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Inamori Kazuo: In order to have a fulfilling life, you only have two options

Inoue Kazuo, one of Japan’s “four business saints,” started from scratch and founded two Fortune 500 companies, the Japanese Kyocera Corporation and the Japanese KDDI Corporation. At the age of 78, he accepted the heavily indebted JAL company as a layman and turned around in losses in just 6 months. He is not the kind of person revered and admired by millions of people, but his “king in love” thought has become an oriental business philosophy that is respected by the world. nylon bushings

1. To have a fulfilling life, you have only two choices: one is to “do your favorite work” and the other is to “make yourself like to work.” The probability of a person being able to run into a job he likes is probably less than “one thousandth” or “one ten thousandth.” Moreover, even if you enter the company that you expect, you must be able to do the job you are looking for, and there is almost no opportunity for luck.

2. How can some people not like their own work? “Like” and “put in” are the positive and negative sides of a coin. There is a causal cycle between the two. No matter what the job is, just trying hard to produce results will produce happiness and interest. Once you are interested, you will work hard and produce good results. In this virtuous circle, you don’t realize that you liked your job. nylon bushings

3, people are like this, for their favorite things, no hardships and no complaints, but also tolerate. As long as we endure hardship and unremitting efforts, everything can succeed. Like your own job – just this one can determine the person’s life, I would like to say this not too much.

4. It is often difficult to find the so-called “favorite job.” Moreover, what kind of work is worthy of love, for young people in their twenties, whose values ​​have not yet been established, cannot be judged correctly. And young people tend to get old and tired of working. Since I think I can judge immediately, I am naïve and ridiculous. I try to love the work that I happen to happen in fate and try my best to get the job done. This is the correct answer in life. nylon bushings

5, only through long-term unremitting work, tempered by the heart, will have a heavy personality, calm in life without swinging. I hope everyone will uphold a simple heart and devote themselves wholeheartedly to work. Sometimes people may be puzzled: “What exactly is the job for?” At this time, I hope to remember this sentence: Work can sharpen the heart, and work is the noblest, most important and most valuable act of life.

6. Treat the work as “necessary evil” that must be done. The original intention was not to work, but had to do it to eat. So I want to work lightly and make more money. The heart does not want to be constrained by the unit. It only pays attention to the time of private activities and wants to immerse in personal interest. Many people today have lost their understanding of the fundamental meaning of “work.” I want to say to them: Understand the meaning of the work, devote all your life to work, and you will be able to live a happy life.

7. Serious work brings fruit, not just a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. It also plays a role in spiritual practice. There is no essential difference between the work of earnestly investing in everyday life and obtaining spiritual unity through meditation. Without having to leave the secular world, the workplace is the best place to hone your soul. The work itself is the best practice. If you work hard every day to create a noble personality, you can have a happy life. nylon bushings

8, work is to enhance the mentality, tempered personality “mental practice.” The significance of labor lies not only in the pursuit of performance, but also in the improvement of people’s heart. The most important purpose of the work is to use your work to temper your own mind and enhance your personality. In other words, they are fully committed to what they are supposed to do, and they concentrate on excellence. To do so is to cultivate their own hearts and cultivate their deep and heavy personality.

9. “I am desperately doing my immediate job and seriously solving the immediate problems, but I cannot always see the results and see no progress.” Many of the young friends may think so. But I urge you to work harder. “Efforts have reached the limit, and greater efforts than this are absolutely impossible.” If you try to reach this level, you will either gain inspiration, just as God has given you a gift, or there will be people who recognize your efforts and reach out to you. nylon bushings

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