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Japanese company managers and employees

In many Japanese companies, it is common practice for executives to treat employees with courtesy. In such a corporate atmosphere, employees can truly feel that they are valued, and they will feel that such companies deserve their efforts to work hard. nh rapid machining

Japanese companies generally believe that when people work together, they will have a “dynamic field.” As the manager of the company, the most important task is to inspire the vitality of all employees and enable them to work in the same direction, which gives them extraordinary creativity.

When customers are dissatisfied, take the initiative to raise standards

There has been such a thing happened in a famous Japanese electronic manufacturing company: Market feedback shows that there is an encoder that may be a bad product. According to the regulations of the company, the product was first put into the automatic performance identification device to be tested for defective products. After three rounds of all-round testing, no problems were found. After manual inspection, no abnormalities were found. They then proceeded to the second step, disintegration analysis, and the disintegration test was carried out by a particularly experienced inspector. As a result, no flaws were found, and they were almost identical to the good ones. Based on experience, the company came to the final conclusion: This is a quality-qualified product that is only marginally qualified. nh rapid machining

As a result, the company’s executives decisively clamored: To meet the requirements of dealers and downstream companies, companies actively raise the eligibility rate. They even believe that in order to meet the requirements of customers, companies must make sacrifices, so that the absolute reliable products can be delivered to dealers.

Therefore, when visiting Japanese companies, it is often heard that the use of second-rate materials can not produce first-rate products, and second-rate attitudes can not produce first-class products! Japanese companies often insist on whether to improve their work. A fundamental principle – whether the improved results are beneficial to customers. As long as the result of the improvement has obvious benefits for the customer, it must be changed! This is a “first-class attitude.” nh rapid machining

This attitude of doing things stems from the fact that they have a “sincere heart.” Many Japanese executives believe that only by treating employees, treating customers, and treating work in good faith can they not be “self-deceitful” or “deceptive”, and they cannot “be deceived”. In this process, especially senior management, we should use “sincerely” to ensure the stability and continuous improvement of product quality.

When employees are at rest, managers are on top

In the enterprise, the role of middle managers is critical. Not only do they have to understand the overall planning and strategy of the company as senior managers do, but they must also understand how to integrate the company’s ideas and objectives into concrete actions. They must not only tell employees what they should do, but also have to do it personally. Demonstrate and teach them how to do it. Therefore, as a mid-level manager of a Japanese company, it is necessary to use both physical and mental skills to truly set an example for employees.

In the case of a Japanese company that had worked on a plastic food bag, the company had 10 minutes of rest time each morning and in the afternoon, but all machines could not be stopped during this period. How do you do it? The company’s approach is: ordinary employees are at rest, managers at the top! nh rapid machining

It was a workshop that accommodated 20 machines, each with different machine types and different performance. For the 20 different and high-speed machines and equipment, the person in charge of this workshop not only managed to ensure normal Production, but also in the only 10 minutes to check all the machine and product quality.

Of course, this person in charge will continue to inspect and guide the entire workshop after the employees have finished their rest after work.

Compared with senior managers, the middle managers’ influence on employees and their driving effects are often greater, more direct, and more concrete and more concrete. Therefore, in Japanese companies, these middle-level managers who use both “mind and body” are often hailed as “not only good at burning their own passions, but also good at igniting the passions of others.”

Why can Japanese companies emerge in large numbers from such middle managers? This stems from the insistence from the very beginning on the “righteous actions” (cadres who can be selected as wise people and people who are not savvy naturally away). Selection principle. They believe that putting people who are upright and virtuous on top of everyone, the entire team or organization will have a positive morale. However, if “take measures”, that is to say, ignoring morals and selecting talents only to select cadres, it will fundamentally shake the foundation of an organization, especially since such people are difficult to convince, and it is easy for the organization to fall into the trap. Uncertainty of the people. nh rapid machining

“Centering” to practice one’s hand

In a factory of a large Japanese company located in Dalian, China, a woman worker responsible for product quality testing has been working on a job for many years, and she has developed a unique skill over time. When testing parts, I only use it. Touching a few times inside and out in both hands, you know that the quality is too high! Once, a cylindrical part that passes the automatic production line test is actually “touched” by the female worker. After a more precise inspection, it was found that the inner side of a layer of misalignment was 2 mm higher than the specified standard, and indeed exceeded the allowable error range. Everyone was stunned for this.

Finally, the Japanese management rewarded the female worker heavily. They firmly believe that it is not luck that women workers can create such a miracle, but rather a “centering” that is highly responsible and highly focused on the work. nh rapid machining

In order for employees to be able to carry a fulfilling and enjoyable “centralized” work, Japanese companies tend to spend a lot of time and usually have three major measures: First, to promote “5S” (ie, 5S site management) The environment allows companies to truly become places where employees are happy and willing to work. The second is that managers can only personally teach employees if they personally visit the front line, so that they can truly achieve the “Tao” heritage. “A detailed and clever operation manual can’t make new employees learn the fine tradition and essence of the company”. The third step is to “pump up” or “reduce pressure” for employees in advance. Japanese companies believe that “prevention is better” than “treatment and rescue” is more important, but also more effective, so the company will set up a full-time counselor, pay close attention to the physical and mental health of employees, and managers from time to time to face to face communication with the staff.

There is a “centering”, which is of great benefit to both the company and the employees. nh rapid machining

The “centering” of front-line employees of Japanese companies is that they can follow the basic system and basic practices within the company and meet the basic requirements of the company at all times. Based on this, they are trained to do a good job. They seem to be ordinary jobs. Make an extraordinary performance. This is what we often say “will be able to give birth to wisdom.” nh rapid machining

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