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The team leader should do what he says, write, and do

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The team is the cell of the enterprise, also is the enterprise foundation, leaving the professional management team, and the team is the most important castles in the air. As a member of the team leader in the team work in the role is very important. Therefore, the team leader to do the work of a professional team has very important significance. nylon connectors OEM Manufacturer

The team leader should do the professional work of the team, must do “three meetings”, that is to say, will write, will do

  1. will say?

The team leader must say when he manages the work within the team:

(1) when the team meeting is held

In the team meeting, the team leader should include more concise, to the point. This requires the team leader ready before the meeting, such as meeting content and team communication points, or in the work of thin down the meeting point. nylon connectors OEM Manufacturer

In addition, the team leader also trains their own speech skills, learning point of speech, that is to say the main points. Because the general team of relatively short discussion, need to arrange a lot of specific work. So, the team leader must speak orderly, highlight the key points

(2) communicate with team members

When team leaders communicate with employees, especially when employees make some mistakes, don’t be straightforward, and find a good cut point, so that the two sides exchange will be more natural, the atmosphere will not be embarrassed. nylon connectors OEM Manufacturer

In communication, team leader to emotionalise, with such employees would take to tell his own truth; but also the note to guide the staff to lead their ideas by asking the way, understand its position, demand, desire, which can effectively guide the conversation, to create a more natural conversation atmosphere. nylon connectors OEM Manufacturer

The team leader should pay attention to listen to employees to show themselves, self achievement opportunities, so that employees have a sense of satisfaction, the awareness and participation will be mobilized to realize.

In the communication, the team leader should note communication. Especially It differs from man to man. now some young employees are emphasis on personality, communication can be diversified, such as by their favorite QQ, MSN day the foot to communicate, let them feel you are very kind. And you are willing to exchange. Amiable and easy of approach. nylon connectors OEM Manufacturer

(3) when reporting to the leader, he will say

Team leaders need to regularly report to the leadership of the team some of the situation, which requires the team leader to master some reporting skills

In the report, the team leader should report the contents listed in outline form, outline as the form of the logical relationship with the title said clearly, this report is organized; and fully prepared, the report can be composed. nylon connectors OEM Manufacturer

The team leader to report to the leadership should be brief, not wordy. Leadership strategy, have no time to listen to a long and minute statement; leadership is also in the most grass-roots work experience, so the team leader to report as long as can go beyond that.

Note that, in summing up the achievements, must reflect the problems in the work. Because of the lack of a leadership love grandiose, unrealistic.

  1. will write?

(1) write the work plan and summary

Management team leader on team work requires the plan and summary of the work. The team work plan is well done, work can be carried out. Summing up everything in good order and well arranged well, then can let superiors saw the team’s performance, let the team deserve praise, members are encouraged, and thus more conducive to team work carry out. nylon connectors OEM Manufacturer

(2) fill in all kinds of reports of the team

Standard specification, fill in the various statements is one of the basic requirements of the team leader. The team work report. Many leaders should pay attention to the different design format of all reports, the team reports more suitable for recording needs. In addition, the team leader should not only their own will fill out the report, but also refers to the different team other staff reports correctly. To improve its ability to fill out the report.

The team leader should collect the problems reflected in the team report, and find the targeted solutions. Only in this way can the team report play a real role in the team work. nylon connectors OEM Manufacturer

  1. will do?

“The do not want to have, do not do to others, ask others to do, first of all they have to do for the team work, team leaders should take the lead in stem, the enthusiasm of leading employees.? the team leader should be a rich practical experience and comprehensive theoretical knowledge in the professional business backbone, to its jurisdiction within the scope of the work should be proficient in technical knowledge, working principle of the equipment maintenance quality, technical requirements and equipment, operating conditions should have a comprehensive understanding and grasp. nylon connectors OEM Manufacturer

The team leader should be the first to master advanced technology, improve their technical level, and then put their grasp of technology and experience without reservation to teach the team. The team leader should through the business guidance and organization of team members and help each other, and strive to improve the overall quality of technical class members, build skills worthy of the name, innovative the team.

In the process of production management, the team leader should be able to quickly eliminate the hidden dangers in the process of production, and can quickly solve the problems encountered in the process of production and technical teams

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