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[workplace stories] how do employees make their jobs better?

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My former boss had a special set of “clock” management laws that would honor employees and give employees a great sense of accomplishment. Once, the boss told our department to do one thing, and he said, “wait until he’s done with this month’s tax filing, and we’ll have a meeting.” China Manufacturer of mills manufacturing

“The boss in the end what to see?” we privately asked the department heads. “Is processed after tax authorities will see.” just repeat the words of the boss, because he does not know exactly what the boss when looking for a meeting. He then, we a whole department, nerves, all day to do work do not know when the boss, because we will have a meeting. China Manufacturer of mills manufacturing

As a result, there is no meeting today

The next day, the boss through our department seat, seize one of our colleagues, smiled and said: “you must have almost done!” in fact, we have a not yet finished, the boss such a question, we jump! Colleagues nervously said: “fortunately, also in the final the treatment!” “well, when I’m finished filing things have come to the meeting.” the boss said. China Manufacturer of mills manufacturing

As a result, we worked harder than the previous day, almost finished before work. At the end of the day, the whole department was happy and had a little feast. China Manufacturer of mills manufacturing

The next day, the boss passed our department seat again, and our colleagues couldn’t wait to say to the boss, “we’ve done it already, but we haven’t opened it yet.” the boss asked first. “That thing.” the boss said, “you are so excellent, you will do a good job! I’m looking forward to it!” I’m looking forward to it!”

“Well,” I replied: “thank you, yes, we will do great!” so, on this day, we also try to repair the file of the beautiful degree, make sure every detail is no problem, wait until the end of third days, this works very well. We have very happy, because we think I was too strong, three days can do such a great extent! On the fourth day. Finally, we find the boss department meeting. On the spot, the boss just squint. “Well, you do well, it really is a good minded young people.” the boss smiled Mimi said: “haven’t finished?”

Not done? Oh! We have actually done. However, to see the boss so believe and regard us, we quickly said, yes, there are some to strengthen, this is the first edition, we will soon be out of version second! So we go back, they made three days. Repeatedly modified, once again once. Later, this project has made a total of 2 months.

We want to guess than the original assignment day, late 20 times. How can it be really bad! China Manufacturer of mills manufacturing

However, interesting here. Later for other opportunities and jump to another company, I know, when the project is up to three months’ time. While the boss under the leadership of our department not only do that “early completion of this project for two months. And it was very perfect! The most important thing is that we have not felt from A to Z, we were forced to go to the time.

We really like a strong department, we head light, full of glory, very powerful way. The work we do, really is to get the world’s total company as a model. The works into our department every person working in the company during the period of the great achievements!

No matter what happened, we finally only remember, our department will complete the “active” in just two months, our “active” so beautiful, we do so is “active”… We are a super department! Micro signal: Lean Production Promotion Center. China Manufacturer of mills manufacturing

But, who is behind the scenes hero? Although we all think is “active” results, but have to say, the boss, his unique way of management, let us make their admiration for work. Then I have a relatively poor understanding: leader, constantly set up all kinds of “alarm clock” under the staff, the day of the month, what must be done, the day of the month a few points and what must be done.

When it’s done, it’s just “done.” and the stronger leader, “never let the alarm clock go off.” the job without the alarm clock is doing better and doing better. Actually, there’s an alarm clock, but the boss never lets it go

I’ve heard a father share how he got his kids to wake up. It’s interesting: “the alarm clock goes off, and then sleeps for five more minutes!” Dad said

But, five minutes not to alarm hasn’t even gone off second times, the father went to the bedside, to remind the child. “Four minutes!” the child turned a turn, sad cry. After a while, Dad went to bed. China Manufacturer of mills manufacturing

“And three minutes!” and then went to the bedside. “There are two minutes left.” actually, it was five minutes earlier, but the alarm clock didn’t ring. Because the father deliberately made it never ring. “And a minute and 30 seconds!” when the child got out of bed himself!

The father said, “the alarm clock does not sound, in the child’s heart, he is” himself “to get up, rather than” alarm clock forced him “to get up. This way, let the children develop after done in advance, do the initiative, and get the sense of accomplishment” automatic good habits “

So, the children always think he is a good child spontaneous “! In every time the pain get up, in fact, the child woke up, more sure of myself is a good child. This automatic self-confidence, will accompany him, to his back. Never let the alarm, allow each participant to feel, is their own initiative to do one thing, but not force others. This management mode is the best art.

China Manufacturer of mills manufacturing

China Manufacturer of mills manufacturing

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