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[HR] performance feedback and interview (two) how to help staff to make performance improvement plan?

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Helping employees develop a practical performance improvement plan is considered to be an important symbol of success in performance interview. How to formulate this plan and what content it contains, everyone may have their own understanding and practice: China Manufacturer of metal workshop near me

1, how is your employee performance improvement plan developed?

2, what is the performance improvement plan after the enactment?

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Our performance improvement plan is put in the interview feedback form, that is to say the performance interview process, the two sides will result on the lower level of the current performance are analyzed and summarized, find out the deficiencies of their identity, as well as the next target will be reached, and in order to achieve this goal requires some specific measures, including personal the need for efforts in what areas, what kind of superior need to provide guidance and support to other departments or personnel, the company needs to provide what kind of resources support.

For example, the training specialist’s performance improvement plan:

First, the lack of performance in July: China Manufacturer of metal workshop near me

1, the training plan failed to guarantee the quality and execution in time;

2, the training of each study group failed to supervise and check in time;

3, the importance of training is not enough

Two, improvement or enhancement in August:

1 main reasons causing the plan not all timely execution is the failure to advance the communication and coordination in place, so since the beginning of August, the first is in the training plan and training and the main person in charge of training staff of the Department responsible person and I communicate to ensure the rationality of the plan; a week before training to remind the training implementation responsibility the training should be prepared; secondly, is to arrange site on the day before the training time and place specific notice lecturers and training staff, training and do the preparatory work, such as training attendance sheet used for training, trainees work coordination; finally, training specialist on-site supervision. For the process in the presence of personal trainer can not solve the problem, the need for timely feedback to their superiors to seek support and help to ensure the training plan agreed at a rate above 90% (more than 90% of company requirements It’s full marks. China Manufacturer of metal workshop near me

2, the investigation report submitted to the study group training specialist training in every Friday afternoon before work carried out, particularly when the week during the study group according to the training plan before the time to remind, in the process of training to the site or telephone checks, and in the implementation of training requirements of the learning team leader and report training in written and electronic records.

3, in order to make the study group leader to actively cooperate with the training work, the human resources department responsible person with the study group emphasized the importance and timeliness of training; and Human Resources Minister also need timely remind and supervise the training specialist during what job to do, pay attention to the training of specialist work inspection and guidance, matters and for their personal responsibilities or not within the capacity to solve or help clear guidance to solve the common goal. China Manufacturer of metal workshop near me

Therefore, it can be seen from the above, performance improvement plan includes specific needs to improve or enhance the place, the next goal, the completion deadline, and the specific measures to achieve these goals need to be taken

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China Manufacturer of metal workshop near me



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