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Some “hidden rules” of the CNC industry, write to novices!

(EN10204-3.1 、DIN ASTM GOST GB JIS ANSI BS)Approved Manufacturer of molding rubber 

What kind of industry is a process from scratch, especially for our machinery industry. After several years of theoretical knowledge in university, it is often easy to make mistakes when we first enter the workplace. After all, when we study, we only consider the theory in a design draft. Can it be implemented? When it is at work, it must be processed in the workshop. (EN10204-3.1 、DIN ASTM GOST GB JIS ANSI BS)Approved Manufacturer of molding rubber 

What if I make a mistake? What to do if it causes losses to the company?

In fact, there is no need to worry about newcomers who are new to the industry. As long as you understand the nine core “hidden rules” of design, you will only walk wider and wider on the road of mechanical design.

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Worship imitation as a teacher, learn from imitation, and continuously improve

80-90% of the usual designs are imitated and synthesized from existing technologies. Make full use of other people’s experience and past experience to serve yourself and make continuous progress. (EN10204-3.1 、DIN ASTM GOST GB JIS ANSI BS)Approved Manufacturer of molding rubber 

Be obsessed with design

Designers must have an aesthetic view, a view of stability, and be able to distinguish between beautiful and unbeautiful products, stable and unstable. Secondly, the designer should put himself in the shoes of the user and experience from the user’s standpoint. Confidence comes from the fascination with design, like a lover, fascinated with design, using all energy and talent, this is the basis of confidence, but also the mystery of conquering users and being liked by users.

Shape and structure arise from force

Machine products are all working under load, and the design is based on the strength of the weakest part, the load is checked, and the force analysis is the backing. (In the design of electronic equipment products: plastic parts are mainly used for rigidity checking, and metal parts are mainly used for strength checking)
Drawings are more important than theory, and facts are more important than drawings

The designer must use the designed drawings to express his ideas. The drawings deal with theoretical and engineering issues reasonably. This means that drawings are more important than theory; they are actually the source of designers. When they hear that they cannot be manufactured according to the drawings or users’ opinions, It should be taken seriously and not sloppy. (EN10204-3.1 、DIN ASTM GOST GB JIS ANSI BS)Approved Manufacturer of molding rubber 

Deeper understanding after use

If the test in the factory is qualified, there will be problems in actual use, because the conditions on the user site are different from those of the manufacturer; the workers may not have mastered the essentials of operation, and maintenance is inconvenient. Therefore, the design should not only be satisfied with the original goals and requirements. Collect the situation at the use site, find various problems, improve the design, ensure product quality, keep production normal, reduce costs, and reduce consumption.

Don’t blindly pursue high precision

Due to large errors in assembly, the failure of normal assembly is often the source of wrangling and complaining between the processing workshop and the design department, so designers narrowed the tolerance range. The cost of the product rises in the geometric progression of accuracy, and the designer’s slight negligence in his writing may cause the cost to rise linearly. Several parts that meet the accuracy may not be able to be installed, which is a problem of the dimensional chain. Setting aside an adjustment position in a certain link of the dimensional chain and temporarily processing after assembly can achieve the purpose of assembly, and the accuracy may not be set very strict. The design must ensure that the product is reliable in use, easy to operate, easy to manufacture, and easy to maintain. To do this, you need to exercise hard and study hard, which is by no means a day’s work.

Multi-purpose standard parts, general parts

The machinery manufacturing industry has become more and more specialized. If you want to rely on your own factories to manufacture everything, this is both uneconomical and outdated. In the design of a new product, universal parts and standard parts should be used as much as possible. This can shorten the production cycle, but also facilitate interchange and reduce costs. With the continuous development of industry, specialization will inevitably develop vigorously. Designers should understand the development of specialization and be familiar with the common parts, standard parts and other components that the market can provide in order to select them correctly.
Avoid flashy and pretentiousness

Design flashy and pretentiousness are harmful to design work. The former is easy to happen to young designers, and the latter is easy to come from old designers.

Ignore the constraints of reality, such as delivery time, cost, material supply, equipment capacity, processing and assembly, and overhaul capabilities, etc., blindly designing according to their own ideas, the hope of success is very small, and fledgling designers are not afraid of being born. The vigor of the tiger is anxious to fly freely with wings. This is good, it is a spirit, and should be maintained and carried forward, but we should face reality, avoid flashy, and avoid wasting energy and time. The experienced person cannot fall under the feet of past experience, so that he has no courage to take risks and stop.

Technology is constantly advancing, and product competition is continuing, which requires designers to constantly explore and design good products. Things are changing. In the past, it was an obstacle that prevented progress. It may have become a condition that can be used. The key to preventing complacency lies in learning. Designers must keep this in mind to live and learn. The past experience is precious, and the value is obtained with one’s own enterprising spirit. Enterprising is the sword of bravery and braveness in career. The sword should always shine.

There are three

As the saying goes: there are three. If the product is faulty and the handling is not done carefully, there will often be one or three cases. When problems arise, they do not go to thorough investigations and in-depth analysis, but subjective assumptions and wrong handling. This will lead to repeated problems.

Design is the basis of production. Products must undergo trial production to test the design and inspect all production preparations to make production proceed smoothly. If production changes frequently, the production cycle, product quality, and manufacturing costs will be greatly affected, and production changes Because of the greater influence of design, design changes must be kept to a minimum, and changes must be made decisively, quickly, and carefully. They should have foresight into problems and eliminate accidents before they happen. To sum up, the problem must not be taken lightly, and the root of the problem must be found.

Inheritance is a shortcut to design

There are two types of design, one is a new design without experience to follow, and the other is a design using data or experience. Generally speaking, design is inherited design.

A drawing has to go through many tests. (Follow WeChat public account: Industrial Manufacturing) The more tested the drawing is, the more valuable it is. The record of proprietary changes on the drawing indicates the footprint of a part or even a product in practice. Reflecting changes and problems such as structure, materials, dimensions, tolerances, processing, measurement and assembly, testing, etc., this is an extremely precious material in design. Those who are interested will cherish this experience and use it effectively as a new product design Experience and information.

Late drawings equal waste paper

The designer should pay special attention to the delivery date of the product. Why is delivery time important?

1) Manufacturers should make their own production schedules meet the requirements of users as much as possible, and product design is an important part of the entire production process.

2) The product life cycle is shortening day by day. In order to stay ahead, the speed of technology update should be accelerated.

3) Whether there is a rhythm in production has an impact on product quality and cost. When the drawings are late, surprises in production and hasty delivery, especially inadequate inspections and experiments of the products before leaving the factory, often cause unexpected problems with the products, causing dissatisfaction and distrust of users.

4) The late drawing is the main reason for the contradiction between the physical object and the drawing. In order to catch up with the production schedule, it is inevitable that the products cannot be processed without the formal drawings.

In addition, design is different from other work. It is a conceived and thoughtful work. It may not be carried out in strict accordance with the advance schedule, but it must be carried out according to the schedule. This requires more preparations, accumulation, and support. Thousands of days, the use of troops for a while, should also take some measures to save design time, such as using white drawings or size tables. Often new designs are shelved, which is the result of missed opportunities.

There is PERT (programeval_ruationandReviewTechnique that is the estimation and verification technology of design workload) on the effective management method of design drawing or delivery date, and designers should master it as soon as possible.

Keep things you don’t understand

When designing a product, it is often necessary to refer to the products or materials produced by other factories, and there are often some questions, such as: “Why is it designed like this”, or “It is better to change it”, etc., but after the change, it is not the processing technology. It’s not good, it’s easy to malfunction, and it’s too late for this one.

These problems are caused by lack of experience and insufficient information, and experience and information do not come right away, and rely on accumulation. Wherever you feel suspicious about something imitated, but you are not sure what the problem is, in order to prevent the painting of a tiger from becoming an anti-dog, it is best to leave it alone and study it later. It is impossible for us to anticipate all the problems, so we must respect the experience accumulated by our predecessors.

Effective use of the original design

If you want to modify another person’s design, you must first understand the ideas and principles of the design. Don’t make drastic changes lightly, and don’t make changes to the east or west. This is often self-defeating. It’s better to design, if you can’t reach the 20~35% benefit, don’t change it.

Only 5 to 6% of the benefit, I am afraid it can only compensate for the funds spent on changing the design. When changing the design, the situation of finished products and semi-finished products should also be taken into consideration and used as much as possible. There must be reasons for changing the design, but the impact on production after the change and the possible new contradictions should still be considered.

Sometimes it is found that the original design principles are wrong and must be completely changed. At this time, the design leader has a heavy responsibility. Whether to push it back or tolerate it, he must look at the overall situation and act decisively.

There is no easy way to practice, but knowing these “hidden rules” can help us avoid detours.

As a newcomer in the machinery industry, I hope everyone can pay attention to the experience summed up by these predecessors, so that we can do more with less in our work.

(EN10204-3.1 、DIN  ASTM  GOST  GB JIS ANSI BS)Approved Manufacturer of molding rubber 
(EN10204-3.1 、DIN ASTM GOST GB JIS ANSI BS)Approved Manufacturer of molding rubber 

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