone a little right.

“People have the right to have the right to have no responsibility, easy to wash food recklessly. Others smoke a few cigarettes coolie is small, tens of thousands of pounds of rice purchase easy event. So, although I put the rice tender power to the Canteen Manager, but I must tender method according to the formulation of our bidding bidding. The advance of any person, including evaluation are impossible to know. Because we do is eat into the mouth of the business, things can not only fight the price is low, otherwise the fighting, what went into the poisonous rice. Therefore, I will always be the bidding method: first, there are at least four unrelated. The supplier bids; second, there must be a new supplier; third, the winner is the most close to four average price bidders. Any person who violates this rule, is tantamount to breaking the law, you must be clear”. Competitive metal welding near me China Manufacturer

The boss said more and more excitedly. “These experiences are realized in my business process, controlling kickbacks, relying on human resources and managing people”, controlling from the source, transforming the big power into small rights control, regulating the legal rules, and letting people control themselves.

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