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Mold workshop of the 6 major machine tools “killer”, you know?

Some plants die machine often bad, bad repair, repair bad. Some bosses often complain that the machine manufacturer is very angry, quality is not good or the operator put forward the cause of improper use. The following 6 common causes of mold factory, machine fault prone if present, suggest improvements.

The volatilization of cutting liquid in

1. Medium wire cutting machine tools

Take the wire machine to be higher than the wire speed grade, so there are a lot of mold factory will go wire and wire walking together, or the electric machine are placed in a shop, you know this hidden inside large equipment hidden?

Wire is the use of water-based cutting fluid, molybdenum wire in high-speed wire cutting, cutting fluid continuously in the volatile, so the cutting fluid concentration becomes high, the cutting liquid box is less and less. If a shop has a few words of Taichung wire machine, so the air will be filled with cutting fluid mist, the humidity is much larger.

You can go to other machine workshop to do a check, open the cabinet and see if there is any oil film with a layer of sticky, oil film will become thicker if days and months multiplying, it covers the circuit board on the precision machine tool (with very fine circuit components), can not out of order? For the walking wire machine, separate proposals are divided into a workshop, and maintain good ventilation.

  1. Grinding machine dust

Many mold factories have special precision grinding machines shop, but there are some factories that put grinding machines and other machine tools in a big workshop, or just do simple screen separation

In the process of grinding dust will be generated, if no special installation of workshop suction device, the air will be mixed with grinding dust obviously. The dust is easy to enter the rail, precision machine screw, which is equivalent to the grinding damage parts, a long time will reduce the processing precision and the life of the machine. In addition, these if the dust into the electric cabinet precision machine tool, it is easy to cause the short circuit fault circuit board.

For the use of grinding machines, also need to separate into a workshop, and installed strong dust suction device, keep the workshop well ventilated

  1. Punch huge source

It is clearly the basic common sense that a punch will produce a huge earthquake source and isolate it from the mold shop

If the source is not processed, transmitted to the first mold workshop, will affect the accuracy of precision machining, followed by the high frequency source will affect the reliability of precision machine tool circuit connection, cause parts loosening and failure. So we must do the ground source isolation.

  1. machining center heavy cutting source

Often do machining center heavy cutting machine, the effects of the source function and the same punch, will affect the machining precision and reliability of machine parts connection, therefore for the machining center and precision machine tools don’t do heavy cutting and rough machining together, if necessary foundation source isolation processing.

5. External voltage fluctuation

The design of all kinds of precision machine tools are working under the rated voltage, the voltage only conforms to the standard, in order to make the machine is in good condition. Obviously, the network voltage fluctuation is not stable, will have some damage to the machine tool circuit malfunction. Even for precision machine tool, the proposal must complete power supply.

  1. Condensation phenomenon of refrigerator

Some mold factory workshop no air-conditioning, after entering the summer, the temperature of the workshop even more than 40 degrees, some machine will appear to strike, such as mirror motor, wire walking machine. In the high temperature environment, some mold factory in order to adhere to the processing, the temperature of the refrigeration machine will be set at 25 degrees. Remind you, this setting is very wrong.

The WEDM machine, mirror turning motor, are carried out in working fluid. If the working fluid and the environment temperature difference, low temperature, high temperature environment, so there are parts of the working fluid (rail screw like liquid WEDM machine box) will produce a large amount of condensed water, time for a long time will lead to serious parts rust, in addition, the condensed water will be mixed with liquid, affect the processing results.

Everyone needs to understand the role of the refrigerator correctly. The temperature of the working fluid will be higher than the ambient temperature. The refrigerator is used to control the temperature of the working fluid and the environment. The premise is to ensure the environmental temperature first

A good horse with a good saddle, since the enterprise invested mould precision equipment, do not ignore other related facilities, not to take the risk.

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