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A bowl of beef noodles bring management inspiration, Niuniu cattle!

Expert Manufacturer of milling parts

Management inspiration from a bowl of beef noodles. Expert Manufacturer of milling parts

How much beef do you need in a bowl of beef noodles?

More meat, the cost can not be recovered

If the meat is scarce, the tourist will run away. Expert Manufacturer of milling parts

More intriguing, this is a realistic version of management fables

A friend and a small boss on the roadside chat, the boss talked about today’s business, a lot of emotion, he had, at the time of the red Lanzhou Hand-pulled Noodles Hand-Pulled Noodle opened a museum in downtown port, then do not do earning large quantities of gold each day, friends, doubts to ask him why.

“Who is the thief now?” the boss said, “I hired a chef who would do noodles, but I couldn’t talk about the salary”. Expert Manufacturer of milling parts

“When it began to transfer his enthusiasm we are divided by volume, a bowl of noodles to give him 5 gross royalty, after a period of time, he found his guests more income more, so he put over in every bowl of beef to attract repeat customers”, “a bowl of noodles four dollars. Originally by a puerile, he put a few pieces of beef per bowl I also make what kind of ah!”

“Then look at this, no, all the money is earned by him.” he changed the distribution way, gave him a fixed salary every month, the salary to the high point also does not matter, so he won’t add beef, because the number of passengers and less and his income does not matter”. Expert Manufacturer of milling parts

“But what do you think?” the boss is a bit excited, “he in each bowl put less a lot of beef, the guests are off!” “why?” the friend asked excitedly, “beef weight less, customers are not satisfied, repeat business is certainly less, light, he (the master) whether you do not earn money, he took the fixed wages wish you every day no guests free!”

Ah, a good project has been withdrawn from the market because of poor management, even though there is only one manager

When we discuss this topic first, then meditation, sometimes overwhelmed with admiration for, grief, and generous remarks.

The following is a doctor, a graduate student, and a MBA on the issue of debate. Expert Manufacturer of milling parts

1. first consider the small boss to use the two schemes to compromise, namely: basic salary plus commission method, deduct a profit

according to the profits of each bowl, this can prevent him less beef, and can prevent him from Crazy beef

  1. then this one is conditional. The problem is how to assign each bowl of profit after definition of how much? A bowl of noodles is hiding from the master, if you can not let the interests of both sides to reach equilibrium at a certain point, everything will reply the same. To achieve that balance that involves a complex correlation function, it also uses the game theory. Expert Manufacturer of milling parts
  2. contract to the chef, the boss took the Commission after returning home to spend flowers and birds. Of course, after the proposed program, they have had a short blush, and then denied!
  3. then they talked about corporate culture, justice, morality, human nature, and agreed that: management is broad and profound, to become a good manager have to through all sorts of temper to repair was immortal, and the advanced management theory is not applicable.

This little beef noodle story reflects all sorts of problems in a small business management

First of all, it is a question about the incentive of the big master. We can design an incentive mechanism, which is the cumulative sales or profit reward under the quota constraint. Expert Manufacturer of milling parts

According to each bowl of customer acceptable utility to make a material quota, chef’s wages or in accordance with the sales commission, but the premise is the monthly material consumption quota not deviate too much, such as allowing the volatility is 20%, otherwise only the basic wage. Expert Manufacturer of milling parts

Or that each bowl of beef are required to add a number of grams of beef, the total amount sold is fixed, the Hand-Pulled Noodle can be calculated, the number of how many pounds of beef noodles limited, which add beef to dare more or less, salary is sorry.

Is a basic salary plus commission salary, the boss himself was out of a bowl of noodles what is the cost? How much profit? If beef put too much, a lot of customers to the maximum amount for beef noodles for quantitative variables, how to control themselves and decentralization of noodle profit, this process must have a value! Expert Manufacturer of milling parts

Although the company benefits are now linked with the interests of employees, equity allocation is a good way, but for a small shop, what equity incentive to do, a little unrealistic

Secondly, the hotel is also manufacturing, must have working procedures, quota consumption and institutional norms, you can have nothing written, but the boss must know what to do. Expert Manufacturer of milling parts

For this small boss ramen shop, in fact, the master to the way of technology shares and the boss profit distribution, everyone is win-win. Two people do partnership, the cost of two personal stalls, planning management

In the work process: such as the formulation of SOP (SOP StandardOperationProcedure is three words in the first letter of the capital, which is the standard operating procedures, standard operating procedures and requirements of an event in a uniform format description, to guide and regulate the daily work, including the amount of noodles), the amount of water, meat the amount of BOM (bill of material) stipulates that the manufacturing method, please master process standardization.

In terms of quota consumption, it is closely related to the above incentives; salary compensation: referring to the average wage in the society and the profitability of the store, combined with the master’s labor volume, labor results (turnover increase, customer feedback, etc.) for comprehensive evaluation

In addition, the complexity of the simple things: the boss does not have to beef, key resources must be mastered in the hands of key people, the key resources is the most important

The boss have the store ownership, it may have great master work for him; the boss mastered the distribution rights of beef, is it possible to prevent the material waste and abuse. However, the boss also should master the core master of human resources, how to master is still a difficult problem. Alas, human resources. But, as the small shop, the boss should be familiar with every link, can do a good job in management.

If the boss is very familiar with the Hand-Pulled Noodle Soup with Beef beef production, the master did not dare recklessly. Operating supervision effectively in this way.

In addition, any work in addition to supervision, control, the rest of the matter can be resolved through communication. Expert Manufacturer of milling parts

In this case, not a good way to solve the assignment problem, in this type of small enterprises, have a lot of time to contact the boss and staff every day, whether harmonious relations is very important. But the subordinate by small boss good personal charm and kindness, will let the master heart have a sense of belonging and sense of satisfaction. To work actively to create profits for the boss, how much the beef is not a problem.

Expert Manufacturer of milling parts

Expert Manufacturer of milling partsExpert Manufacturer of milling parts


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