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Such employees will certainly become executives in the future

First, loyalty – loyalty is not rejected. Metalworking near me
Shares may have the ability to dismiss employees, but a loyal person, there will be no leadership willing to let him go, he would become a unit of the longest iron in the camps soldiers, but also the most promising staff.

1, stand on the boss’s position to think about the problem, 2. share your thoughts with the supervisor, 3. always protect the interests of the company, 4. remember that the company earns money. Metalworking near me

Second, professionalism – one hour a day more than the boss
As society progresses, people’s knowledge base becomes more and more convergent. Academic qualifications and diplomas are no longer the primary requirement for companies to select employees. The first requirement for the review of employees in many companies is professionalism, followed by professionalism.

1, the purpose of the work is not only to reward 2, and to provide the efforts to provide services about reimbursement, 3, ready to make personal sacrifices for work, 4, fuzzy concept of commuting work talks about Complete the rest; 5, pay attention to the work of every detail.

Third, spontaneous voluntary – do not wait for others to explain it
Do not tell anyone else. If a person can automatically do everything spontaneously, even if the starting point is lower than others, there will be a big development: the spontaneous person is always greeted by the boss. Metalworking near me

1, from “Should do me” to “Yes”; 2, take the initiative to share some “extraordinary” things, 3, they first say, gives him a surprise, 4, they learn voluntarily, 5, high standards: the requirements step make three steps: 6, make a good measure On initiative, do not rush to show, take the limelight and even grab the work of other people.

Fourth, Responsibility – There is absolutely no excuse to ensure the job is done
For people who take responsibility for business of great importance to a person’s work, the ability to be worse than others, but certainly not a lack of responsibility, can always make excuses that are looking for objective reasons, rather than relying on their own We will lose the trust of their superiors. Metalworking near me

1, the core task of this responsibility, 2, to do every little thing, 3, is characterized by word, row fruit must be, 4, false is wrong, absolutely no excuses, 5, so the problem of the ball like that as far as you are; 6. Due to negligence, no major mistakes are made.

Fifth, pay attention to efficiency – calculate your operating costs
Efficient work habits are necessary for every person who can expect success, and every unit is very important.

1. Say goodbye to the poor, engage yourself, 2. be carefree and concentrated, 3. quantify and refine daily work, 4. carry-over is the most vicious professional murderer; To prevent perfectionism from becoming the enemy of efficiency. Metalworking near me

Sixth, the result is oriented – takes the function, does not look at the hardness
“Whether black cats or white cats, catching mice is a good cat!” No matter how hard they work, they are recognized by everyone. What firms value is how much “work” they have, not how much “bitterness”.

1. How to do things in the beginning, 2. There are always more ways than problems, 3. Work wise instead of just hard work, 4. Create conditions without conditions, 5. Perform tasks beyond expectations.

Seven, good in communication – open face, solve on the spot
A bad communicator, even if he is talented, is only a person’s talent, he can neither pass on nor move forward, a good communicator, even if he is mediocre, can learn by doing it and finally realizing his own value. Metalworking near me

1, communication and gossip are two different things, 2, do not say too much and puts it a mistake, 3, with the program ask questions make communication, solve on the spot, 4, cultivate emotional intelligence, accept criticism, 5, the overall situation in mind Both the good news and the bad news 6. There can be internal conflicts and foreign countries must be consistent.

VIII. Cooperation – Team progress and self-resignations
The team moves forward and goes back. No matter how strong the individual skills are, as long as the damage is to the team, the company will not let you stay long – do not think you’re one

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